Friday, August 25, 2006


I was born this day, on the hour of midnight - 28 years ago.

It's hard to comprehend how one can age so fast as if his childhood was just yesterday. I miss those days. I wish I had a remote like Adam Sandler in Click to rewind back to the good old times and just rerun them again and again endlessly. It's like I am getting old but without the grey hairs - well, just yet, that is.

I hate having to age. I wish I was always a kid so I wouldn't have to age. Carefree and doing everything that I missed out on doing. I still have the wish to go bungeyjumping. With a push, mind you. I still want to become a writer, no matter what the odds are. I still want to have a happy life before it's my time. I promised myself that I would rather go first than anyone else in the family. I just can't stand the depression of having to deal with another blow after what I have been through.

I still want to travel the world. Maybe when it's a bit more peaceful. When Palestine is freed and the 'Israeli' people are kicked out of their 'holy land' and we're rid of tyrant puppet masters in the west, and people who aim to search the world for only their greedy desires.

If I don't die of my sickness, then I would rather die defending what I believe is right, defending the honor of a nation helpless against terrorist western thinking because their media misleads them.

And if I don't die of that, then I would die when I find true love. Falling into it's warm arms. Taking one last glance at the beauty that would forever shine as the sun in my eternal presence of the afterworld.

And if I do die, then I would ask that I die forgiven of all my sins - big and small. For there is no God but God - the Almighty, the Merciful, the Eternal.

This is all I ask of on my 28th year..


Kay said...

HApppy BIrthday! have a great one! just live and be happy Ali . .

Anonymous said...

RE: Your comment

and the 'Israeli' people are kicked out of their 'holy land'

If I don't die of my sickness ...

Well, hopefully you will.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Kay: Thank you so much..

as for the happiness part...only if there is a reason to be happy will I ever myself gleeing with joy


at last! hate comments!

oh and you're doing yourself a great piece of favor by commenting on my blog with an anonymous nickname...


Anonymous said...

To anonymous # 1: shut-up - you and your stupid comment.

To sleepless in muscat: happy birthday, god bless you, keep you from harm and make your wishes and dreams come true..esp the one on israeli people "occupying" palestinain land (:oPPPPPP Mr/Ms Anonymous#1)

Anonymous in the shadow ;o)

3anooda said...

Anon 1 - well done!!! ur so brave and strong. i admire ur wimpness!!!

SIM - Happy Birthday and 3o2bal il alf inshallah

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Anonymous lying in the shadow:

thanks ever so much for your defence against the likes of Anonymous #1. Here's hoping your bright day will come - inshallah...Ameen


lol...thanks for the wishes..

don't know about the part about wanting to live a thousand years.. 50 is good enough for me :P

AAA said...

Wishing you a day as special you are... Happy Birthday

Sleepless In Muscat said...


thank you so much