Sunday, July 02, 2006

just a few words..

Not everyone in the world understands who you are.
Not everyone in the world understands what kind of a person you could turn out to be or why you act the way you through your behavior.
Not everyone around you will like you as you are.

Others will try to impose a certain culture of thinking upon you.
Others will try to change the person who you are.
Others will try to interfere with your personality and make you change but they'll fail unless you let them.

Not everyone in this world is favored by everyone else.
There are those who like us.
Those who don't.
Those who would attempt to put us down.
And those who would make us groan.

Life is such.
And if treated as such...
...There's bound to be a way out somewhere..


Nash said...

Nice post, we are all different, thats what makes life exciting... Sometimes...

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Thanks, Nash..

your post was the nicest unattackfull post I have recieved in a long long time..


Anonymous said...

I 'was' nice