Friday, October 01, 2004

Sinking in

So.. its now or never, I guess.

Opportunity lies ahead.

Should I take it?

Or should I leave it as it is until we may find another solution?

Its terrible feeling - I tell ya.

Stuck between a nail and a hammer. Now that's NASTY.

Others wanna stall the situation to prolong the events a bit longer because they live with the fear that there could be side-effects. Which is true. But what is also true is that if I don't get over with this, I could end up being more damaged that I am right now because of 'prolonged measurements to slow down the escalation of events'.

Trying saying that twice, fast.

To your left we have the heavy-weight champion of champions - Mr. D. Known for his ability to move and stun not like a bee but like a ton full of bricks. And to your right, we have - snicker! - I can't believe that I am even announcing this!: The pee-brain champion, Ghosty. Chances are we'll see a good fight by 80%. Play good boys.

That's the scenario on the big day. You figure out the facts for yourself. I've had too many dreams about this and that and even worse crap in my mind about how to deal with life right now - emotionally. But if all goes well. If all goes well - I will have my life back. I could sing in the rain again. I could run like a cheetah. I could climb mountains. Play volleyball again. Swim better. Turn the damn A/C on high cool and not have a care in the world. I could - love again (that's provided I get a J.O.B. first, know what I mean?)

But if it doesn't.


At least we gave it our best shot. Huh?