Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Al Shabiba & Al Watan

There will be a small article about my latest book in Al Shabiba in next week's Wednesday issue which can be found in the Cultural Supplementary.

There will be another similar one in Al Watan, however, it is unknown whether it will be printed tomorrow (Wednesday) or some other day of the next week. I will provide more information as it comes my way..

Hope you all enjoy the excitement as much as I do.


Yes, people.

The day of reckoning has come! lol ;oP

theweek has published two articles about me. One written by me and another about my book Wonderous World penned by Patricia Groves.

You can find these both in the downloadable version of the gazette in the below link:

(NB: The section you are looking to download is Section 2. You will find the articles in pages 14 and 17, respectively).


I will place, for your convinience, a permanent link to theweek in the sidebar on the right.

Monday, January 30, 2006


Tomorrow, in theweek, you will find not three. Not one. But two - yes, two articles about me.

Well, in a matter of speaking anyhow..

The first article will involve a critique (as I have mentioned before) about my latest book Wonderous World by someone who has recently joined the vast list of article writers.

And the second, will be my article which is about a crucial topic that is arising in Oman. And for once, it not been edited once. Not even the title.

I hope you all enjoy this week's issue.

Happy New Arab Year

Tomorrow has been announced as the dawn of the new Hijri (Arab) year..

May we all be blessed with a year that we grow closer to God and farther from the sins that call to us..

Happy New Arab Year to all the Muslims around the world..


I had a slight interview with a reporter last night (29/1/2006) about my latest book Wonderous World, who will issue a small news article in either one of the Omani newspaper's cultural supplement (i.e.: Oman; Al Shabiba; or Al Watan).

I was also approached at the same time to work as a full-time translater/article editor. Yet, I turned down the offer.

I realize that you would have to start at the bottom of the staircase, but that isn't the staircase I am exactly looking for.

There will be other opportunities...

Horizon Newsletter

If any of you are studying or working at the Sultan Qaboos University then here's some good news for you.

An offer has been made to me to include one of my short stories in the English Language's Department newsletter Horizon which is due some time by the end of this week or the next week.

If you find this of interest, then look me up there.

I do hope that you will all like the piece that I will choose for printing, inshallah..

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Painful Dismissal of the Heart..

I write to you
After night and day
After I have given up hope on my heart
And set my trail

I write to you
In this season of Winter
In a cold, cold, breeze
Where the warmth whimpers

I write to you
After much dismay
Where hope was once hope
And agony prevails

I write this down
I write to you with my pen about to fall to the ground
And only my sense of survival will be my save

I write to you
With a tear in my eye
Where I have lost friends
And the world just goes by and smiles

I write to you
After giving up hope
On whether I'll get married, stay single, or become some street dope

I write to you
With no fear
Of what the future
Has to conceal

I write to you
From fear of pain
Of suffering the worst
Instead of the happiness that I should gain

I write to you
In this dark corner
Where the shadows of the trees
Have been altered
Where pride used to live
Where agony moves on with bliss
And the attention we both seek is faltered

I write to you
From the darkness of my room
Where the horizon is met by a large un-glowing moon
The visit to fantasy
Is an escape from reality
I hear nothing
Because there is nothing
And at the end of this
I find the one thing that I truly miss
The one thing that has always mattered the most to me
Where life is life is the hope in my dreams
And the flower, the petal will fall into it's pleads

In the end, I write this for you
All for you
Only for you
And I await your reply
Will it come; is it near?

Imperfect Life

I just don't get it. Do bad incidents wait for me to be around so they can roll into action?


It's like you have your whole day planned out and then suddenly nothing is going right like it should. I wish for one day, you know, I could just have something go my way. Nothing to upset it. Nothing to make it look bad. And certainly nothing to have it go bad.

What would it take?

First I wake up and my printer's being funny; printing when it wants to and when it doesn't want it goes haywire. Then I couldn't find my stuff until like more than 45 minutes of a search. Oh, I found them, but it was like - "you were there?" Couldn't have a proper breakfast when I am supposed to when I take my medication over it. Plus you get out of the house with a really bad mood when you were hoping to have a nice shiny day without that single intangible raindrop.

After all this, I go to Starbucks (yes, like it or not, I still hang out there) to relax and work on a few stuff and at the same time waiting for my friend to come by who has a copy of my CV with him. So, enter the friend. Tired, though. 'What goes friend?' "I feel really bad and I need to go the hosptial". Not a moment to lose. Left my tea there without drinking it towards his house to get his card and off to the clinic he attends. There we find out that his pulse was racing, his blood pressure is high plus his sugar level was a sky rocketing 20! Stayed with him enough to talk to him to get him to relax, after giving him two shots of insolin and stablizing his mood. And then off to his house to drop him off.

Come back to Starbucks.

And what else do I find out?

One of the guys' Grandfather's had just passed away.

It just doesn't pay to get out of bed at all sometimes. But like someone said to me; we're all merely human beings and the imperfect life that we lead is just the fact to state that piece of evidence.

Stay well all.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Not My Day

This isn't my day
It isn't my day at all

Feel like crying
Feel like dying
The pain just won't go away

My friend was at the hospital
Another had his Grandfather die
Or as we would more appropriately say, pass away

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get out of bed at all

Friday, January 27, 2006


I'm sorry everyone..

