Wednesday, August 30, 2006

is this what it's coming to?

This post for all the Omani people who hold Omani passports..

Do you remember back in the days when you used to open your passports and at the very beginning you could read a phrase that says that 'the bearer of this passport is allowed to visit all the countries of the world except Israel'?

But now with the upgrading of the new digital security system within the country and the need to step confidently into the 21st century with a solid step forward with such issues, that phrase no longer fact - it's been altered into 'the bearer of this passport is allowed to visit all the countries of the world'.

Doesn't seem harmful, though, does it?

But when you notice people from different nationalities like big-shot businessmen and normal 'tourists' from around the world who are old enough to be our deceased grandparents, who old 'their' countries nationalities but are of Jewish origin, you begin to ask yourself questions.

Serious questions.

The most important question of all, has the government signed some kind of secret pact to allow people of foreign nationalities but of Jewish origin to enter the country? Knowingly concious of the consequences should the public find out of this whole situation?

How far are we prepared to go to ensure that the country's ecnomic stablity system stays just that - stable?

If there is a person in the foreign ministry that is reading this; we would surely appreciate their answer upon this query.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

terrorist organization TV channels

If you're into the news so much by getting up really early in the morning about maybe 5am to watch the news while you're getting your children ready whilst eating your breakfast and you're watching the CNN, Fox News, ABC News or whichever American TV news channel, then I suggest that you terminate your contract with your service provider immediately lest you are charged with having links with a terrorist organization.

The reason I am saying this is because of the ridicilous news flash last Friday through the BBC worldwide web service of how the government of the United States of America is prosecuting a American Muslim for having to provide the Hezbollah free-to-air channel; Al Manar to people around the state of New York because, as it is alleged within the US government's category of terrorist organizations, Hezbollah 'happens' to be enlisted upon.

If that is the case, then America should be considered as a terrorist organization in it's entirety.

What reasons do I have to support this?

Let me see..

The Japan Hiroshima hydrogene bomb? What's that? Squeel squeel World War II squeel squeel. Oh that's right, because at that point in time bombing an entire nation and killing thousands of people because the government had sadistic desires is a justified answer to the end of a world war. Rigggggghhhht.

What else?

The Iraqi invasion? Oh, but that's right, that doesn't count, since Saddam Hussein was threatening Georgy Porgey senior so good old sonny boy came to the rescue before he ate a few cookies and fell flat on his face. Uhmmm. Makes all the sense in the world to wage a war against an entire country and it's inhabitants because of a personal vendetta.

If there's one lesson to be learned here that the dumbass impression that ol' monkey face is trying to hide is just not gone yet but fully shown in his administration's foreign policy especially with the middle east. And mark my words - Britain may follow suite if it doesn't stop wuffles from following monkey face around like the animals they are. It just doesn't suite a man of his sattire.



US charges Hezbollah TV provider

Monday, August 28, 2006

the devolvement of the human species

This post is mostly for those people who believe in the 'evolution' theory of where mankind evolved from being a chimpanze (and somehow, I picture that both Adam and Eve will be totally pissed off with the entire world for believing in this totally ridicilous theorim)..

If we were to assume as much of the whole dumb nations of the world that mankind was indeed a chimpanze once upon a time and 'it' being the human being's long lost cousin in this world this would only prove so many things in the world..

First of all, it would prove why some people utter such nonsence without any explanation such as having to declare that the world has to be rid of nuclear power when it allows only itself and other 'powerful' nations to have it along with the only state 'in' the middle east to have that kind of power.

It also goes to explain the battering theory which mankind used to use along with it's 'mates' by clubbing them unconcious to get a point along, only this time, it's used with the green, and if that doesn't work, then it's war - hence, 'you're either with us, or against us'.

Oh I could go on and on but the most part of this theorim, is that every empire has it's day. And so will the evolution believers.

As dinosaurs have gone extinct - so shall ye..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

sick with a happy face

There's nothing worse than having to be sick a few days after you've turned a year older. Nothing more sicker than the probability to spend those few days of the month you were born in at the hospital.

