Monday, July 31, 2006

Repost: oh what a cowardly world we live in

I haven't been able to write about anything much because the most biggest issue these days is the Israeli seige against Lebanon.

So I am just going to post what I had posted on Secret Arabian on the very same matter to see what you all think about the whole matter.


Yesterday, here in Oman, there was a very strong rumor around the country that there would be a large peacful demonstration that would lead towards the American embassy here in Muscat.

I asked the person in name of what their aim behind the whole demostration is and their simple yet ample answer was that they wanted their voices to be heard by the American authorities in the country to stand up and do something about the escalated detoriating situation in Palestine and Lebanon very recently.

Now, being me, as I was in their age once a day in the past, I would have agreed to do indulge in such an action because I wouldn't know the consequences that would await me along the way of such a peaceful demonstration.

But that's a teenager's reaction to the Middle East crisis.

What about the higher authorities? Countries presidents? The G-8? The UN? The UNICEF? The WHO? The UK? The EU? The Arab League? The GCC council?

A single person in one country feels that bad because their country - in their eyes - isn't doing enough for the sake of another Arab country having it's dignity torn apart by killing innocent civilians, terrorizing citizens and demolizing a country's infrastructure worth over 4 billion US Dollars of which it owes debt over 83 billion US Dollars.

Arab countries aren't mobilizing their units against 'Israel' because they are mere puppets grasped within the US political system hands of which is controlled by the Jewish Lobby within the congress. Such an example would be the decision that France tried to push into the UN security council that got almost every country's 'yay' vote and vetoed by the US.

I say bravo to HezboAllah.

They are the only ones who are brave enough to restore our faith in this matter.

This post was published on Secret Arabian on July, 15, 2006.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

wonder of wonders

I look at my life these days and I wonder
How the years have taken me away in ponder
Time has no limit
The fashion that spins it
A division of life or other?

Wonder and wonder with no haste
A wonder that concludes with no parade
The simple stick of guidance
On whom am I to rely on?
Life has always been problematic in this way

To risk life and the chance
To journey the seas or die in quicksand
To know exactly where I stand
The living breath of a soul that loses out on nothing but a chance

The future I look into, no so clear
The hidden obscurity of passion that was once so dear
Polluted heart at bay
Vision blurred, drifts away
And one day ..
Just one day..
I will have known what this was all for in return for moment's happines just to wither away

take a chance

I have found out that most people these days have this fear of taking a chance of going beyond because of their uncertainty of what lies ahead.

I ask them; why don't you just try and find out - you're not going to know by standing there against the wall.

It's silly. These ideas that come to our head once in a while telling us to move on but to hold on at the same time. Its the silly notions that hold us back because we feel fear about the future yet we want so much to go on to the next stage in our lives.

Life is all about chances, and if you let one chance slip through your hands then you are bound to forever stay where you stand unless you take a stance.


"If you change your mind,
I'm the first in line
Honey I'm still free
Take a chance on me
If you need me, let me know, gonna be around
If you've got no place to go, if you're feeling down
If you're all alone when the pretty birds have flown
Honey I'm still free
Take a chance on me"

Abba - Take A Chance On Me

Saturday, July 29, 2006

where is the universe taking us?

You've all heard about the big bang theory.

You've also heard different theories of how the universe came to be.

And you most defitnitely know of the fact that the universe we live in, is in an ever expanding mode, stretching farther and farther to the point where no one really knows where and when it will just stop. And if it stops, what are the consequences on the many ingredients it holds within of which our Earth is also a member of certain catastrophical paranoma.

Scientists have long argued that there is nothing to be concerned about and that the universe will end up expanding forever and ever but other logicilists have gone to say that nothing lasts forever and that there is a time and place for everything even if it is not visible to the naked eye.

Who should we believe? And why?

Questions tumble and turn inside our heads and no answer avails for the riddle of where the universe is taking us is as old as time itself.

Friday, July 28, 2006

clothes don't make the man... or nationality

Ever since I was young I was always asked why I never wear the national Omani dress since I am an Omani. My answer was back then and 'til now is and was; personal freedom.