I've had to take up the last resort option due to circumstances beyond me since an anonymous individual is testing my patience by leaving very rude comments on this blog.

Therefore; I hereby announce that only registered users of blogger.com will be able to post their comments.

I hear your cries, really. And as much I feel its unjustified because of one's childish behavior I've threatened again and again and it's high time to take a stance on this annoying situation.

I hope you all do understand and continue to blog your comments as if nothing has happened..

Thanks again..

Plain Wreckless

Yesterday I almost had an accident because someone thought he owned the roads his 4x4 was rolling over on whilst he cut me without an indicator and with such wrecklessness that not an even a plea to stop by on the highway and reason with him over his behavior.

Knowingly so, he waved off the incident as if it wasn't his fault and sped off over 140 kmph where the speed limit was 120 and this was just after leaving a turning at a large roundabout at Seeb International Airport onwards to the City Centre.

Obviously, my blood was boiling the whole day from that moment on because I wanted to do something about but didn't know what to do. Family said to leave it at that and to thank God that nothing had happened. But my question is this: what if something HAD happened to me and I wasn't able to make it to the centre to see my family for a nice gathering and lunch? What if something had happened to me and no one knew about it? Whose fault is it by then?

I met my friend later on at my hang out spot and told him about the incident asking him what was the number to call about such disturbances on the road and highways. It was the same you called for emergencies. 9999.

So I called it in. And made sure they knew the license plate number and what the 'gentleman' did and how his was behavior was that of idolistic nature.

The police officer behind the phone on the other end said they would send an APB (All Points Bulletin) to all the police cars for that number plate and have him pulled over to be given a few tickets for wreckless driving & overspeeding.

Next time someone like that pisses you off on the highway, don't get mad - get even. Call 9999.

I did..

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Someone I know very well is going to launch a CD single in Oman that the money raised behind it will go towards the UNICEF Programme Against Child Abuse.

This person has approached me to write a few lyrics that will go on the front of the CD single that would be launched later this February.

I'll let you know more details about this as I get more information..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

3rd invitation

I have been invited for administrating - along with running two other blogs and participating in another and writing in another website's corner - to help run the newly established UAE Community Blog (Arabic).

If you would like to become a member of the blog in order to participate in it, send me an email on: pennedthoughts@gmail.com.

Or you can get in touch with Abdu Yahya of A Secret Arabian Journal.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Truth Will Set Her Free..

She looks in through the window
Think of what the world would bring in
Telling herself that everything would be better
Once she is in the 'in'

She turns around to look at her doorknob
She returns to her past
She could never ever
Get past that

A tear
A cry
A deep breath
A little sigh

How the world has come by
And taunted her in the night
Fishing her out from one pond
Into a waterfall, for her alone, to fight

She gathers her belongings
She walks to the door
She reaches out to grab the knob
And pulls it inwards to go to another world

This time
She's going to make her own opportunties
No tidal waves, no hidden agenda, no unwritten phase

She is the opportunity waiting to be taken
She is the light of Heaven
She is the first stair in the staircase of success

No more crying
No more lying
No more dying inside
No more lonely nights

Just her and her passion
The future is hers to grasp
The love in ignition
Is just out there, for someone to understand

Good things happen to those who wait..

So, I'm back..

Some good stuff has happened while I was away.

There's been news that a crtitique in theweek about my latest book Wonderous World the coming week's issue along with my new article..

I suppose good things do happen to those who wait..

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Life at a stand-still

I found out today, in a hospital visit, that:
- A very good friend of who was diagnosed with Cancer and was being treated with chemotherapy had died a week ago.
- My HgB level has dropped to 11.5 from 12.
- My blood pressure was at a high 134/86.
- And that I had an alarmingly high pulse rate at 133.

I hereby declare mourning for 3 whole days..

Things you just don't see everyday..

1. A woman in full cover veil and probably the most colorfull color ever, hiding away from the public eye to have a smoke of a cigarette.

2. Eight cars crashing on one lane into each other on a public highway.

3. Two cars only fifty metres away from that sight crashing into each other on the other side of the road.

"..And that concludes our daily broadcast..!"

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Eid Al Ghadeer


Don't laugh.

I know I am a shi3a and all. But like I explained before, I don't know much about my 'group' of people. Hence this question - if anyone can answer it for me; What is Eid Al Ghadeer all about?

Circumstances Vs. Me: 2 - 0

So I just got back from the hospital only to have found out that my appointment was not today but rather tomorrow. I tried to implore the staff to get them to do a quick blood sample and give me the meds I needed but to no avail. Not because they didn't want to, though. But more because there were no doctors around - everyone was busy for some reason; rounds; conference, stuff like that.

So I told them I would come back the next day - Sunday.

This means I lose on two days of the week I could have worked on sending out my new job applications to those 29 companies I have listed.

What can I say?


"To light a candle in the dark is better than to curse the dark a thousand times" - Chinese proverb

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Definition of Cheepskates

How idiotic do you have to be in order to realize that there is an unfair advantage between rivals in the same indistry? My personal opinion: you'd have to be really dumb.