And, that, folks, is what has been happening to me.

Having sleepless nights with a high-pitched fever of 39.5 over three consecutive nights. Twice on one day.

You would think I would be cut some slack but I guess that's just a dream.

True that other people in Oman if not the world have a worse case than I do, but when it comes down to you having the sickness, you can either smile and let it pass by or just curse the entire universe for your predicament.

Stay healthy people..

Saturday, August 26, 2006

feebles of desire

Everyday I see something new happening. Whether its in my life. Or in the media or in something else. It makes me think that I am sometimes lucky and other times that I am the most unluckiest person in this entire universe that was created.

I feel like sometimes breaking down and crying my eyes out because of how I feel. Think of screaming out the pain inside my chest, my head and whatever else is agonizing me.

I take pity on a lot of things, and when I am down and lonely - I do that to myself.

I wish my life could just change but I know that this wouldn't happen unless I do something about it.

But what?

Friday, August 25, 2006


I was born this day, on the hour of midnight - 28 years ago.

It's hard to comprehend how one can age so fast as if his childhood was just yesterday. I miss those days. I wish I had a remote like Adam Sandler in Click to rewind back to the good old times and just rerun them again and again endlessly. It's like I am getting old but without the grey hairs - well, just yet, that is.

I hate having to age. I wish I was always a kid so I wouldn't have to age. Carefree and doing everything that I missed out on doing. I still have the wish to go bungeyjumping. With a push, mind you. I still want to become a writer, no matter what the odds are. I still want to have a happy life before it's my time. I promised myself that I would rather go first than anyone else in the family. I just can't stand the depression of having to deal with another blow after what I have been through.

I still want to travel the world. Maybe when it's a bit more peaceful. When Palestine is freed and the 'Israeli' people are kicked out of their 'holy land' and we're rid of tyrant puppet masters in the west, and people who aim to search the world for only their greedy desires.

If I don't die of my sickness, then I would rather die defending what I believe is right, defending the honor of a nation helpless against terrorist western thinking because their media misleads them.

And if I don't die of that, then I would die when I find true love. Falling into it's warm arms. Taking one last glance at the beauty that would forever shine as the sun in my eternal presence of the afterworld.

And if I do die, then I would ask that I die forgiven of all my sins - big and small. For there is no God but God - the Almighty, the Merciful, the Eternal.

This is all I ask of on my 28th year..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ramadhan Kareem

It's one month to Ramadhan.

A month from now we will be in the holy month of Ramadhan; hopefully this year will hold the hope of refreshing our souls with faith from God and locking the door on the Devil and his army of minions for a full 30 day period and where God answers the prayers of his subjects who are devoted to Him and Him only in the long long long hours of the nights.

Inshallah this year will be the best out of all the years..

Inshallah it will hold the key to our very salvation..

And inshallah it will be the first time in a very long time where I truly take a stand on my religion and it's immortal values.


Ramadhan starts -astronmically - on 24th September, 2006..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

how far..?

There are people in the world who would give up their utmost deepest posessions just to be in love or married at the same age as I am. While other people would just question the very essence of such a decision.

I guess it all comes down to one fundamental factor: beliefs.

My question here, though, isn't to point out what faith or religion you may come from or whatever your beliefs may say - religiously, speaking - about marriage and the such. The question I have at hand points rather to how your own personal belief would push you to get your decision going. How far you would go to see your decision through?

In simple terms: how far would your personal belief take you to get married to the one your heart has chosen?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

molly, betsy, tootsy, frenchy, and monkey-face

I don't know why I should even bother myself with blogging with what goes on my mind anymore to you folk or to the rest of the world, anymore. You clearly - and pitifully - have a senseless and demeaning attraction to what goes on in your surroundings.

About Lebanon.

About Iran.

About the rest of the world, even.

My God. Do you even bother to read the news when you wake up and go to your jobs? No.

Because I bet the rest of the money that's sitting in my bank account that half of you have been spawned out of your mother's womb by this century or the late 20th century during the 90's, maybe.