If the clothes of an individual were to determine the nationality of a person then that would be the most superficial look a society or community at large could give an individual. Because I could be an Omani but I wear western clothing outside of the country and people would give no attention to who I am or what nationality I have.

Then howcome when I am in my own country, I am chastized because the misunderstanding of a large of 'educated' people?

This would go to prove one thing and one thing only: that the Omani society in whole, judges by looking at the surface and doesn't allow the chance to go in deeper. This is perhaps they fear change that would loom over the community one day. If that day would come, the last thing they should ever be concerned about is what people wear (considering that it would be decent enough to go out with).

times achanging

It's funny how some people in this world think that they are expeienced and capable enough to judge upon someone else's life and their decisions, to say the least; that they make the decisions for them.

People out of nowhere think that most of what they have been through enables them to say what should and shouldn't be done. And, fact is, that that is somewhat true. They may be able to lead or guide the other person to the destination in mind but in all due respect, the decision is in the other person's hands.

Respect is moral virtue that is nothing less than sacred. Earning it is the way to enable your friends and enemies alike to stand aside for you as you walk the path with head held high.

Unfonrtunately, however, the misunderstanding here is that people nowdays mistake wrong decisions - in their perception - as a sign of weakness and little composure for life's many challeneges ahead.

There was a time when back in the old ages indviduals thought that tailoring would never bring food to the table, nor working in a newspaper publishing company or any low-class deemed job in this society. But society grew over that notion and accepted it with much pride and times have changed. As it will for someone in name.

It is to this topic that these people need to understand the fact that not everyone is the same as everyone, and everyone has their own limits, physically, mentally and medically. And not everyone has the same dream of which many individuals think others are wasting their time on.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Superman Returns

Superman Returns is currently showing in Muscat.

Let's just say I would never be caught with my pants down .... or over for that matter.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Seemingly enough, people these days are afraid of saying the truth because they think that they would get in trouble if they did. It doesn't exactly mean that you show up one day in the face of your boss and say exactly what you feel like and walk away as if nothing had happened. It doesn't work like that.

There is a degree of politeness and etiquitte that withers in this whole substance. And thus, must be followed up. You may be pulled into a web of giving someone a piece of your mind because they hurt your feelings but then again what would you have gained? You would have stooped yourself to their level because you allowed their arrogant behavior to get the best of you.

Unfortunately, some hot headed people are just like that.

There is the neccisity to go through self-anger-management. Where one can self control their anger in many different ways such as - but not limited to - counting to a number until you cool down; ignoring the situation totally and focussing on what requires your concentration and other useful methods.

There are however organizations within Oman which employ a number of foriegnors and locals that have state that their human resource manpower has no trouble going along with the flow while it is still the contrary with an establishment that holds more locals than foriegnors with disputes and such.

Why is that?

Some people say because there is no common ground for understanding. Others argue that it is a lack of a good communication process that lies within the very fabrics of that organization. In the end, it all depends on the various differences between each and every organization.

Monday, July 24, 2006


The leaf of Autum
Lands on a small lake
Showing signs of weakness
And utter pain

I see nothing now
But black all in front of me
I have take my decision
Just to be free

I have confined myself
To the hanging rope of fate
Of where one cannot turn back
To a certain date

Life is a chance for you to take
Life at a glance is nothing but a riddle to contemplate

Remain silent and you will never move
Shout out loud in an open room
There's no one there to listen to you
Turn around like a child, consumed

If life was easier
I would have been more happy
If life was nice
I would have smiled and gleamed

The sun sets down
Romeo is no longer around

And I am.. gone

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I refuse to be someone who I cannot convince myself to be like in a job or a career even if it seems to be the only option I might have currently.

I have previously said that my ultimate goal in life is to become a very well known writer. And I aim to be just that. Which is the reason why I turned in my resignation earlier last week to my current job to set out looking for somewhere where I could develop and hone that skill. If that doesn't help, then I might, just might, go overseas and stay outside for a few years to get some more skills and probably get a part time job and then come back to try my chance again.