Oman Mobile is a subsiadary of OmanTel no matter how many people try to explain to me that the first is a private-owned company while the latter isn't. How is it that Oman Mobile was formed? It was the mobile devision of OmanTel for all those dimwits that don't understand. No matter how much you may have invested into the company during the IPO, it still doesn't mean that it's a company that the government has a bigger say in, because that's just how it is.

Oman Mobile's unfair advantage in the telecom industry is as such because it has the backing of the government and in most cases the TRA against Nawras. While Nawras is a joint international venture between private investors, Oman Mobile has the backing of it's investors and the government.

Oman Mobile's homepage boasts "Being a dynamic and agile market player we deepen and personalize relationship with our 1 million customers by delivering maximum network coverage, more value-for-money, and a wide range of cutting-edge wireless voice and data services with immersive and interactive promotional offers.".
Yeah, right.

Most Oman Mobile users complain more often than less about how their unable to get through the network because of that one reason. In addition to the lousy service they get through their service hotline.

Even though the fact still states that Nawras has only about 300,000 subscibers in it's network, its still far more advanced than Oman Mobile's in terms that it introduced prepaid cards use internationaly two weeks before Oman Mobile did. Nawras also introduced sending prepaid credit through SMS' a feature that Oman Mobile only got close to by presenting its newest feature SMS Parking - half their customers hardly know the number it should be sent to so they can get their ticket. Nawras introduced EDGE technology which enables you to use your data line upto ADSL speed to go through the internet whilst using your mobile as the modem. Another first to come into phase is the 3G network although there may be speculations of how successful it would be in Oman let alone in the GCC region.

Those are just facts.

I just wonder how much time is it until people realize that Oman Mobile clearly imitates every single campaign Nawras gets into? From advertisements, special offers and now: Muscat Festival sprees.

Oman Mobile wasn't going to enter into sponsoring the Festival because it thought to itself that 100,00 was just too much until it changed its mind for two reasons. First; Nawras took the chance first. Secondly, the government gave them the 'red eye'.

If you're still an Oman Mobile subscriber by the time you read this article - you're a sucker.


I wanted to start on Saturday (tomorrow) my new job search method with all the new stuff I have recompiled like the new CV, new photos and all the other stuff required for a proper potential job interview but then I totally forgot that I have a hospital check up due on the same day and I won't be able to make it because it'll take far too long and I might now be finished before 1pm.

Oh well, I guess it'll have to be for another day - there's always Sunday.

But at least I am making the best of things that are coming my way. I mean, I am still going to my favorite 'hang out' place, but I still think of things to be done. Which reminds me; you might see me doing a book-signing session at the Muscat International Book Fair 2006 this February/March.

There'll be more details to that very soon, inshallah..


I have submitted my newest article on a very disturbing issue that is growing at a frantic rate in Oman to the folks at theweek.

I was informed that it would be published and that the date of printing it would be that of February, 1st, 2006.

Looking forward to your opinions on the subject in discussion by then.

I do believe it is a crucial topic to young and older people alike because it concerns relationships in terms of family ties and the effects of the media and wrong friendships on our children and the generations to come..

A Secret Arabian Journal

Effective from this post, I am now a member of the Secret Arabian Journal

You're all welcome to come along and see what both Nomaadic and me have to offer in terms of personal opinions about various issues in both the UAE and Sultanate of Oman.

We are both hoping that you would come to appreciate the quality posts that most bloggers such as us are both heading off towards..

Be seeing you there, inshallah..

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sins of the Outcast

...Set amongst his own as an outcast
The past was what was, the present; the future, is here to last

Do what you will but not unto others
Do what you will but unto me
Free them, for I am the slave - beyond thy knees

As long as I shall live
There will be no doubt
As long as I will live
I will always have the will to fight
And as long as I am alive
I will always, always, try..

Joining The Team - II

I have also been asked to develop a corner on a website that is being re-developed as we speak for creative writing and to also use I see fit.

More details on this piece of news as information is passed on, inshallah..

This will not only allow me to develop my writing skills but will also open up the horizon for me into newer audiences in addition to publishing fortnightly in theweek, posting on a secret blog from arabia.

Thank you, God.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

a secret blog from arabia...: Tabula Rasa... umm again

If you would like to read on about the progress in the previous topic on me 'joining the team' you can all read it here:
a secret blog from arabia...: Tabula Rasa... umm again

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Joining the Team

I have been invited to join the team of a secret blog from arabia.

This is a great honor for me to be recognized as a good writer plus the fab trio have split up somehow to each go in their own way because of their individual 'businesses' to take care of..

I would start posting on the blog by next week, inshallah.

So, you're all welcome to join us there with your constructive comments on the topics.

Rude Comments

I consider myself an open minded person to a certain limit.

But I draw the line at rude comments relevant or otherwise when posting especially on my blog(s). This is your warning: rude comments will be deleted - no questions asked nor entertained.

# 400


Like: wow.

I must be dreaming.

Have I really gotten to that much a number of posts?

400 posts?

I think I need a pizza to celebrate. And maybe a Coca Cola, too.


Omani Literature Society

I have a great idea to set up an Omani Literature Society one that would dedicate it's work on poets and writers who live and/or are citizens in the Sultanate of Oman.