Who knows? And to be frankly honest - who cares?

Half the world right now is only carefree and only wonders about their sense of security - their own personal sense of security that is. And when I say security, there's the person whose afraid to go on a plain because he/she thinks that perhaps 'another' Arab will hijack the plain and crash land it, oh, I don't know, perhaps into Burj Dubai?

Oh perhaps the pathetic investors whose only notion is to count money dancing in circles before they go to bed so they can actually sleep tight while their investments are pouring in millions and billions of dollars, shikels and God knows every other currency on this God forsaken Earth of ours while the rest of Africa sit and burn themselves off with buying arms instead of food and shelter, or the USA along with its trusty middle eastern allies (and by allies, I mean babies) sit on their crude deciding what next month's shipment will sell like and hope to God that it won't cause a deficit in their annual budget. Because, Heaven forbid that should ever happen to a nation that is so giving.

My God, Molly - their killing me here - somebody stop me.

Newsflash peeps: the world is no longer a friendly place to live in. Nor are the people. And the only way to keep our survival instincts alive is by keeping ourselves and our believes above the surface. That means: no more Mrs. Hypocricy.

The US Administration has always been planning for this day from the day it sought it's independence in 1776. Along with their grouchy snubhubbs Mosus-wannabe-killers Jewish friends, they have always been side by side trying to corner in on piece of the black pie. Well, tough luck snubarubdubs - 'cause you know what? You're not going to get it. Never. And if it has to be - it would have to be - over my God damn dead body.

And for all those Arabs who are actually thinking that this is a good inspirational read - think again. Because I couldn't care a rat's ass what you guys thought anymore after your sourful and tasteless performance against your long lost brothers from your Ma Ma's side; the Jews; when they invaded Leabonan more than a month ago.

You guys make me want to puke all over you, it's disgusting.

It's totally revolting having to remember that I am an Arab like the very much of you, only I have feelings and emotions for my brothers at loss but all you care about is how your country is run and that everything is in order and in tip-top manner. Oh, you can't forget your dancing cash cow machines.


Long live Hassan Nasr Allah.

Monday, August 21, 2006

ballroom dancing .. anyone?

Take The Lead is without a doubt the best dance movie to date since Save The Last Dance, from my opinion - that is.

It involves a story inspired by a ballroom dancing teacher by the name of Pierre Dullaine. One whom, what you might say, his whole life revolves around the very art itself. And it comes to his attention that a group of teenage children who are despretely in need of some focus in their life he volunteers himself as a the 'detention executioner' at their public school.

Some mishaps do happen, which keep the story somewhat realistic but the heart of the story is how Mr. Dullaine turns a group of school 'rejects' into stars of a ballroom competetion in which he enrolls them into.

A truly wonderful and very musical movie. I would recommend it even if you just want to dance along to it while you're ironing.

And while you're at it, feed the baby. :P

Available currently on DVD.

ps: Did I happen to mention it stars Antonio Banderas as Mr. Pierre Dullaine?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

in reply to an article

In an article that was published in the Oman Tribue & the Al Watan today, an Omani writer was asking why there was a lack of Omani tourism focused restaurants when the Sultanate has all the landscapes and the natural wealth that no country in the Gulf region has to pocess or boast about.

This is the full article:

"Muscat needs more classy restaurants

By Mustafa Al Ma’amari

MUSCAT World-class restaurants and cafés offering a wide range of food recipes are a key factor in the development of tourism, but Muscat is still lagging in this respect.

Lack of such food outlets along the capital’s long shores is seen as a negative factor, despite the enormous efforts made by the government or the private sector to boost tourism in the Sultanate.

Muscat Municipality has opened a number of these restaurants to meet the growing demand for outing and entertainment services in the city.

Restaurants and cafés can be seen along the beach from Al Qurum to Al Seeb, but tourism experts believe that the performance of such outlets is still far from satisfactory.

Several other countries, which lack large, beautiful and clean beaches like the Sultanate, have managed to find a place on the world’s tourism map through investments in such outlets. Some of them are even international brands capable of attracting tourists and visitors.

