Sunday, August 06, 2006

the boycott movement - final part

They say that an unknown event is only born when there is only one person to start it. In the case of the tragedy that has been occurring until now in Lebanon and Palestine, it would have to be the people with the individuals who have no power but to protest in any way they can.

Here in Oman, we have seen demonstrations; marches and now this: a few people who have decided to stand up for the less fortunate and scream as loudly as their pens can enable them.

Today, I was one of those people..

I wore a white cotton blank t-shirt that had ' Condemn Israeli state terrorism' on the front and several other condemnations on the back that were referring to the terrorism that it bestows upon the people who just cannot seem to reply back but with stones, rubble and taking care of their families at such a crisis.

I ask that everyone who feels the same about such a situation to do the same, if not, then something of similar influence. Show your soladirity.

If our nations don't group on this crisis, when will they ever group?