It would allow the poets and writers of Oman to have a more broader audience in parellel to the famous saying 'in together ...we have power'. Or so it is meant to be understood - please don't quote me. he he he

I think it's an original idea that no one has thought of before (unless someone has beaten me to it) and it solves so many problems in terms of opening up horizons for helping poets and writers alike to popularize their literature's work in Oman and if possible, in the GCC.

It's still an idea, therfore the idea's still in the blueprint stage.

But if you're a writer or a poet and you find this idea of interest, please send me an email on: pennedthoughts@gmail.com and if you happen to know anyone who would be interested to pursue such an activity please pass on the message. The more people I get interested into the idea, the more the idea will have of a positive impact with the authorities - or at least, I am hoping it will, inshallah.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Wrong Wrong Wrong

I am sorry but I do not agree with the government going on with the fiasco of the obviously sorry state of Muscat Festival 2006 - not financially nor ethically.


Because for one, MF '06 has become such a joke to have to repeat the same various actitivites and mistakes again and again and again. I mean, have they no brain (the officials behind the whole festival)?

They're repeating the same thing from singers, activities and for God sake's, who in his right mind wants to go for a lecture in a time of 'celebration' (i.e.: the festival) ? (!!!)

Plus not to mention the fact that all the numbers are faked. Would you believe in less than three days of launching the festival that we have over 100,000 visitors to the festival grounds? A friend of mine was joking that they must have also counted in all the officials and organizers, too. I bet you that he's not that far from the truth.

Abdullah Abbas may have introduced Oman in general, and Muscat in particular to the idea of having a seasonal festival to increase tourism and financial flow into the country when he first launched Muscat Festival 1998, but the whole concept is becoming repetitive because there is nothing new.

And I have a question here for the government officials whom announce public holidays. When the former Ruler of Dubai had passed away (God rest his soul), the government officials in the country postponed Dubai Shopping Festival 2006 until further notice. When the Prince of Bahrain passed away in a tragic car accident, all the nations announced mourning for a three day period. And now that the Former Kuwaiti Prince had passed away, Kuwait announces forty days of mourning and the State of Qatar decides to cancel their 4th Qatar Singing Festival in respect of the tragedy. What are you guys waiting for to cancel your festival? Or is your respect worth all the money that you paid to Haifa Wahbi, Roubi, Miami; and Abdullah BalKhair?

You people should get your act together - pronto.

not in theweek - on purpose

For anyone who is following my fortnightly articles in theweek, I am sorry to say that I won't be in this week's issue because I am terribly busy with all my plans and other things which will be announced when the time is right, plus the fact that the new article that I am working on is a big issue in Oman and I want to give it the importance it needs to come out in an articulate way..

I do apologize for the dissapointment, but I assure you it's all for the best..

The Smile of An Angel

The key to a sad heart is the smile of an Angel
The truth that lies in the dark and is often considered a fable

For what lies beyond life
Is ever-after
The long journey begins
With sadness, not laughter

You can choose to stay
You can choose to go
Your choice, though
Will determine which way your future should flow

Prove everyone wrong
And you'll live a champion
To yourself, to everyone
A hero, not a minion

Don't deny yourself the chance
To live life as you so please
For if you do, you'll never understand
And always fall down - depressingly - onto your knees

The tie of life
Is as easy as a smile
It's not forceable
It has to come from within - inside

Religious Relics?

I have decided within the line of decisions that I am making in this period of time and in preperation for the following Arab month of Muharram that I will go to the Great Prophet's (PBUH) Mosque to follow recitals of the events of 3ashoora2 and what happened before.

I am hoping that this decision will help me into clearing what doubts I have in mind or more pleasantly put knowing what I do not know already and understanding what had happened and why.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Ball's On A Roll..

It's been a frantic three days - I imagine - for everyone; especially me.

In addition to accidently killing the little kitten and the death of H.H. Former Ruler of Dubai; the sad death of the prince of the Kingdom of Bahrain and now with the news of the death of H.E. Kuwaiti Royal Prince.

I have been scrambling to work on a new more professional CV to present for new job outlets including in it everything that I can remember of what I have done of relevant and irrelevant experience. Now that's done with, I have to work on some other things that have to do with job hunting, besides listing down potential job outlets. I am taking my time on it so that I can get it right from the first time.

But the ball's rolling.

I told you I have a plan to start taking job hunting seriously. It's just that ...well....I was kinda taking my time on it because I really felt down that things were not going my way. But as someone once pointed out to me, I should take my own advice that was once printed out in an article in theweek that no one else can change my circumstances except me plus the help of someone I deeply appreciate their advice, guidance and a lot of other things.

Point is - my ball's on a roll.

Wish me luck, people..

Friday, January 13, 2006


Today is a sad day for me.

I ran over a kitten that was sleeping under my car by mistake. This is no lauging matter.

I declare three days of mourning.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Have A Nice Day

This is a new song by Bon Jovi.

It really suits my mood today since it's a rock song plus the fact that it sings about not caring about anything at all. Which is the attitude I should take on whatever the mishappenings in my life.

Here are the lyrics:

Why, you wanna tell me how to live my life?
Who, are you to tell me if it's black or white?
Mama, can you hear me? Try to understand.
Is innocence the difference between a boy and a man.
My daddy lived the lie, it's just the price that he paid.
Sacrificed his life, just slavin' away.

