Wednesday, March 30, 2005

SQU Job Fair 2005

I went over to the job fair at the Sultan Qaboos University for the first time today and I found it quite interesting actually. I was always told to go there in the past years but never managed to motivate myself enough to push me to the edge and get behind the wheel to go over there.

There were companies like PDO; Nawras; Oman Mobile; OmanTel; Oman Cables Company; Schlumberg; Oxydental; and the list just goes on. Two whole floors dedicated to companies to show that they are willing to offer job opporutunities to those who seek and not only from SQU but from any other higher education institute in Oman or otherwise.

Only I wish they would have done it some place closer like the Oman International Exhibition Centre instead of having to go all the way to SQU which is all the way to the Rusayl industrial area (about 40 minutes if you're moving from Madinat Sultan Qaboos). Refreshments were for free - thank God! I thought I was gonna die after walking the distance between the place I had to park my car and the venue which was exhibition audotorium. If you're ever thinking of going for the next one (which would be next year; 2006), then you might think of having to photocopy your CV before going there so you can hand them out at blank point, something I forgot to do, but nonetheless, many of the organizations over there having online application forms, so if you do you needn't worry about it.

I managed to talk to almost everyone there. Met a few people who were working with them. And a had a good time with my family while I was at it.

Here's to next year.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

This is the man you should be talking to if you're planning to go the future beach road Starbucks branch: Mohammed Kashmer. He's a great guy and really customer-orientated. He's the one who's invited me to see the branch up close and personal; I've just been too damn lazy to go all the way there. But they will be up and running by the 9th of April, 2005 - so not much to go, eh?

Remember that guy from the last picture? Well, here he is again but after getting a right slap on his face being naughty with his colleague/partner. I was laughing my ass off..Oh you found it? Can I have it back now? ;o)

lool. One of these guys didn't want his picture taken but I took it anyway, and the other, well, what can I say. This is fun! ;op

Today was had a good beginning. I was invited to a coffee seminar amongst the Starbucks customers (unforunately, none of them showed up except for me).

Saturday, March 26, 2005

A not so clear picture from my mobile phone in the same night of an old model Ford Mustang double parking behind several cars. I was there man, and there was plenty of parking space. Was it so hard to park it the right way?

Picture one of the people who have no respect for the law. And those distress lights don't fool anyone, mate.

Violaters beware

I have had up to here with people who think they own the streets in Oman'd imagine that they would have enough respect to do things the right way even when there's no parking. It's happened to me one too many times and I gave up being a nice guy. So, people, I have come to the solution of publishing these indviduals' vehicles double parked just because I feel like it. Any demands? Go to the Royal Oman Police and do something about. I'll be damned if you do.

Got spam?

If you live in the Sultanate of Oman and you are using your OmanTel webmail address (i.e.: and you're constantly being nagged about having to delete your junk box email folder in Outlook or Outlook Express. Then it's about high time everyone had joined in this little project.

Send me your full name and email address to and I will submit your name along with mine in a long listed complaint letter from us to OmanTel to act on the issue at hand and with God's help, we'll be able to bust the buzzard's nest once and for all at giving us such crappy online services.

And besides, we can all discontinue our online subscription and join in on other ADSL sattelite links and enjoy the fast continous downloads and make them think twice about messing with the power of the people, and when competition is introduced in mid 2006 they'll wish they had done something about earlier.



You might find her posts interesting since they are more of nice intellectual approach to books, the surrounding world, and the rather odd sense of humor that is portrayed. But I think that there is here more than what meets the eye. Check it out: nomadica

Friday, March 25, 2005

Holy Baloney Part 1

Try these out for size:

- 2 women trying to enjoy a nice night out with each other at a local coffeeshop and a mob of men come rushing in with bluetooth enabled phone cameras. Not exactly birdwatching are they?

- Plenty of parking spaces out here in Oman, and that is a true statement - provided you're there at the right place at the right time. But when all hopes are down, do what the rest of the locals and residents are doing lately - double park behind a vehicle and stop them from getting anywhere serves them for getting a space.

- Imagine this: 5 star joints on either side of a large parking area, a nearby beach, and plenty of people in the parking getting changed for a quick bath. Has the municaplity never heard of the concept of public bathrooms/showers?

- Kids. Where would we all be without these cute babies, eh? Go on, let them run a round a little, scream a bit, buy them that nice looking lollipop, play around with a beachball - oops! It's gone off into the street! No matter, the kid won't run after it, after all, he IS just a KID. BAM! But I had my eye on them all the time, I don't understand how that happened?

- Isn't love grand? We all love our wives, our moms, sisters. Heck, we might as well admit that we have had our bit of relationships in the past (and don't shake your head like that, because you know you have). But when you see a 50-ish year old Omani walking around with a 24 year old Fillipino or even 19 year Morrocan woman, you'd imagine that they have everything in common except that. I mean, just imagine: she'd have to swim through his chest-hair just to reach his lips, if you know what I mean. How revolting.

This is just part 1.

Old relatives

Its been maybe 2 or 3 days since I came logged in here and published something reasonable. And for a good reason, too. I have been visited by the oldest realtives to my kin. They stayed long enough, and somehow I don't think that they would be leaving sometime soon until they decide to do so. I have been very kind to them by talking gently, showing them the amount of respect they need. But then again, I don't think they give a damn.

