Tuesday, August 22, 2006

molly, betsy, tootsy, frenchy, and monkey-face

I don't know why I should even bother myself with blogging with what goes on my mind anymore to you folk or to the rest of the world, anymore. You clearly - and pitifully - have a senseless and demeaning attraction to what goes on in your surroundings.

About Lebanon.

About Iran.

About the rest of the world, even.

My God. Do you even bother to read the news when you wake up and go to your jobs? No.

Because I bet the rest of the money that's sitting in my bank account that half of you have been spawned out of your mother's womb by this century or the late 20th century during the 90's, maybe.

Who knows? And to be frankly honest - who cares?

Half the world right now is only carefree and only wonders about their sense of security - their own personal sense of security that is. And when I say security, there's the person whose afraid to go on a plain because he/she thinks that perhaps 'another' Arab will hijack the plain and crash land it, oh, I don't know, perhaps into Burj Dubai?

Oh perhaps the pathetic investors whose only notion is to count money dancing in circles before they go to bed so they can actually sleep tight while their investments are pouring in millions and billions of dollars, shikels and God knows every other currency on this God forsaken Earth of ours while the rest of Africa sit and burn themselves off with buying arms instead of food and shelter, or the USA along with its trusty middle eastern allies (and by allies, I mean babies) sit on their crude deciding what next month's shipment will sell like and hope to God that it won't cause a deficit in their annual budget. Because, Heaven forbid that should ever happen to a nation that is so giving.

My God, Molly - their killing me here - somebody stop me.

Newsflash peeps: the world is no longer a friendly place to live in. Nor are the people. And the only way to keep our survival instincts alive is by keeping ourselves and our believes above the surface. That means: no more Mrs. Hypocricy.

The US Administration has always been planning for this day from the day it sought it's independence in 1776. Along with their grouchy snubhubbs Mosus-wannabe-killers Jewish friends, they have always been side by side trying to corner in on piece of the black pie. Well, tough luck snubarubdubs - 'cause you know what? You're not going to get it. Never. And if it has to be - it would have to be - over my God damn dead body.

And for all those Arabs who are actually thinking that this is a good inspirational read - think again. Because I couldn't care a rat's ass what you guys thought anymore after your sourful and tasteless performance against your long lost brothers from your Ma Ma's side; the Jews; when they invaded Leabonan more than a month ago.

You guys make me want to puke all over you, it's disgusting.

It's totally revolting having to remember that I am an Arab like the very much of you, only I have feelings and emotions for my brothers at loss but all you care about is how your country is run and that everything is in order and in tip-top manner. Oh, you can't forget your dancing cash cow machines.


Long live Hassan Nasr Allah.


Per Your Request said...

Why are you so angry. Its hard to get a point across when your all up in arms. What would you like to see happen?

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Per Your Request:

The reason I am so frustrated and angry at everyone who is concerned with the tension in the region if not the world is that they escape to their fantasy island and talk about themselves and leave beind the more serious matters that should be attended to

it goes to show me that the world is a bunch of hypocritical strangers..