Regular parties and shows have also helped these outlets to expand their business in those countries. But the question is how much experience Oman has gained?

Despite the incentives offered by the government to the private sector to invest in this sector, the desire for quick profits has turned most of the investors away from this business. Muscat has always been the centre of focus for tourism in the Sultanate because of its population and large number of government and private offices and companies.

But the residents, who include a sizeable number of expatriates, need better services or something that is at least equal to what is being offered in other parts of the region."

Source: Oman Tribune

I am just wondering at how the article writer even thinks that tourism is built upon establishing world-class restaurants along the long shores of any country when it is eco-tourism that the Sultanate of Oman is focussing on; namely establishing a tourism industry without exploiting the environmental surroundings (?).

It is true that there is a high demand for world-class tourism restaurants in the Sultanate but there are plenty of empty spaces in Muscat all around for world-class establishment to start off with the help of local investors and international partners. Which leads me to the next point that Mr. Al Maamari points out on how the Muscat Muncipality is 'helping out' with the establishments to start off.

Truth to be told, although the government does offer land and discounted payments on tourism projects to be held on Omani soil and no taxes for a period of 5 years, it does however start off hefty taxes the moment that point does start off with taxes reaching now upto 24% (15% of which belongs to the Muncipality) and this you may have begun to notice in many different cafe's and restaurants that you used to go to and how they ask you for some change when you have to pay the bill. Not only that, but the amount of beuaracy that you would have to go through to just establish yourself as a business in the tourism industry and the payments you end up giving off monthly and yearly are quite extravagent in comparison to other GCC countries (and I don't mean here the UAE Emirate; Dubai in specific).

I also wonder which experts did Mustafa end up consulting on these points when we all know that the only experts that the government had employed to consult to establish tourism industrial area was way back when they were trying to decide on which area should they concentrate on so it would give a boost to the industry on what type of projects should end up being established (?).

On the question of how much experience has the Sultanate of Oman has gained in maintaining shows I would have to agree with the Mustafa. As Muscat Muncipality keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again with it's annual Muscat Festival Festival by ending up with a deficit in their festival budget.

In the end, I do appreciate Mr. Mustafa Al Maamari's stance in the article but one must also understand the whole picture before tackling it..

Friday, August 18, 2006

decentralization of operations in Oman

Here is something else that a lot of people really complain about. It's not the beauricratic system that the government of Oman implies within it's long hierarchy of individuals, but it's rather the decentralization of opertations that manifests the work lifestyle within them.

The decentarlization of operations in Oman's ministries have a tendancy to put a full stop to all operations in the business sector. Like say, if there was a shared holiday like Eid between both the private and public sector then the private sector loses good amounts of business because there is no corporate division that deals with such a sector rendering it helpless awaiting for the authorities concerned to come back from their long vacation just to make matters sometimes worse by deferring the matter to people in such a ministry that just happen to not be there at all. And to make matters worse, there is no person with the same authority to attend in their place. At least, in some ministries.

This leaves businesses helpless to do a thing and at a great loss.

And people in wonder why there is no rise in businesses in the Sultanate of Oman.

To the authorities: this is the truth - deny it not.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Long Live The Emotional Heart

Of the life I live
Of a love that I long loved and yet miss
Of the smile that wonders into my life
Of a drift into an ocean that is oh so wide
Of love and eternity
Of the life that's given to me
Of frozen chocolate and honey nut dips
Of the commotion that my soul causes when it is you I miss
Of infinity and beyond
Of the things I cherish and look upon
Of the one true thing that I love the most
My pen, my pad, and my heart that goes out - yond

I speak to you with a broken heart
I speak to you hoping that there's a spark
I speak to like the Angel you are
I speak to you from our Earth and the Heavens you live, up far

Of a tragedy I speak
Of a soul that's be reaped
Of emotions concealed
That tear this man apart

It's not okay
Whatever you may say
I'm still bleeding inside
The blood fills me up and I agonize

I cherish the heart you used to lend me
I cherish the emotions and the way you cared for me
I cherish the people who were there for me
But I care not for I, for I, I am the death that awaits me

to the health authorities

The Sultanate of Oman has the best health status in the Arabic world region and that is all because His Majesty's government takes health and education as a commitment to their nation.