I love writing and I always have.

I remember when I was a child I used to make these quite neat small magazines (with just a few pages of paper) that I and another family member would practice drawing and sketching on.

It never occured to me that that all time favorite hobbie in the world would become a craze and possibly one day, a job.

Why am I resigning?

I believe that in order to be comfortable in life, one should settle with what comforts him environmentally; job, health and one day - the golden cage.

Don't you think so too?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

3290 BT OMAN

Is the world going backwards these days?

Things seem to be taking the wrong turn more and more and wrongful acts of nature are forcefully surfacing to the point one would think that Judgement Day is more nearer than ever presumed.

The other day, as I was driving on my way to Seeb I am being forced into the middle lane by a 4x4 because this man had a family were on a rush to get to City Centre and whilst complaining about it, the man attempts to run me over in my small saloon still not liking my complaint.

My blood was rushing at that stage and I had to calm down or I could have died there and then because I had too much to focus on (i.e.: the busy highway). I hadn't called in the license plate to the Police because I thought it wasn't worth it at the time - by the time I had calmed down.

But now I am putting it as a header for this post so that it would get told over and over again that the man who was driving a 4x4 by the license plate number you see in the header of this post is not only a reckless driver because he was over the speed limit by more than 40-60 kmph in a 120kmph zone, but was also endagering several family members and other road vehicles and their drivers by attempting to crash in to my car.

This is just one of the incidents I cannot emphasize much more on due to the fact that there are people who think they are above the law and that things should go their way or no way at all.

I am just glad to come out of it alive.

the dream

I thought I let it slip all out one day. I thought I could tell it all to go away. I thought just forget about it try to forsee. Try to be. Try to be me.

I couldn't say what or how. I couldn't say why and when. I just could glance away. In the silence. There was a certain appeal there that just invited me in. I am just a puppet in it's hands. Forever is my time, til gone are the sands. For life is life. And the sun rises every day. I could not imgaine me being without it one day.

Simple pleasure of my life.

Simple yet complicated that throw me away.

Simple I hold in my heart.

The dream I have forgotten this day..

Friday, July 21, 2006

relegion and tradition

In a country where conservativity is the most appropriate process that almost everyone goes by to live their life in peace there is a thin red line that loses the actual defnition between what is needed and where stuck up relegious is what everyone ends up seeing, there is also the hope of being a modest Muslim or becoming too insecure to even look at the person whose standing in front of you.

Let's be honest here, there is an increase number of people who are turning to relegion as form of security to redeem their lost past mistakes, which is something that is often if not mostly called for. But on the other hand, you have the other turn of the society that declines to show you any part of their part whatsoever because, according to them, it is relegiously 'banned'.

In the Holy Qur'an; it is asked that both the men and women protect themselves from Devilish eyes of other human beings apart from their muharram (i.e.: relatives or family members other than people foreign to their circle) by covering their head from their hair to their neckcollar bone plus the arms up to the hands and the body downwards upto the feet.

This does not include, however, covering the hands in gloves, or covering the eyes with a burqa3 or a total head cover to the point that no one can see your face.

Honestly, here, how do people expect their daughters to be wed if there is no face to be seen?

Or have you ever faced a woman lifting her burqa3 just to eat?

It's just ridicilous.

There is a fine line between tradition and relegion that people should not get mixed up with.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Every Single Day

Soft is the mellow breeze that blows through your black silky hair
Rememberence is a please that dampens not the spirit nor the flare

Sunset upon the golden coast
Rivers, of love, do they all boast
Colliding in a world between lost love and lost hope
This is the mark I bear with me on my chest engraved
I cry not of the nightly pains
I sulk not upon the graves

One look at you, I smile away

Why is it so hard to gain what your heart thrives for every single day?