Ohhh, if there's one thing I hang onto,
It gets me through the night.
I aint gonna do what I don't want to,
Im gonna live my life.
Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice,
Standing on the ledge, show the wind how to fly.
When the world gets in my face,
I say, Have A Nice Day.
Have A Nice Day

Take a look around you, look its what he sees.
We're living in a broken home of hopes and dreams,
Let me be the first to shake a helping hand.
Everybody, pray enough to take a stand,
I knocked on every door, on every dead end street,
Looking for forgiveness, what's left to believe?

Ohhh, if there's one thing I hang onto,
It gets me through the night.
I aint gonna do what I don't want to,
Im gonna live my life.
Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice,
Standing on the ledge, show the wind how to fly.
When the world gets in my face, I say,
Have A Nice Day.
Have A Nice Day.


Ohhh, if there's one thing I hang onto,
It gets me through the night.
I aint gonna do what I don't want to, Im gonna live my life.
Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice,
Standing on the ledge, show the wind how to fly.
When the world gets in my face, I say,
Have A Nice Day.

Have A Nice Day.
Have A Nice Day.
Have A Nice Day.
Have A Nice Day.

When The world keeps trying, to drag me down,
Ive gotta raise my hands, gonna stand my ground.
Well I say, Have A Nice Day.
Have A Nice Day
Have A Nice Day


Earthly Matters

I read an article once that in the year 2029, a large comet will colide into Earth; specifically Russia. It is said that this comet will have a 500 metre radius and an impact of 15 nuclear bombs put together. Other than the fact that it will push aside orbitting satellites in the atmosphere around, it will have proportional emphasis on the ground surface.

Old news, you might say.

But then, think back to the present day.

I had mentioned earlier that polar ice capsules are melting as we speek because of the global greenhouse effects which are believed to be the result of man's overpowering industry and the fumes it sets into the air.

This will result, over the years, in a catastrophic meltdown thus leading to an increase of water levels all over the world be it oceans; seas, or even rivers. They will no doubtly increase by a 50cm - 1 metre margin.

The year 2006 had started off a second late since scientists added a new second to their atomic watches (one of the most accurate watches ever to exist) because they believe that since the Earth is slowing in it's momentum around itself it is only fair to compensate this loss with time.

The larger reason as to why Earth is slowing down, though, believe it or not. Is because of the increase in water levels worldwide.

So imagine what would another 50cm - 1 metre would do?

I don't know if this is all true or hypothetical. But it is alarming to even imagine such an event that will happen by the time I am 60 years old; if I ever live that long. What would I be able to do about it?

But thinking about one's own worries is selfish.

So how is the rest of the world preparing, then? All the scientists can say is that they are monitoring this large comit's orbit this year very closely since it is in the closest range to our space telescopes so that they may draw a plan on what to do next.

So Armageddon wasn't a movie...?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Coke and Spaghetti later..

Up until the moment before I came back from outside tonight, I was so depressed from having things that were not going my way at all as I had planned they would. Maybe I had something to do with it having turning down opportunities that were up my alley but were a bit too unpromising as much as they were of a fun nature (i.e.: London Book Fair 2006).

I had gotten to the point whereby I felt that I am doing so many things wrong in my life that I need to clear out the fog just to see the steering wheel.

But something then changed for the goodness that you find in people who show they actually care and try to guide you by probably following your philosophy for life. Something just snapped. I don't know what it is. But right now, I feel so energetic that I could light up the whole city with the power that I have inside. It's that powerful.

I am now more determined to find myself an exit from this predicament.

This will all start the minute that I organize myself in order to take looking for a job seriously. And since the only chance I will ever have to do that now is after the eid holidays (work resumes here on Saturday) that would be the perfect start to a new week, a sparkingly newly reborn working ambition and most importantly, the faith that just as long that I am working hard for it - God will never let me down.

*all this after a Coke and Spaghetti - yum!*

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

'i will always try..'

i have a lot to say in my head but i don't know what it is or where else to start.

everytime i type a few sentences, i go back and delete them all over again that i just stop and think to myself: what am i doing exactly?

today; i ignored women who were - for lack of a better word - 'eyeballying' me because i have come to a final decision that; a) i don't have a job even if i were to gesture back that i am 'in' for it. b) my mind's made up that i don't want to find anyone anymore because i believe that i have passed the age whereby someone as old as me can get married. c) i know saying this might upset someone out there, but i will say anyway so i can be honest to myself - i still think about you.

i saw how much Oman is of a ghost country in this period because of eid, to the point that i didn't find anyone i knew anywhere. passed by city centre and saw the horrors; teenagers (boys), with longer hair than Michael Jackson and girls (not women) with so much make up on that you could compare them to Cher. why do they think that they need that much attention at that young an age? why can't they say to themselves that i am happy with what God has given me in blessings or otherwise? i mean, i am - even though i have an uncurable sickness. but, heck; you don't see me complaining - do you?

almost all the shops were closed up due to the festive period for Muslims. that's another thing that i don't get. they complain so much about not being able to make a business and yet they cannot stay open on that one day for business? i feel sorry for the folks who work at the banks, though. they deserve their vacation even though they may not get it because without the banks, how else is the financial world going to operate, right?

you may or may not have noticed this person who has been for the last few days posting irriatating posts on my blog. the person is thejustice who can be found on omanforum with his biast opinions and narrow mindedness that he dictates and thinks that the whole world revolves around him. fortunately enough, i have been able to delete every one of his sick comments after he posts them and i had also resolved to removing the shoutbox to stop him from making rude remarks about the blog. i hope that would be the last of him. but if needs be, i may need to turn back on un-annonymous posts and human verification codes. i am sorry but this is what i can do to stop people such as him from posting unwanted comments. please feel free to drop any suggestions as to how i can stop such people in the comments section.

last, but not least. as i said, not on my blog, though; 'i will always try'..