What I have been wondering is that we have so many hospitals nationwide, and each one has a speciality of it's own in a certain field while providing 'surface' facilities to the other health department's sectors. Take for example, The Royal Hospital in the Al-Khuwair area; it specializes in Cardio activity within the human body but if there was something to do with, say, the bone structure of a patient, he/she is referred to Al-Khoula Hospital in the Al-Wattayah area.

My question is this: why create so many hospitals that each specializes in a different department of the human body when you can create one large compound that facilitates to all of these specialities?

I realize the cost would be extravagent. But look at it this way; you would save lives by delivering patients to other hospitals that are not categorized to take over the problem that the patients with-holds. Not to mention, you would save the amount of trips for someone with an appointment to attend, especially if they are from the rural areas.

I hope this post reaches the eyes of the authorities in command to better serve our nation whom we so pledge our hearts and souls to..

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the big question

"Why does the world love a great pizza?"

I'll let you know by the end of this post..

Meanwhile listen to what happened to me during these last few days that I hadn't been posting here.

The day I was supposed to go on flight to Dubai I was admitted into hospital for abdominal pains and I only got out today - so plainly speaking, the small planned vacation was cancelled/postponed until I get better.

The day I was admitted I witnessed a man die in our ward, I never knew what the cause was and on the night before I was discharged another man had passed away from old age. I felt really bad, and a sense of guilt, I wish I could have done something. And it still annoyed me more that when they took the body of the deceased, everybody was back to their cheerful-self and talking and chirping away as if nothing had just happened. I wished I could just cry out to all of them to just shut up and have some respect. This is partly the reason why I don't attend such functions, because the people who show for the funeral at a mosque tend to come in with an Islamic greeting, sit down read some Qur'an and after that that is finished and done with they start chattering away like it was a fish market.

I met another two people who were just starting their chemotherapy for Lukeimia and I wish them all the success that God would bestow upon them should they make it through.

A few friends and family members came to visit me to show their support to me in my small predicament and their love and affection, ensuring me that the best care and love you could ever ask for in the whole wide world is a family love.

I was still reading the newspapers when I could while I was hospitalized; truce? Bull! It's a shadow to just another war on the loom when the American agenda decides it's time. And whose there to answer along these sacred commandments? The UK, and 'Israel'. I won't go long into this subject - the days will prove what I speak of, 'el maya tkatheb el gha6as'.

I have noticed for quite a while before I went into hospital that a lot of the bloggers have taken leave from posting anything new. While it is understandable in some of those bloggers' situations, I begin to question the motive behind the others absence. I wonder where they are (and they know who they are)?

And alas, we come to the question that was put on stage in the beginning of this post.."Why does the world love a great pizza?"..

It's because of the taste, it makes them enjoy the love and come together to forget their differences reagrdless of race, nationality and ethnicity. And because it's practically the only food you can't get enough of ...

(lame, I know, but I had just to add it)..

Friday, August 11, 2006

Dubai: the city that never sleeps

So I am off to Dubai this Sunday Inshallah for a week's long vactaion. It'll be a visit like no other because I haven't to that city in ages and I am probably going to be googling at everything around me by the time I get into a taxi since there has been tremendous building and construction of highrisers there.

I am also hoping to meet up with a few friends in the Emirates if there is some time. And probably get the newest high-tech gadgets (yes I am a gadget freak too!), all the new music albums, movies and styles of fashion..

I'm hoping it will be a great time and hopefully I will be able to visit some of the new places in the Emirate inshallah..


Funny how the truth is always welcomed upon a bunch of liars.

My blog and its latest posts have been the target of a boycott by a lot of people who either have no interest in the subject being discussed, or don't want to end up inside a turmoil of anger and rage that has taken the Middle East by storm because of its political consequences within Oman.

