Wednesday, July 05, 2006

when you're not who you really are but you are who you are

"The greatest thing about living a brand new life is that even when you're not you, you're still you"

A memory of where we used to be and what we always wanted to be. And how we used to bother our parents about how we always wanted to become a train driver or airplane captain or some wild superhero and all you could hear your mom or dad say is 'you can if you want to' while everyone is gleeming at you like they think you're a complete idiot.

Then you grow up to be a little bit older. You have different wishes yet you're not asked about why you chose to change them, you're asked why you don't eat your vegetables; your bean sprouts, your cabbage, your lettuce but nothing about wishes. Maybe it wasn't important enough..

Now you're a fully grown person. You have your own life that you lead with barely the scent of someone crashing into your life and making it topple upside down. And you're not married yet you're happily single and working your ass off like a slave to the private company you so chose to work for. And now ... now... now you get asked more than ever in your entire lifetime put together; what do you want from your life.

It's been almost 3 decades and everyone has to ask the very question that you took before it was time for you to go to Kindergarden.

Anyone with a punchline?


Tainted Female said...

You are a fantastic writer with some very profound thoughts...

I'm SO glad I came across this today...

(I thought you only wrote for the secret arabian)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

tainted female:

thank you so much for the compliments..

3anooda said...

when i was a little girl, i used to always say that i wanted to be an air stewardess. my mom played along until one day she said "u want to be a maid on a plane??"

that quickly made me drop the idea

im 26 and no matter how confident or secure in my current job and position i honestly have to admit that i do NOT know what i want from life. scary.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


it is isn't it?

I mean the whole basic idea out of the system of which we graduate out of is to teach us how to deal with life's obstructions....

yet we delay the simplest of decisions because of what we cannot clarify in our heads as a reason to make up our mind on.

Ella said...

your punch line would be " fuck it and let me live life.. whatever happens happens.. for the time being .. im happy and dont need u to remind me of wat i dont have.What i want is for u to get out of my head and let me be. " - it aint never gonna happen!! ;)

i'm sure you'll be fine with figuring yourself out.. we always do in the end.. and as always the end result is better than we expected.. inshallaaa ! 5alee 3ala allah..