Monday, January 09, 2006

Something Sheepy

So Eid is upon us all and once again the knives are sharpened to get that meat and give it to the poor and the needy (and the hungry, too!).

It's too bad that Sheep don't like pizzas, though. They would've tasted great.

What do you mean that wasn't funny?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Lives We Live Everyday...

Look into my eyes
What do you see
The painful struggle
Of what's beneath

The tide of the tears
The pain and disbelief
The rain pours down
On sorrowful grounds
Chimed down with the effects of the rain

Fearful pleasures of the heart
Desperate measures taken down by a brand new start
The lives we live every day

Cutting Down - An Illetrate Unenvironmental Procedure

Trees are a great source of Oxygene and often offer a lot of shade in the hot summers. But moreso, they make a great scene when nothing else in sight is. And thus, in Islam it is prohibited to cut down trees for any reason whatsoever (I am not quite sure of the reason but if someone knows the reason behind it, please inform me through a comment).

In Oman, the law particularly follows that very path and if an offender is found violating by such an act, they are either sentenced to a jail term or a hefty fine. Either way, the pay - the hard way.

That being said, let me get to my point.

I had read today in the Al Shabiba Arabic newspaper that a English citizen in the UK had been fined heavily by a local British court having find the woman guilty of taking action to purposely poisin the trees that were obstructing the view to her own apartment. After feeding them that chemical toxic substance, three trees died, within a year's period.

Back to Oman, though. If you live in the Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos area in Muscat, you will no doubtedly notice that the plants or growing trees in the Al Madina Palaza within the parking area have been cut because - or so it has passed around - they were blocking the view (!!!) when all it was blocking were the view for road that passes by through the area and the houses that line up to it.

I find that very highly irresponsible and possibly criminal-like behavior for an organization (W.J. Towell) to order their employees to do such a thing - if they indeed order them to do so. The very view of the trees was the only thing that added a beauty and a natural background to the surrounding.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Turning down a great opportunity

I turned down the chance to be in the I.Y.P.I programme being organized by the British Council here in Muscat in affialiation with the London Book Fair 2006.

I had turned it down for a number of reasons. First, it needed someone to have several contacts in the publishing industry. That being said, I have barely published two books, written a few articles in theweek and run two blogs on the internet. That hardly qualifies me as a person who has several contacts in the Omani publishing industry, in my opinion.

Another reason I turned it down for is because they needed an in-depth analysis of the industry in terms of competitors, publishing agents in Oman and the kind of quality that they represent. I admit that I read a lot of Omani and sometimes - very rarely, actually - international newspapers and/or magazines. Thus, I don't think that enables to make full in-depth analysis of the industry again.

The strongest reason for me turning down the whole project was that I was told about the whole thing last Thursday (5/1/2006) and they needed the whole thing from me by today - Saturday (7/1/2006). So you can imagine the surprise that I felt and the nervousness from being reluctant to commit to such a project.

All in all, the whole project is a great challenge, and I would have loved to participate into it had I had more time to reflect upon it and more experience to share.

But like Jamal Al Moosawi from the British Council, Muscat said to me over the phone; 'Perhaps another time'..

Eid Mubarak - 2006

I wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone in the online community and anyone out there who is a Muslim a great Eid Al Adh-ha Mubarak..

May God bestow upon you all his blessings and grant you whatever you wish inshallah this year and the coming years.

And to all those who are doing their Haj this year, may you all come back safe and sound with the promise of an approved Haj by the Almighty.

God bless you all, inshallah.

Starbucks open invitation

Starbucks is going to have a coffee seminar soon at their MQ branch sometime this week.

It is an open invitation for all - if you are interested, please leave me a message here or through my email on the blog and I will get back to you on the details once I get them.

It would be lovely to have people there and obviously free coffee and perhaps some snacks would be served so do join us.

Hope to hear from you all..

Power and Exploit

No one believed back in the 80's and 90's of the last century the 'myth' of global warming. George W. Bush and a number of other international country leaders all over the world were lead to think that it was none of their business and that their striving insudtries and economies were of a much larger importance.

In the year before the last, 2004, we had the Tsunami which upset the whole southern hemisphere of the world in cities such as Southern Thailand; Penang, Malaysia; the Southern province of India, along with a massive heatwave all along the Middle Eastern countries and North Africa, not to mention the rapid hurricanes that hit the Americas (i.e.: Hurricane Andrews; Hurricane Katrina).

A great comedian - Robin Williams (in Live on Broadway, HBO Special)- once described the situation of global warming in his own sarcastic humor by saying; "Right now, the polar ice capsules are melting and floating accross into the seas. Right now, the situation is beyond global warming - it's global melting." And it is just that.