I assure you that both would have the same end result: the fleeing of a nation which prides in only fancy words yet no action.

People seem to misunderstand the concept of freedom of speech in this country. Where the government has given every law-abiding citizen or resident the right to express their feelings and/or their frustration at any given time. And this is more true this year when a Royal Decree issued by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the Sultan of Oman, stating that it is within the right for every individual in this country to organize a peaceful demonstration to point out their problems and their quarells. Whether it is to do with business issues or otherwise.

But do you see people going around trying to point out the conflicted situation in the Middle East region? In Iraq? In Lebanon? In Palestine?


What you see, is a bunch of fools on satellite TV news channels expressing their ignorance about what goes on around them. What you see, is a bunch of idiots who think that defending their president is the best way to go with things besides the fact that he is the most idiotic person in the world to the point that a 6 year girl could outweigh his I.Q. level. What you see is a group of powerful countries sitting helplessly not knowing whether to tell the public if the weather is hot or cold.

In a world of conflict, we live in an age where trust is a rare commodity.

And my trust lies with HezboAllah right now..

Thursday, August 10, 2006

are Arabs morons?

First you have the invasion against Lebanon and Palestine by the 'Israeli state', which is helped off militarily by the USA and it's puppydog alliance the UK (no apologies to the Americans but to the British citizens worldover). Where the US supplies 'Israel' directly with all sorts of bombs that still have not been field tested or have been categorized as weapons that are prohbited globally. And the UK for allowing the US to flow freely through it's airfields on it's way to Tel-Aviv.

And now the US are trying to conduct a ceasefire with the Lebanese government by stating down what they and the 'Israeli' party want?

If Arabs truly agree to this, then by God, we are really morons..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

doomsday is nearing

I could have been typing about how our regional neighbors from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai have always had this habit of keeping their vehicles spotless in the streets of Muscat.

I could have been writing that the real estate business has been shaking up these past few months because people now believe in longterm investments. Obviously, they don't believe in the conservation of natural resources.

Or I could have wrote something about Muscat Muncipality doing multiple projects at the same time with hardly any work ever being done. Why? Because they lack the hardware and the law is against them: they can't make laborers work in the high noon sunshine.


I choose against all of that to write about something meaningful. Something that has our whole Arab, if not, Muslim community by the edge of the seats; the case of America being the biggest fraudster of all time and it's ever so spoilt brat, 'Israel' that it gives expensive toy gifts to play around on Hanuka, Christmas and Eid and every other occassion they feel like.

There's a mastermind at play at those headquarters of Uncle Sam's, whether you would like to watch Conspiracy Theory or not (Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts - Warner Brothers). And everyone seems to mistake every smoke screen in the world for the bigger picture.

And this is what I can conclude from this all; Doomsday is near and the signs are there.

You just have to know where to look for them..

Monday, August 07, 2006

newton's law

Newton's Third Law of Motion states:

"All forces in the universe occur in equal but oppositely directed pairs. There are no isolated forces; for every external force that acts on an object there is a force of equal magnitude but opposite direction which acts back on the object which exerted that external force. "



When you put a hostile force in the Middle East region that has no right whatsoever in it such as 'Israel', you are bound to get back a reaction from everyone (i.e.: the neighboring countries). And a retaliation occurs like what happened in 1967, 1976, during all the Palestinian uprises and now the Lebanon crisis.

Unfortunately, the powers seem have to sucked up their past by saying to themselves that since they have no problems in their own sector of the region that they need not react, which is one of the fundamental flaws of human sacrificial behavior to one's callings of his brothers in another country.

Thank God, though, that there is HezboAllah, the ones who fear nothing, who will defy death at it's doorstep by roughing through the baracades of rock heart that God has generically put into the very organs of those who call themselves Jewish and fight this beginning of the end battle of a state named 'Israel'.


The US has been supplying 'smart' bombs to 'Israel' by sending the cargo on longflight journeys with stopovers in the UK such as Scotland International Airport.

Condoleeza Rice, Foreign Affairs Chief at the White House, has stated that what 'Israel' has committed up until now cannot be considered in the categorization 'crimes of war'.