You're Everything To Me

..You twirl like a child
You smile as if for the first time
Your life all around you is something that is oh so wild

And yet you wear no crown

Your beauty amazes all
Death deceits time for your call
And mishappenings have a habit of making you smile like an Angel that you are

And however I see it
However I feel it
It's you who makes my world go round

For life without you is an unanswered call..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


There is no way that any person in the world could ever solve a matter that is over themselves in size, matter and difference unless there is a clear and perfect commitment to the problem itself.

From what I have seen these days, the oppisite is what is happening.

And it isn't recently, either.

The real life that demands from us the fight to stay alive every single day isn't always just and in that sense it also asks for a balance of mind and might. Which is what the populace of the world should deliver nowadays.

Why is it so hard for everyone to understand such a simple and fundamental solution to all our problems?


Humpty Dumpty stood on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
And all the King's men
Couldn't put him back together again..


There comes a time when everyone's mighty step is their greatest fall. And in it lies someone else's greatness.

The vast opportunity by light is the slim chance of darkness.

Life is a pressure valve. Release it and you will explode along with it. Prison it; and it will end up exploding up in your face.


Relentlessly, the power of struggle is the struggle to power itself. And in it lies a man's greatest hope and enormous fears. Of what lies ahead of chances and fears.

It is by this theorim that humanity lives by these days..

Monday, July 17, 2006

old habits die hard

Never ever regret life for no matter whatever reason makes you to feel that way. Because you will only regret taking the wrong decision.

I guess I have learned that the wrong and hard way throughout my whole lifetime.

I must have made a million dumb and stupid mistakes that no one would ever comprehend or perhaps just laugh at. But I have. And I guess that I will do it over and over again if I don't pay attention.

I cannot pursue what I can never gain.

You may think that that is a pessimistic way of looking at things. Actually, reality has taught me otherwise. And again, I say the wrong and hard way. I guess that old habits do die hard.

Anyone else been in that situation?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

ironically profound

Was it that long ago?

I am 28 years old and everything (well, almost everything) that any 'child' or teenager is doing these days amongst themselves and amongst other adults, be they their parents, brothers, sisters and such other people within their family circle, is so different than what we used to do back in our days?

There were days when I used to laugh at the words that our parents would say 'back in our days..' because I knew that those days may never come back. Except we have had our own ways, our own days and here we are repeating the very same words to those who are younger than us.

That is profoundly ironic, I have to say.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


It'll be a long time before I resign. Because resign would mean that I am giving in to the circumstances. To the environment and the clash of desires and needs that surround me.

Which is not an option for me.

That's a fool's exit. Not mine.

I intend to go all the way now. No matter what is takes. As long as there is an opportunity to live up to and as long as there is a demand for my work, then I will follow it's heed.

That doesn't mean that I would comprimise my health along the way. It just means that I will follow on with what I have until something else better with a bigger opportunity comes along.

This means more dedication from my side. More push to shove. And more confidence no matter what the circumstances that God has laid down a better chance for me along the way and has His ever watchfull eye upon me watching my every move to see if I follow upon it.


All hail the power of a pizza!

Friday, July 14, 2006


I have to start on changing the way of looking at life through the looking glass. And I will. I will become more positive. I will become someone else.

I am going to join up in a fitness centre nearby where I can go there after work so I can get myself into shape now that I have the cash to support such an act. After feeling good about yourself is what makes you positive in the first place, right?

And that's just one act. I have to learn to appreciate life the way it is instead of asking my 'why not?'

Things don't change on their own. And if there's one thing that I have learned from work it's the need for an initiative.

what would you do?

If you were working at a job that you weren't convinced by and the only reason that you stuck by it was that you need the cash. What would you do?

On one hand, amongst other reasons that you aren't convinced by the job is that you're being tested over your energy bar levels and that somehow, no matter what you do, you don't get any appreciation whatsoever. Yet, when the slightest mistake is done you are pounded down like a dead roach.

But on the other hand, you need the cash because you have reached a stage whereby you can no longer take money from your family and hope to live on their hard earned dough.

And the situation isn't getting any better but you're trying to keep a smily face about it whenever you are asked about it.

What would you do?

Hang in there?

