Friday, February 25, 2005

Mmmmmm mmmm mmmmm mmmmph

So its been a few days. A few interviews here and there. CVs were posted and operation job hunt is on the move.

Things look quite promising on my side of the planet. And may I say its quite a suprise. I never expected so many people to call me up all of a sudden and ask me to come over but that's up to them.

On a personal level, things are looking well too. Can't really add very much to it but I have high hopes. So keep your fingers, toes, arms, and legs all crossed for me. He he he..

I was mentioning to my best friend today that having your parents breath down your throat about getting married and you 'silencing' them by doing so isn't the end of it. There'll be other days when you'll have to answer to them about having kids after only a few months marriage, and after that your kids and your grand ones (should you live that long) will suffer the same. Ha ha ha ha. Its the same with a job. You're life's ambitions don't stop at you getting a job. You'll probably wanna develop your skills professionally and personally there and move from one position to another. And hopefully you'll do so - hopefully.

So 27 isn't a bad number after all. Ok. Maybe 89 is.

Imagine. You waking up to a mirror you put on your false teeth. You're grandchildren will help you around eating, walking, and you'll probably be alone by that time (in the sense of having no life partner). What a grim view I tell ya. But that's one way you can look at it.

But I especially liked the false teeth touch. Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmph.

Translation: here's to a good life.

Wait - that's five words. Oh, well. No one's perfect.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Free Mojtaba and Arash Day!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Shoot for the stars

Well the interview went well. I got told that some employee was going to get back to me on short notice to interview me for a second time, which sounds promising.

The other day I got hushed by a taxi driver who thought I was an expatriate trying to tell him what was right (he was taking a no-left turn at some place while I was taking the right way) and when I confronted him that I was an Arab he sped off. Talk about being a coward. I found his car later on because I had memorized his number plate but decided I was better off not to make a scene out of it otherwise I would have a murder case on my hands. He he he..

I am now in the process of running through as many job applications as I can possibly send to anyone who's anyone who is advertising for a vacancy with requirements of my qualifications or less. Sounds daunting I know but now that I have the time to do what I want I might as well put it to good use, yeah?

I passed by my favorite coffeeshop today and saw a person who I know and gave me the wild idea for the title this post 'Shoot for the stars and you'll never lose'. Those were his exact words. Kinda gave me an upbeat feeling that everything is going to be alright from now on in every sense.

Doesn't it though?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Got a life to live!

Yeah..that's what everyone's title or logo or slogan should be...

I am still depressed from time to time. But every now and then I have an uplifted moment. Seems like a rollercoaster ride. One day you're up, the other you're down. That's life, eh?

I've got an informal job interview today at some company (again, I'd rather not name anybody - I don't have that much cash in my pocket, now, do I?). Informal, it may be, but I hope someone there would take an interest unto my skills and qualifications. Perhaps one day you'll see me work there. When and if, that is..

I am also thinking of getting in contact with a local newspaper to try to persuade them to let me write a regular article every week. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll just be another known writer. Maybe. Maybe. He he he he..

My second's book progress isn't going so well, though. Everytime I want to do something about it I forget. There's also the subject of certain artwork to be added into which I haven't a clue as to what it should be. Plus there's the fact that the person who is supposed to write my preface is still unknown. Yikes.

But I'm moving on. I'm positive.

I am going on.

Why? Because I've got a life to live.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

And this would be me after the full service overhaul..

The turning stone of life

So after I wrote the last post on this blog site, I recieved an email (which in case you never knew is or and another comment was posted about it regarding the issue that was discussed.

I have to say I was quite interested in the comments that came in from the twwo parties. I would rather not name them but leave them at their liberty to do so at their own pace.

But both comments were firing at the same target. Stop feeling down and depressed and get off your lazy butt. That pretty much sums it up. One way or another. You could say it hit the core.

So today I did just that. I changed my 'routine' a bit. I went around to send in a few CVs to a few companies that were listed previously in my PC and took them with me to send them off on my way to do a simple morning chore.

I got back home and I found an envelope from the mail addressed to me from Mayo Clinic, USA ( and read a two page article about this woman who had gone through a very difficult time for a very long time and in the end required her to have a double lung transplant. And all throughout reading the article I thought I could relate to this woman because somehow I had suffered in my past years, too. But, now, as you can clearly see, we both now lead very healthy and normal lifestyles to some extent. I still have to take my pills but now do without the blood transfusions and she has gone down from taking breathing medications and such to only 43 pills a day (granted it's still a lot, but it's still an improvement in her case).

She said she missed the simplest things like playing with her dogs, challenging her husband at bowling and just enjoying the simple pleasures of life. That's what I had missed too. Even though I am told to be careful because of the operation that I had done, I am now in a much better state than I ever was before. And I have the readings to prove it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I try not to think of depressing things, but in the end - I am merely human.

Aren't we all?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Its not fun to live alone

Definitely a night for thinking.

It's been long since I have posted anything here and for a good reason, too. I have overcome my health problems and now I am set on a new mission (or two): getting a job; and - getting hitched. Whichever comes first.

Life seems to be all downhill from here especially after I have resolved my medical issues. But that's not the case. No way ho say. There are matters beyond my understanding that must be conquered too here.

I would still like to understand why people do the things they do. Why do women put men through such misery when its their heart they want to understand? I mean is it that hard to pull down your guard for a second? Or is it just a game to you?

I would still like to meet someone to have a nice chat with, understand, have a sip of tea at my favorite coffeeshop in the nice winter weather we are having now. But all I get is questions, lies, riddles, and often tell-tales of the past.

I have my mental problems, thank you very much.

27 is a large number when you think of it, and often agitates you if you let it as a friend of mine stated today. Which is somehow true. But if you come to think of it, 27 years since you were brough to the face of the Earth that you know now. Clouds have gone by. Skies have changes. Sunsets have set. Seagulls have pooped over your car endlessly over and over again whilst parking at the beach. People have gone and come. And most importantly: your life has changed immensly if not tremedously over the span of these years. And what a ride it has been.

But a few things remain unchanged in my life: I still have my family - intact, thank God. I'm still single - and I'm still told that I am lucky to be that way and to have my freedom than to be married but I beg to differ. And, this is the funniest part: the country which I live in hasn't changed quite that much in my lifetime - at least, not in my perspective.

But I wish I had someone in my life, yes. Even with all the misery that could come along the way. It's better than to have face the questionable lifetsyle that I have to deal with everyday.

Wish I could stop my mind from thinking these things but I can't because it just does. It thinks too darn loud.

Someone run me over, will ya?