Friday, July 28, 2006

times achanging

It's funny how some people in this world think that they are expeienced and capable enough to judge upon someone else's life and their decisions, to say the least; that they make the decisions for them.

People out of nowhere think that most of what they have been through enables them to say what should and shouldn't be done. And, fact is, that that is somewhat true. They may be able to lead or guide the other person to the destination in mind but in all due respect, the decision is in the other person's hands.

Respect is moral virtue that is nothing less than sacred. Earning it is the way to enable your friends and enemies alike to stand aside for you as you walk the path with head held high.

Unfonrtunately, however, the misunderstanding here is that people nowdays mistake wrong decisions - in their perception - as a sign of weakness and little composure for life's many challeneges ahead.

There was a time when back in the old ages indviduals thought that tailoring would never bring food to the table, nor working in a newspaper publishing company or any low-class deemed job in this society. But society grew over that notion and accepted it with much pride and times have changed. As it will for someone in name.

It is to this topic that these people need to understand the fact that not everyone is the same as everyone, and everyone has their own limits, physically, mentally and medically. And not everyone has the same dream of which many individuals think others are wasting their time on.