Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the big question

"Why does the world love a great pizza?"

I'll let you know by the end of this post..

Meanwhile listen to what happened to me during these last few days that I hadn't been posting here.

The day I was supposed to go on flight to Dubai I was admitted into hospital for abdominal pains and I only got out today - so plainly speaking, the small planned vacation was cancelled/postponed until I get better.

The day I was admitted I witnessed a man die in our ward, I never knew what the cause was and on the night before I was discharged another man had passed away from old age. I felt really bad, and a sense of guilt, I wish I could have done something. And it still annoyed me more that when they took the body of the deceased, everybody was back to their cheerful-self and talking and chirping away as if nothing had just happened. I wished I could just cry out to all of them to just shut up and have some respect. This is partly the reason why I don't attend such functions, because the people who show for the funeral at a mosque tend to come in with an Islamic greeting, sit down read some Qur'an and after that that is finished and done with they start chattering away like it was a fish market.

I met another two people who were just starting their chemotherapy for Lukeimia and I wish them all the success that God would bestow upon them should they make it through.

A few friends and family members came to visit me to show their support to me in my small predicament and their love and affection, ensuring me that the best care and love you could ever ask for in the whole wide world is a family love.

I was still reading the newspapers when I could while I was hospitalized; truce? Bull! It's a shadow to just another war on the loom when the American agenda decides it's time. And whose there to answer along these sacred commandments? The UK, and 'Israel'. I won't go long into this subject - the days will prove what I speak of, 'el maya tkatheb el gha6as'.

I have noticed for quite a while before I went into hospital that a lot of the bloggers have taken leave from posting anything new. While it is understandable in some of those bloggers' situations, I begin to question the motive behind the others absence. I wonder where they are (and they know who they are)?

And alas, we come to the question that was put on stage in the beginning of this post.."Why does the world love a great pizza?"..

It's because of the taste, it makes them enjoy the love and come together to forget their differences reagrdless of race, nationality and ethnicity. And because it's practically the only food you can't get enough of ...

(lame, I know, but I had just to add it)..


Per Your Request said...

Best wishes with your health.

PizzaQueen said...

Hope everything is fine now
Take care

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Per Your Request & PizzaQueen:

Thank you so much..

I greatly appreciate your comforting and supporting words..

AAA said...

I do agree with you when you mentioned that u felt in the hospital that people were not respecting death and they were kinda insensitive. I've felt the same way... I guess some people get "immune" when they face death all the time in their life!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


My exact sentiments...