And now, we're suffering even further here in Muscat, what with the very low winter season tempretures that have reached an all-time low in the capital's 30 year history to a point of hitting 10.7 degrees celcuis (according to the Omani weather service beurea).

Is there anything we can do now beyond this point? I fail to see what we can do but save what little we have right now and conserving as much energy that we needn't use and perhaps look forward towards more cleaner, more efficient fuel sources that we can utilise to our use and develop it for our children's future.

We've made a mistake and it's high time that we come to face the consequences of our greediness for power and exploit.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Patience is a virtue

"Put your hands over a hot stove for a minute and you'll feel as if an hour has gone by. Sit down with a pretty girl for an hour and you will feel as if only a minute has passed. That's relativety." Albert Einshtein

Somehow, I can only agree with the above statement because there have been so many times whereby I feel that times flies by without us feeling it when we are having such a good time and vice versa.

And it this that's got me thinking. I am now 28 years old. Almost. And I have yet to accomplish things in my life and such a big future awaiting me because of the opportunities that lie ahead of me.

But all this gets me cocooned also. Because I am, what you can call, careerly 'out of shape' because of so many circumstances. And I guess I have been through so many tests in my life such as my health and trying to find the right woman in my life that it's still not over yet.

It's high time that I did something about all this before I grow really old and look back on upon my youth as a wasted opportunity.

In the middle of all this, I have been nominated to the British Council as a potential candidate to represent Oman at the International Young Publisher of the Year (I.Y.P.I.) 2006. If I am successful at this, I will be sent to London by March, 2006, to further work on this project to talk about the publishing industry in the Sultanate of Oman and what obstacles and opportunities there are to look into as a local publisher.

It's something challenging, and whether or not I get selected for the role is irrelevant. I am going to be doing something. Which is better than what I am doing now apart from my book publishments, articles in theweek, and blogging through Sleepless In Muscat and Rapidly Blue.

Not to mention, I have decided to take a more serious approach into looking for a job. And as God is my guide, I know the road will be long from hereon and quite a challenging one, too, but I am almost certain that my patience will not go unawarded, inshallah..

By Tomorrow..

Tell the past
That there is nothing to forgive
Reach out
This is not the end

Reach out
Fly like a bird
Soar high
Touch the sky

The horizon is just the beginning
To everyone who thinks they are losers, you're all winning

Every opportunity you take is a step in the right path
Even though things will happen that you may never understand

Strawberry flowers
Life isn't a perfect full glass
You're meant to spill

Believe me when I say to you
That one day, someone will come and appreciate you for just being you

Just smile to the world
Smile along
Today was bad - so what?
By tomorrow, it's all gone

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Differences That Break Us Apart Only To Bring Us Back Together Again

I was checking out the calendar two days ago and it showed that the Arabic month of Muharram is up near (well in the calendar, anyway). This reminded me of a conversation I had with a good friend of mine some time ago about a situation he had with a person from the interior questioning his beliefs since my friend is a shei3a and the person who developed the hostile situation was an abadhi.

Now, to clear things before I go on any further, I am follower of the shei3a beliefs since I am born a Lawati under my father's name and tribe. But that does not mean that I have my own set of beliefs that I choose to go by. Therefore, whatever I choose, I choose only because I am free - relegiously and by local law, may I add - to do so. I really don't believe in this mathaheb thing because since the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) had come to spread the relegion of Islam on this Earth back in older times, there was no such thing that you are a sunni, or a shei3i or abadhi. Back then, it was always that we believe that there is only one God and that is Allah, and that Mohammed (PBUH) is the messenger of God plus that you must believe in the five pillars of Islam.

For all the differences that lie nowadays in civil warfare such as Iraq, or Lebanon or wherever there is such a fued that is ignited because one party thinks that their relegion is more right or rather the right one and that the other is of infidel nature, we should be grateful that these differences - despite the fact that they aim to differentiate between us - bring us together in the aim for the true answers that lie in our minds, relegiously speaking.

Morever, we should take every opportunity to lighten the tension between different parties of mathaheb that don't understand this concept. The most recent Mecca Relegious Summit is a great example on how many political leaders sought to come together and find a solution to what could end up the beginning of the end of a nation's only stance the greatest evil mankind could ever face: himself.

I hope one day that this letter reaches everyone in the Muslim world..

Oman Environment Day - 8th January, 2006

The 8th of January, 2006, will mark the Oman Environment Day. On this occassion is looking to invite people who are interested into looking at the Envrionment Society Oman's past and future projects at the Marina Cafe. The cafe' is located along the beach road that links between the Shatti Al Qurum area and Qurum road that leads towards the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The function will be held between 5pm-8pm.

All members, families, friends and of course, the public, are invited.


As promised, theweek has delivered my new article in this week's printing of their publishment under the title 'The Experience That Makes You'.

Even though the fact still stands that they are more than two weeks late with printing it they still managed this time to keep it within its original context and with a minimum number of changes. Which, for a change, is a great relief for me.

You can download it here. The section you should be looking to download is the news section.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Babies: The miracle of life

Babies. The miracle of life. They are the smile that brings light into our sorrowful days. For them we would do anything to let them live a happy go lucky life for themselves.