It just goes to show that with all the goodness in your heart, or even the innocence that your soul personality would hold doesn't stretch too far yet it still lets others take advantage of you.

But did I mention that I was going to give up? No siree. Not me. I have fought too hard, to get to where I am right now - emotionally speaking, of course. Hey, I'm no Gladiator but I can always try.

Who are these relatives of mine that I love so dearly I hear you ask?

Madam Fever and Sir Haunt Me Forever.

That's who.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


So here I am into another day of my life in Oman. Can't say that much has changed. I saw a few people I had not met in a really long time. Went to my regular coffeeshop at Jawharat Al Shatti Complex and tried a new thing they had (well, to me, it was) which is called Almond Bear Claw. Which is basically your average coissant with a thin layer within of some soft apple pie or something and a dash of sugar coating. Delis! Goes great with your English Breakfast Tea, believe me.

People around me have been fine enough and I am the only it seems to be suffering from a cold. LOL. No matter, it's wearing down anyways. Which it should be! Ginger tea, ordinary tea, Actified and other stuff isn't exactly what I could call a normal diet. Hand me a strawberry shake anyday!

I have also been thinking seriously in taking up extra-cillicular activities to be added as experience while I am job hunting, just in case. It could prove to be awarding. Don't you think?

I went and checked a Nawras store in Al Araimi Commercial Centre, and found it packed, while on the other hand, he he he, the Oman Mobile store was totally empty. Another difference between the two is that the Nawras 'gang' were really moving around trying to get their hands into consumers pockets to open up lines for them whilst Oman Mobile employees where just hanging around flirting with this one chic between them totally forgetting the little customers they had. Talk about professionalism.

Muscat isn't exactly the place to be unless you are interested in peace and quite, and that suits me just fine. Never liked to live in a place like Dubai or the Emirates for that, anyway. But one thing has been nagging at me like crazy lately, and that's the big number of trucks that take up space on the highways and cause traffic jams. Why can't Muscat municipality take care of such a problem by making up their own highway like in the UAE? That way everyone is satisfied, and everyone gets to work on time, and no more stupid accidents because people wanna take over them recklessly.

Camilla and Charles are on to get married. Hpmh. Who cares? Personally, I think the dude is way too old, and he doesn't respect the death of his late Princess Diana (God bless her soul). But, people nowadays are into gay marriages, so who am I to stop these two from getting hitched?

Here's to a long nice life with our wives (and future wives for that). Tip: Give her your wallet and forget about it! ;o)

See ya soon!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Back by popular demand

A lot of people have been asking me when I was gonna start posting again on this blog - actually, maybe just 1 or 2 - and I was like well it's not exactly your daily diary like some people you could find on .

He he he he - no prizes for guessing who. ;o)

Muscati, has been somewhat informative in getting me back to the 'groove'. You can find him writing his own blog along with his wife OceanDream (hope I got that right, please excuse me since it's been a long time since I posted this nick!) here: . Theirs is more like a daily mental diary so you might find it quite amusing as well as rather interesting.

Thanks to Muscati for allowing me to post their blog online here on my blog..

Right, since that's out of the way, lets get back to moi! he he

Interviews have been flying in like bees (or if you live in Oman; like mosquitoes) in the last two weeks I have been asked to come in for more than 6 interviews, one of which looks promising enough, respectable and of a good environment; another not to promising, more like the attitude 'ok - next!' and I have another one to go on for tomorrow. So my uneventful life has become more eventful - career wise.

Next in line in my good news agenda is the fact that I have found the one. Yes, people. She is the ONE. Yes, yes, yes, Muscati - you were right. ha ha ha. And no details are being handed out as of yet until further notice. So until then you can have all the suspence you want and as much as your nerves can handle. But if you crash, I bare no responsibility. ha ha ha.

I am also trying to filter out what one might call 'the truth of life'. That is no doubt something that will stick to me for quite a long time but I feel that its not as depressing as it used to be because you have someone to share it with now. And this person is showing you the right way to deal with it.

I have had great support of the past period from friends; online and in reality about life's practices and I greatly thank those in people who I guess would rather prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you..

On the other hand, my book issue hasn't budged because its taking a long time to get my review back, apparently; I have been told that it is really good and the person who has read it has done so more than 3 or 4 times. Wow.

Everyone in Oman knows about this now; Nawras Telecom has finally launched it's services as a mobile communications company to 'compete' with Oman Mobile. And to be fare, my hopes are on Nawras to kick Oman Mobile's butt. If I go any further on this topic I could be injailed for talking about politics. Conspiracy? What Conspiracy?

For all you people who download music files (i.e.: mp3s) on the 'net; have you all noticed that the number of sites offering such a service is going down rapidly? What a bummer. Sure, you can talk all the time until doomsday about the copyrights act and such. But c'mon people and especially those music record morons: 8 Rials for an audio CD? I can make an audio CD at an 1/8th of that price and with enhanced mixes, too. Jeez...When the WTO was talking about opening up to the vast globalization plan in developing countries, I didn't realize that they actually meant 'Dog eats dog' competition.

God save the Dairy Queen; Pizza Hut and Coca Cola - eh?