All work no play, makes Johnny one bad ass dude..

gesture of emotion

Have you ever had those one those moments whereby you felt like dancing as if it's nobody's business? It doesn't matter if you can dance, you just want to dance.

Well? Have you?

I have always felt like that. And no matter how ridicioulos it looks on me where-ever I am doing it, it just feels good to show that energy off like a bolt of lightening it only happens once in one place.

Today. I was struck by that bolt of lightening.

I let it all out. Some of you will think how a big moron I would seem to be if they ever saw me in such a position. And I totally disagree with that.

Based upon..

People in Oman accept that guys can wear pink clothings which is simple unacceptable by others' standards because the reference of gender it would imply. Others think it's ok for young men to wear ponytails or earings/piercings of whichever part of their flesh.

Yet they mock at this?

A simple person making a simple gesture of emotion, of making it known how happy they are?

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands..

Thursday, July 13, 2006

life: the potential

I keep holding on

Simple life as it is. I hold on to hope hoping I don't miss. I hope that life will be true to me. As much as it is cruel to.

I have gone and read MD's last two posts and found them to be quite inspiring. To be honest I am a bit happy that life is giving me the pits right now because if I had tasted the good stuff first then I would have been baffled by why, who, where, what, and when. I think it's very true that you have to taste the lows before you aim for the high.

I also had a read at Ella's latest two blog posts. Which reflected the desire to drive away the negative energy that stills within our very souls. Makes me wish that I could use a little pampering for this kind of thing.

Just one note, though - before I give my thanks to the above bloggers - life is simply what you make it to be and what you want to be can be achieved in many a way without the need to look back and dwell on long lost past. I just thought I should mention that.

I feel so full of positive energy.

Thanks to MD and Ella.

I owe you both for showing that life is full of potential.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the smile of a mime

He wondered through the pebbled streets. Wondered, looking for those eyes, to meet. Wondering, wondering, wondering alone. Wondering where she was and where she'd go.

Slim bit of hope in his heart.
Slim chance of defeat in the back of his mind.
Slowly, gradually, he thinks off the matter.
Tending to concentrate on her first, to find.

Like the show he was once at.
Like the people who never knew how to act.
They laughed and laughed with sadness portrayed in their eyes.
Tears of love and hatred. Tears of emotional defeat and angzied.

Walking under the corners of sweet shops and bakeries.
Walking beside restaurants, for a whole week, no food to eat.

Yet all he could focus on was her.
Those deep brown eyes.
The pearly white teeth.
The smile that goes with her eyes.
That would bring the strongest man to his feet.

Still he couldn't tell why it was her he couldn't talk to.
Afrodite, his heart sung to.

He stops.
Thinks a moment only to recollect.
This was all an act.
Not a lie.
But the smile of a mime

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Beast - The Lie

A smile in the crowd
Brings out you
A tear in the eyes
Takes me to solitude

The silent rumble
Of Earth's face
The emotions denied
The feel, the disgrace

Love isn't a passion
Nor a need
It's just a silly word
That surfaced through movies for us to make believe

There is no 'touch'
There is no 'spark'
There is nothing
Just you, in the middle of a room; dark

Tickled desires
Of either gender
Sick to your spine
If not, you, warm and tender

A flower is only as simple as it is
Complicated by it's smell
A flower is only a flower
Until you flourish it and nourish it well

I am the living contradiction of life
I am the beast, I am the lie
I am the unwanted soul to be hidden away
I am but a grieving man, mourning my every day

Sunday, July 09, 2006

how DID curisority kill the cat?

Recalling the most famous saying in the English language - Curiousity killed the cat - I started to wonder, in the most logical bound on how?

A cat is playing with a ball of yarn while grandma is knitting away (or mom or whoever) and this is set in a closed environment. It's just playing around with every movement the ball makes. Just wondering through it's animal instincts how it came to be. Granted that animals don't have a mind of their own but they have their basic instincts.

So how did - then - curiousity, kill the cat?

Did grandma pull it off the rug and throw it out into the street? Did she throw into the tumble dry? Or into the washing machine? Or the oven, for that matter?