They go through different stages of growth. From being a simple toddler to young children and from then on to other growth patterns.

But my question here is how do we as babies know our names? Have you come to ask yourselves that simple question, ever? I have always questioned the ability of babies to recall their names as they grow up.

Is it because they always hear that name being called out to them that they think that they are the ones who are meant? Or is there some kind of screw within the child's psychological abilities that connects at a certain age to help them identify their own name?

If any doctor, mother, mother-to-be is out there reading this, then I would appreciate some insight into this topic..

Monday, January 02, 2006

Tid Bits

There's been a few things that have occurred today that caught my attention.

First of all, H.E. Minister of National Economy Mr. Abdul Nabi Macki is to announce the largest deficit in Oman's history in 35 years; a whopping 650 million Omani Rials. And I am thinking where is all our money going? I mean, when we had the annual budget had a 500 million US Dollar deficit, everyone in the country panicked. Because crude prices were down to $9 to the barrel. And we were barely selling them. Plus, the started introducing different types of taxes and fees to the public. Everyone thought that the government was surely to start to implement some sort of salary tax above what the social services take from us back then. But what's stopping that to happen now? Our oil production has been declining in the last 4 years, yet, we are still being assured that it will arrise again to reach at least 827,000 barrels a day. Some tough times ahead for us.

Another thing that got my attention was that one the bloggers who I used to stumble by their blog has somehow - and I don't know whether the act was intentional or otherwise - deleted it totally from the blogosphere. Which is quite a shame, really. Her postings, although few, were certainly of high quality and showed her point of view over things in life in the image of random thoughts, and certainly there was the occasional posting of her day-to-day diary. Tia and her blog will surely be missed from my side. I do hope that whatever she has as her goal now in terms of accomplishment that she will surely achieve it.

I was thinking of posting something that has to do with the politics of the country, but then reconsidered because I don't have the knowledge that I need to make a sustainable arguement. Maybe some day I will. Who knows?

On a last note, theweek will be publishing my article in this week's issue (finally!). So be on the lookout for it and let me know what you think about it once you do get to read it.

A Warrior Against All Odds

...From behind the walls, he could hear the soft footsteps of someone tiptoeing across towards the doorway. Quitely, removing the bed covers off his pyjama skin, he slips off the bed where his warm body layed and lay in it's place a pillow.

The door seemed to squeak to alarm him of the intruder's entrance as he waited to pounce on his opressor at the right opporunity. A battle club raised high into the air, his heart thumping rapidly against his chest, and the silence of the air - everything awaiting that single moment..

An arrow into where the pillow layed and a quick movement by the enemy to announce the death by removing the covers. Astounded. But nevertheless they never had a chance to counter back. For without hesitation, the Prince throws a hard blow of his trusty battle club.

Searching for a sign of where his enemy had come from. Yet, nothing to prove so.

Movement from beyond the window of his hut.

A slight glimpse showed that an army amount of enemy soldiers had come to invade the city which he had come in years to call his home.

It was his time.

It was his calling.

This time there was no way to turn back time.

It was time to face the consequence of his actions.

A warrior against all odds..

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A new year's resolution for all..

So it's a new day in a brand new year. But there's no feeling of any 'new-ness' in it. Because as such, we are all doing the same thing. Well, almost. And not one of you can say to me that they ended up, in one night and one day, doing something new for a new beginning. Because that is a big fat lie.

New year's eve, everyone I know had been planning to go somewhere or another and spend some ridicilous amount of over 60 Omani Rials just to have one night to remember for the whole year when;
A) You know very well after 10 whole days that Eid Al Adh-ha is coming up and you're probably be needing double that money for Eediya or the goat sacrifice to be done on that holy day of year.
B) You also know that you can have just as much fun with your friends without the need to drink or go to somewhere where alcohol is served in the privacy of your own homes, under the starlit skies with home-cooked food and an even better uncramped atmosphere.

I'm not being stingy or anything. But it's just becoming a stupid repititive trend that happens in Oman every single end of the year. And it's such a shame that we end up asking ourselves where'd all that money go..?

Whereas in the world there millions, if not, billions of people who starve of malnutrition because of the unavailability of food in their lands, and we sit around buffets stuffing ourselves with only so much that the rest is thrown away to the roaches, flies and other insects of the underworld.

If we would like to spend our new year with a good start, why not start with ourselves by changing or imerging the better self to take over and become more realistic about our decisions, and look more deeply about social matters in our daily lifestyles and behavior. I would think that this would be a rather more promising goal than blathering or squandering off well earned money on things that either our relegions prohibit or our guilty conscience wakes up to the next morning slapping us with the simple yet deep facts of life that we live by.

It's a start.

So, why not make it a good one?

Happy 2006

December's gone and we're here today
Enough with the sadness and the shame
Enough with the sorrows and cries of pain
Today's a new year, let's rejoice once again

A feeling of everlasting love should enter our hearts
The year's a-new, with so much hope to last
We'll wear a smile and dance with pride
For this is our calling, opportunity's on the other side

Favorite flower of January
Pink, white and strawberry
Birds chirp in the mid air
Children laugh play around
Life is but a merry-go-round

With love to give
With a smile to live by
With joy and laughter
Our years should only go by

With all the passion in my heart
I wish you all a happy new year and a great brand new start