Friday, August 11, 2006


Funny how the truth is always welcomed upon a bunch of liars.

My blog and its latest posts have been the target of a boycott by a lot of people who either have no interest in the subject being discussed, or don't want to end up inside a turmoil of anger and rage that has taken the Middle East by storm because of its political consequences within Oman.

I assure you that both would have the same end result: the fleeing of a nation which prides in only fancy words yet no action.

People seem to misunderstand the concept of freedom of speech in this country. Where the government has given every law-abiding citizen or resident the right to express their feelings and/or their frustration at any given time. And this is more true this year when a Royal Decree issued by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the Sultan of Oman, stating that it is within the right for every individual in this country to organize a peaceful demonstration to point out their problems and their quarells. Whether it is to do with business issues or otherwise.

But do you see people going around trying to point out the conflicted situation in the Middle East region? In Iraq? In Lebanon? In Palestine?


What you see, is a bunch of fools on satellite TV news channels expressing their ignorance about what goes on around them. What you see, is a bunch of idiots who think that defending their president is the best way to go with things besides the fact that he is the most idiotic person in the world to the point that a 6 year girl could outweigh his I.Q. level. What you see is a group of powerful countries sitting helplessly not knowing whether to tell the public if the weather is hot or cold.

In a world of conflict, we live in an age where trust is a rare commodity.

And my trust lies with HezboAllah right now..