Thursday, January 10, 2008

theweek on the web; again?

I'm sure you've all come to see their fancy new website on the address they published in their last issue of their national weekly; if not, here's the link.

I personally think that they were very overdue and this should have come out from day one they started with their publishing of a new weekly magazine that covers almost every topic on Oman. And much easier and hassle free than with having to waste paper, more efficient and very traceable.

'let there be light'

A child
A window
A star
A scared scream into the night

A childish whim
A darkness that hymns
A reversed feeling of sadness
That drives you wild and more wild

But beyond the sun
Beyond the horizon of love
Beyond the horizon of a feeling that knows no length

You find your path on your own
You find the distinct footsteps of which you used to roam
Back from aday
And more than 1001 nights

The child is born again
To say to the world
'let there be light'