Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eid Al Adh-ha Mubarak to everyone

Hope everyone has a great Eid and relishes in the feeling of being around the ones that love you most.

Take heed into what matters most, for one day it would come back to you like a boomerang.

Eid Mubarak...

Friday, December 07, 2007

bigger fish to fry

It's not everytime you get so busy that you forget your whole life and what surrounds it just to live off in the freedom that holds you in it's own prison.

I've been so busy with everything ever since I restarted College that I have barely had time to breath just to suck in everything that I have done or about to do that I am starting to taking on-the-job, if you know what I mean.

Studies have been quite hectic because we have tons of work that needs to be finished in so little time, not to mention that I have been trying to depend on myself a little more rather than keep going back to the 'source' that most of the time I am out from morning to College and never come come back until sometime at 11pm at nights all days of the week unless it's a holiday or one of the days that I have my appointment for a hospital health check up.

Sure, it gets boring to be in such a routine mission day-in day-out, but I'd rather have it this way than having to sit away at my monitor or the TV or whatever it is for the rest of the day just doing nothing trying to think of what I can or cannot do for the next 6 or 7 hours until it's time to head for la la land.

I've also been trying to keep my depression thoughts out of the way. It's not easy either because I keep getting them back but I push on, I strive on. And when I put on a smiling face, I always try to make it heartfelt. I've realized that I have become a quitter in the past and I pushed that thought aside to demand what I want - no matter how trivial it may sound or be to the onlookers.

I've come to learn a lot in the past few weeks that I haven't actually blogged onto this site. Too much that I have had to just grasp the moment that it comes with to learn of it what it may bring to me in terms of lessons.

I've learned that Oman doesn't really care anymore about the environment any longer because on the outside they call for eco-tourism yet they on the other hand they are striving to destroy the environment at the same time by giving up more land to oil companies for exploration; establishing peaceful nuclear fuel capabilities along with the GCC council and not to mention redefining the real estate industry of the Sultanate along with its neighbors.

I've also learned that the stupidities that have been announced of allowing competition into Oman is just yet another agenda or front to shut the international community up by setting 'competition' into the field with Nawras when they very well know that the outside competition would cripple them. The thing with Oman is that officials boast a lot about things that need to be done for the country for it's economical benefit, but if you go about the shops, you can still buy pirated software, pirated DVDs, and Playstation or Xbox360 or Wii games. They talk about efficiency in the government sector also, yet you still wait one or two months just to get a printed allocated set of land that you are entitled to - of which you pay for - on a piece of paper.

I'll admit Oman has come a long way in many strives and has indeed jumped leaps from the day that we knew we had oil, but to be honest, things can be done in so many different and better ways in this country but no one is willing to listen.


That's why it seems such a bother to me of why I should ever blog in the first place or even write articles for anyone when no one takes notice.

Blogging is and will always be a phenomenon to me. But to the much conservative Omani society and community in a whole, they are just too damn right narrow minded because they would rather have ask you on a face-to-face basis about your whole tribe whilst standing in public in just under 30 minutes.

I shouldn't even bother to talk about regional or international politics because the game is already played. Seriously. I mean, are you trying to tell me that this wasn't all played out since the day that George Bush took the seat in the White House? Or what about Iran? Or Iraq for that matter? (It's pronounced 'eerak' not 'eye-rak')..

I don't blame anyone anymore for not blogging for several reasons. One of which is because I am in that same position of where I cannot find the right words to be said. And two, because I have a lot more important things to be busying myself with than be bothered about blogging. Three, its not what it used to be to me anymore, unfortunately - for the fun of it.

Believe you and me - there's some bigger pizzas to be baked here (as opposed to 'bigger fish to fry').

Monday, December 03, 2007 Matters of consideration

The has finally published my article which was supposed to appear last week but for some reason did not.

I apologize for the delay.

Please follow the below link to read the full article submitted under the title Matters of Consideration.

Do enjoy...



- Matters of consideration

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sultanate marks World Aids Day 2007