Sunday, July 02, 2006

Love and... Love?

This is a pretty much dicsussed topic but in another dimension of scope.

Say that you are looking to get married for whatever reason it is apart from love. You're marrying, say, because you feel you're getting older by the day and you don't know whether your luck would turn up for you in the future and you want to create the chance by giving your fate a helping hand on marrying someone with the same type of understanding that you could possibly have.

Someone who has the intelligence, the type of beauty that would irradicate you from looking elsewhere, whichever gender that person would be - male or female.

This is all a legitimate idea since the fact is, you're looking for your welfare in the end and you don't want to end up leaving this life singled out.

But what about if you go on with your life as you live it with your new spouse, and you experience true love in all aspects - and this one's for the men - what would you do? Would you dump your current spouse for your newly found love or would you marry her too since there is a right that you can marry up to four so as long that you can justify your finances, and all other lifely accounts apart from the emotions you hold within for both women which God has not allowed you to?

From a woman's point of view; what do you say about this? Having those options only?


3anooda said...

I say discuss it with wife number one. Since you both originally get married for the same reasons, then she could very well be a very understanding person. U never know, she might be going through the same thing but doesnt have the privelege of marrying another

Sleepless In Muscat said...


that's one way to look at the situation