The US has vetoed once a resolution at the UN to call on 'Israel' to cease and desist of it's actions against Lebanon, warning the UN not to go any further with such matters.

'Israel' and the US have been hoping during the last few weeks of bombardment on Lebanon that the Lebanese government would call on a truce so that there would be an agreement between the two countries to have a peace agreement such as the ones with Jordan & Egypt.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has stopped a demonstration by the Shi'ite minority Islamic group calling for the victory Hassan Nasr Allah, Chief Secretary of the HezboAllah Islamic militant group.

A Saudi Scholar has issued a Fatwa stating that it is 'forbidden' to call out for the victory of Hassan Nasr Allah and the HezboAllah militant Islamic organization. Condeming the actions of the militant group saying that whoever wishes for the peace of a nation, should not 'throw the first stone'.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

the boycott movement - final part

They say that an unknown event is only born when there is only one person to start it. In the case of the tragedy that has been occurring until now in Lebanon and Palestine, it would have to be the people with the individuals who have no power but to protest in any way they can.

Here in Oman, we have seen demonstrations; marches and now this: a few people who have decided to stand up for the less fortunate and scream as loudly as their pens can enable them.

Today, I was one of those people..

I wore a white cotton blank t-shirt that had ' Condemn Israeli state terrorism' on the front and several other condemnations on the back that were referring to the terrorism that it bestows upon the people who just cannot seem to reply back but with stones, rubble and taking care of their families at such a crisis.

I ask that everyone who feels the same about such a situation to do the same, if not, then something of similar influence. Show your soladirity.

If our nations don't group on this crisis, when will they ever group?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

the boycott movement - part 2

Why go on boycott, at all? That is the question that everyone asks.

Why march forward into a demonstration is an equal quizical questions that answers quite simply.

People power.

Ever since we have been born, we have always known our region (i.e.: the Middle East) to be in conflict, because of one reason or another. And unfortunately, Arab rulers haven't had much to say except for a few words of sorrow here and there at every general meeting that is led almost every so and so years in one of the regional countries. And to be quite frank, there is just no depending on the authorities to do anything anymore about the situations that are arising here and then.

On one hand, we have Jordan and Egypt who have signed a 'peace agreement' because - supposedly - they won their territory back from the 'Israeli state'. On the other hand, we have the GCC countries that have military ties with the USA and the UK which, if defied, would pull them into the Middle East struggle. One they aim to stay out of. While the rest of the Arab countries in between are left defensless because of lack of financial gain, or military prospects or perhaps even proper leadership (?).

And with Islamic military groups like Hamas and HezboAllah, the weight of the world seems a big burden on Arab leaders because their biggest fear is that should either Islamic groups win the battle of this day and age, then it will push them to recognize them as heroes and holders of Arab's dignity worldwide, bring them, off their thrones. Something they wish never to see, ever.

But with the outcries of the Arab citizens on a global scale and their demonstrations, the urge to make a bold move to lighten the load of their chests, and to curb the infiltration that is going on in the region in recent days, the only thing that they can ever do is to let their nations go out and raise their hands for the victory of such people on the face of this Earth.

So, why then demonstrate when you won't get anywhere with conflict?

Because, as people, we have the power to do what can to the best of our ability. If the Americans were dumb enough to vote for George W. Bush for a second term than we can most certainly cripple their economy as we did with the Prophet (PBUH) newspaper scandal - stop buying anything that is remotely related to the USA, the UK and 'Israel'.

Where there's a will, there's a way..

the boycott movement

Protests in the Middle East are arising in almost every single Arab capital from Cairo to Damascus, Bahrain, Saudia Arabia and even here in the Sultanate of Oman.

These outraged indviduals are excercising their freedom of speech right by condeming the recent savage killings by 'Israel'. They feel that this is the least that they can do. Others, however, feel a more appropriate method of action is to be applied to get the message across; by boycotting American, British and 'Israeli' products.

This is where a big dillema enacts itself.