Curiousity is a matter of perception and intelligence for the animal kingdom and human kind. For, without it, there wouldn't have been any development in all the fields we now see these days. Without curiousity, we would have sat down and sulked all day because of our damned luck over what fate has bestowed upon us and ended up dying of depression.


Curiousity did not kill the cat. It was it's limited perception of the situation and it's minor intelligence that is less of a human being's.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

realizations of a 'pessimist'

People have always thought about tomorrow being full of chances. Full of opportunities. Full of many wonderful things to happen. So many desires to achieve.

But if I come along and sputter the word 'fate' at them they then spit in my face the word 'pessimistic'. Is it pessimistic to think of what COULD happen in turns of the good and the bad? Is it pessimism to allow one's self desires to take them into the clouds of dulision only to be faced by reality?

I long to be a realist ever since I knew that the many things that I had aspired are never going to happen unless I work at them.

Now you tell me..

Is that pessimism?

Precious Life

You and I met
At a certain turn in life
Where life vents
Its passion in time

Where did we go wrong?
What happened to our souls?

Wasn't it at first sight?
Wasn't the light dim at night?

Passion beats through the veins
My life beats on like a fast train
I smile only to fake it because of the pain
I rise broken up unweilded asking to be born again

Like fire is to ice
Like day is to night
Like stars are to the sky
We're so close yet so far away

Change is never easy
Change is something we can never accept
We're only forced into the cycle
Because it's only our life that's ever left

We grieve in pain
We grieve in sorrow
We grieve and grieve
Like there is no tomorrow

We grieve because we think we have lost our world
Yet its the world that's losing out on us
We think we have no trust
Or people lack the essential trust

The confusion
Still don't know what's right from wrong
Now you're all alone

Life is but a stranger
Until you say 'Hi'
For if you never greet it
It wouldn't pass you by with a smile

Friday, July 07, 2006

anonymously yours

I've been telling myself lately that there is no hope in my life anymore. As it is things aren't going my way and I was told that God is out there looking for me one way or another by closing one door He's bound to open a thousand or so more for me to cross over into.

But point of meeting here is what is it that is really wrong with me?

I am told not to blog about personal things. Other times I am asked just to blog about myself. Just how personal is the relationship that one blogger could have with his readers so that he vent off his negativity rantlings?

Where is the limit? The boundary? The red line?

Perspectives from one's view is blood to another, a sacred line not to be crossed.

Now what lies ahead is the freedom front.

Where silence bares no hand over my fingers to type away my emotions of which I conceal.

The path of an ordeal that is burnt into my aching mind and chest.

So forever, til the I reach the truth shrine, I remain an anonymous blogger to thee.

I remain unknown, even if I was an open book, nobody knows to which, the ending.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I don't want to take a walk unless it's with you
I don't want to smile unless it's with you

I don't want to cry
I don't want to let out a sigh
I don't want to cross under the moonlight
Unless it's with you

The moon wouldn't smile if I was alone
Life around me would cease to grow
Unless you're there with me

I don't want to go outside unless it's to see you
I don't want to live this lie like the way, now, I do

All I want right now..
..Is to be with you

emotionally defeated

I feel like a bread crumb being shredded into another million pieces. I am so pessimistic right the world could crumble over my pweeny brain.

I am emotionally defeated. I have no faith nor self confidence in myself nor in the world nor anyone else for that matter to have some 'arrangement' of a relationship.

I am totally exhausted and outwitted out my skull that I can barely think straight any longer.


They say there will come a time where a savour will come to your salvation and cure your heart's injuries. I figure it's about time for someone like that to show up in my life.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

when you're not who you really are but you are who you are

"The greatest thing about living a brand new life is that even when you're not you, you're still you"

A memory of where we used to be and what we always wanted to be. And how we used to bother our parents about how we always wanted to become a train driver or airplane captain or some wild superhero and all you could hear your mom or dad say is 'you can if you want to' while everyone is gleeming at you like they think you're a complete idiot.

