Sunday, July 23, 2006


I refuse to be someone who I cannot convince myself to be like in a job or a career even if it seems to be the only option I might have currently.

I have previously said that my ultimate goal in life is to become a very well known writer. And I aim to be just that. Which is the reason why I turned in my resignation earlier last week to my current job to set out looking for somewhere where I could develop and hone that skill. If that doesn't help, then I might, just might, go overseas and stay outside for a few years to get some more skills and probably get a part time job and then come back to try my chance again.

I love writing and I always have.

I remember when I was a child I used to make these quite neat small magazines (with just a few pages of paper) that I and another family member would practice drawing and sketching on.

It never occured to me that that all time favorite hobbie in the world would become a craze and possibly one day, a job.

Why am I resigning?

I believe that in order to be comfortable in life, one should settle with what comforts him environmentally; job, health and one day - the golden cage.

Don't you think so too?


iamnasra said...

Hey Good Luck with new job..I hope in publishing house or similar job to really get the skills wanted


Sleepless In Muscat said...

Thanks Nasra..

maybe you could point them out in an email to me?

... the places I mean

Anonymous said...

and how do you intend to survive 'outside' while youre improving/working your writing skills?

not unless you're thinking of going to Kerala? the cheapest place in the world?

thats the trouble with US media. too much imagination going on.

muscati said...

Have you saved enough from your job to go to another country to look for this kind of job that you think will help you nurture your writing talents? I can't think of a single job in Oman that does that.

Sorry, dude. I think it was a foolish decision to quit your job. You need to take responsibility for your life. Being willfully jobless is irresponsible.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


kerala? hmmm....never thought of that one coming..



foolish maybe. but consider this: i wasn't on a contract. i was a freelancer with them and my health wasn't helping me either with the overdemand for work.

it's ok. i understand where you're coming from

Anonymous said...

i wasnt trying to be funny.

i meant what muscati exlicitly said, 'how do you intend to live'?

u must be a rich boy? ur daddy pays it all?

thats the whole point of a job, you work, you learn resbonsibility, you gain experience and confidence.

so far, all ive seen from you is on/off/on/off/on/off again. Free lancer bla bla bla..and stop bringing your 'health' into this. You sound pretty healthy to me.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


sounds like you know me too well.. why don't you arise from the shadows and tell me and the whole public on this blog who you really are instead of lying there in the shadow..

don't intimidate me and I won't batter you

Anonymous said...

i think u shud stop using ur health nor true identity as a "writer" as an excuse for ur failure in ALL ur jobs! a person who has sum minute responsibility wud at least try to work as hard as possible to gain as much money that will enable him from becoming a "dependent" individual on his fathers money as the 1st anonymous said, which i totally agree with!
at what age do u intend to start paying for ur own needs????! or taking responsibility for ur irresponsible actions!
grow up,maan..this is the 21 century IN OMAN, not in these movies u luv to watch, change the fact that sayz ur SPOILED.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

last anonymous:

and I think you should mind your own business when it comes to personal verbal abuse.

last i remember, it's my life and i am free to do what i feel is right and comfortable and i don't think i am related to you in any way, and even if i was i wouldn't want to be because you just want to be able to say something that will just flat out make you some hot shot because you are an anonymous.

but you are one. and you will always be one in my eyes and i couldn't care less what anyone in the world thinks of what i did or say because i know i did the right thing.

so mind where you step

Anonymous said...

you are easily aggravated.

thats something you need to work on maybe.

back to the subject, im not trying to irritate you. why did you start up a blog? do you just want to 'talk' and not 'listen'?

you said something, it bothered me where your line of thoughts seems to be heading, i thought it was my duty to enlighten you, i might have been a little agressive - im sorry.

i think what stirred you up so much was the fact that truth hurts.

i think instead of getting caught up in little 'bush fires', that you read what has been said here, think, think again..and maybe theres just something you can do to make your reality different, and make the impression people have of you different too.

i am the same anonymous who was happy to hear you found a job and are heavily engaged in perforing your best, and naturally i am the same anonymous who is dissapointed at your strange/hasty decision.

as always 'good luck'.

anonymous lying in the shadow ;o)

MD said...

Anonymous, there's something called tact. Not sure if you've heard of it.