If a true boycott was called for, then it would surely include every single service and product that these countries provide to the Arab nations. That would mean no more internet, no more fixed line/mobile phone usage, no more MTV, no more SHOWTIME, no more Oprah Winfrey, no more Coca Cola/Pepsi, no more Kellog's, no more KFC/McDonald's/Chilli's/Pizza Hut ... and the list just goes on and on and on..

The real question for the people who wish to boycott these products and services - are you willing to live your life without these items that have sort of become an essential in your daily lifestyle?

If the answer is yes, then you are truly a person who would boycott everything related to the matter at hand.

If the answer is no, however, then you must ask yourself this question: why am I really getting involved?


The USA alone will lose $8.6 billion US Dollars if it's products are not bought within one month.

In Lebanon, for every raid there is by the 'Israeli' army, there is a 50% chance of survival for children under the age of 8 years old.


Friday, August 04, 2006

To All The Muslim World

There is just no seeing through the eye
There is just no more living in our life

Born with a right
To be taken away

Born with a might
And a mind, to be preyed

The heart wishes for something

And yet there is no support
For what seems to be an eternity
Is, to others, just local sport

Fire in the eyes
The will in my hands

I give my soul

My body, at a moment's glance

To you Lebanon..

To you Palestine..

To all the Muslim world..

I pledge my committment to..

Thursday, August 03, 2006

how suprizing


adj 1: relating to or characterized by anti-Semitism; hating Jews 2: discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion [syn: racist, antiblack, anti-Semitic, anti-Semite(a)]



A very good friend of mine once said that is suprizing how the victims of a 'historical disaster' become the opressers over a matter of time.


It is suprising however, these days, that one could be jailed for saying that they deny the Holocaust incident and that it is considered an international crime - unforgiveable and cruel to the Jewish nature and religion/race.

I find it suprising also that Muslims and/or Christians are not treated in the same manner. When they have fought more battles than the Jews themselves over a long period of history and have also slain each party dozens of times (with the help of a Jewish minority, mind you) that caused the massacre of millions, if not, thousands of innocent children, women and elderly men.

I find it suprising that the international community does not ask that just as much as the Jews of the world (who if put together would only be a total of 200 million people whereas the worldwide Muslim population exceeds 1.5 billion people) ask for their 'respect' that it should be asked for in return for all races and religions including the Muslims and Christians.

To neglect the thought of respect is to neglect the demand for respect. Thus losing out on the very fabric on the fundamentals of a 'humane' society.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

pessimism, positiveness and rationalizations of the mind

To some people pessimism is a reaction to allow the flow of current events to flow by and let things take their ordinary place without intervention. Thus, thought to be the natural course of timely events.

Though seen by some as the first reaction to a bad event there is the also the setback to what imposes itself on the human mind to how someone would 'protect' themselves by creating a shell around themselves to not get hurt again. Like, for example, staying most of the daytime in their own bedroom with no socialization to avoid discrepencies from other individuals.

Individuals who look at others with the judgemental eye by saying that they are the spoilt type may be correct to a sense because of the protective attitude they take around themselves (i.e.: the other individual) and thus consider this a weekness just because they have not been in the other's shoes.


Positiveness could also be considered a sign of weakness, too.

How? You may very well ask..

Seen by many people as the most preferred point of view that would lead someone to 'perfect happiness', positiveness can also be considered a sign of weakness because the invidual is working so hard to stay happy and not go back/become obsessed of seeing the world from a negative eye.

It all really depends on how you see the glass - half empty or half full and how you approach your life in that sense and what it is that motivates you the most.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

back to the drawing board?

...Not entirely.

Let's get things straight here.

I did the mistake of allowing myself to blog about a personal issue in my life to millions of bloggers worldwide - of that, I do regret. The issue was that I had resigned from my job because to me I was under pressure (whether whoever reads this post likes that phrase or not) but I had not left the job empty handed.

I left with an official offer from the very same establishment to work as a part time employee as a writer, and I agreed.

I am setting the record straight here for all those people who have been criticizing me about my so-called 'hasty' decision.

So that's that..