Then you grow up to be a little bit older. You have different wishes yet you're not asked about why you chose to change them, you're asked why you don't eat your vegetables; your bean sprouts, your cabbage, your lettuce but nothing about wishes. Maybe it wasn't important enough..

Now you're a fully grown person. You have your own life that you lead with barely the scent of someone crashing into your life and making it topple upside down. And you're not married yet you're happily single and working your ass off like a slave to the private company you so chose to work for. And now ... now... now you get asked more than ever in your entire lifetime put together; what do you want from your life.

It's been almost 3 decades and everyone has to ask the very question that you took before it was time for you to go to Kindergarden.

Anyone with a punchline?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

this is my life..

You'll have to forgive me, I have been up to my ears in work and I hardly ever have the time to type let alone to rest.

But, I have been following up on events which capture my attention in certain aspects.

Superman Returns is eagerly awaited here in the GCC although its release in the states will precede it by no more than a month. There's also The Fast And The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift; another good movie that is coming along and awaiting my drooling apetite for action movies. Rush Hour 3 is a movie I wouldn't want to miss although the director behind it did a terrible job of ending THE X-MEN 3: X-MEN UNITED by taking over from Bryan Singer, but hey - shit happens. Another great movie that is being anticipated is SPIDERMAN 3, which, coincidently, has a story similarity to the over popular Ubisoft game The Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, involving a battle within our hero against his dark side. Interesting...

As many of you know, I am an entertainment buff when it comes to music, DVDs, and newly released movies. But the excitement is just being built up in suspence mode. Can't wait until the attractions start.

On another front, everybody is still out of town. Most of my online 'buddies' are off on vacation, some due to return by August others by September. And speaking of September. I have taken a vow upon myself to try my very best - although it is not in my best interest - to fast this Ramadhan for the first time in 8 long years and to uptake the chance that I would have to seriously become a better man in life. Not that I'm not, mind you. I'm just.. well, you get the idea.

Anonymous attacks! It seems trouble is attracted to me yet again. This time from an unknown who blithers their opinion about everything in such an attackfull manner that I would just leave it at that. Better to let low-lives stay as low-lives lest they come and announce themselves and say what is really pissing them off.

Anyhow.. back to the pancaking session..

I can't really imagine myself working this hard on the long run. I do know however that my passion for poetry has not gone afar and that the proposed date for my third book could be sooner than I had planned and perhaps - even more dilegantly - in my mother tongue; Arabic. This is all up until now speculation, vis a vis; thinking out loud.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

just a few words..

Not everyone in the world understands who you are.
Not everyone in the world understands what kind of a person you could turn out to be or why you act the way you through your behavior.
Not everyone around you will like you as you are.

Others will try to impose a certain culture of thinking upon you.
Others will try to change the person who you are.
Others will try to interfere with your personality and make you change but they'll fail unless you let them.

Not everyone in this world is favored by everyone else.
There are those who like us.
Those who don't.
Those who would attempt to put us down.
And those who would make us groan.

Life is such.
And if treated as such...
...There's bound to be a way out somewhere..

Love and... Love?

This is a pretty much dicsussed topic but in another dimension of scope.

Say that you are looking to get married for whatever reason it is apart from love. You're marrying, say, because you feel you're getting older by the day and you don't know whether your luck would turn up for you in the future and you want to create the chance by giving your fate a helping hand on marrying someone with the same type of understanding that you could possibly have.

Someone who has the intelligence, the type of beauty that would irradicate you from looking elsewhere, whichever gender that person would be - male or female.

This is all a legitimate idea since the fact is, you're looking for your welfare in the end and you don't want to end up leaving this life singled out.

But what about if you go on with your life as you live it with your new spouse, and you experience true love in all aspects - and this one's for the men - what would you do? Would you dump your current spouse for your newly found love or would you marry her too since there is a right that you can marry up to four so as long that you can justify your finances, and all other lifely accounts apart from the emotions you hold within for both women which God has not allowed you to?

From a woman's point of view; what do you say about this? Having those options only?