Wednesday, August 02, 2006

pessimism, positiveness and rationalizations of the mind

To some people pessimism is a reaction to allow the flow of current events to flow by and let things take their ordinary place without intervention. Thus, thought to be the natural course of timely events.

Though seen by some as the first reaction to a bad event there is the also the setback to what imposes itself on the human mind to how someone would 'protect' themselves by creating a shell around themselves to not get hurt again. Like, for example, staying most of the daytime in their own bedroom with no socialization to avoid discrepencies from other individuals.

Individuals who look at others with the judgemental eye by saying that they are the spoilt type may be correct to a sense because of the protective attitude they take around themselves (i.e.: the other individual) and thus consider this a weekness just because they have not been in the other's shoes.


Positiveness could also be considered a sign of weakness, too.

How? You may very well ask..

Seen by many people as the most preferred point of view that would lead someone to 'perfect happiness', positiveness can also be considered a sign of weakness because the invidual is working so hard to stay happy and not go back/become obsessed of seeing the world from a negative eye.

It all really depends on how you see the glass - half empty or half full and how you approach your life in that sense and what it is that motivates you the most.


MD said...

the way i'd see it, i'd wonder which one is more harmful? it's basically how u put it: is the glass half-empty or half-full?

i think constant pessimism is more damaging than constant-positivity through any situation.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I would agree with you to a point...that pessimism allows you to leave things take their natural path or course..