Thursday, August 17, 2006

to the health authorities

The Sultanate of Oman has the best health status in the Arabic world region and that is all because His Majesty's government takes health and education as a commitment to their nation.

What I have been wondering is that we have so many hospitals nationwide, and each one has a speciality of it's own in a certain field while providing 'surface' facilities to the other health department's sectors. Take for example, The Royal Hospital in the Al-Khuwair area; it specializes in Cardio activity within the human body but if there was something to do with, say, the bone structure of a patient, he/she is referred to Al-Khoula Hospital in the Al-Wattayah area.

My question is this: why create so many hospitals that each specializes in a different department of the human body when you can create one large compound that facilitates to all of these specialities?

I realize the cost would be extravagent. But look at it this way; you would save lives by delivering patients to other hospitals that are not categorized to take over the problem that the patients with-holds. Not to mention, you would save the amount of trips for someone with an appointment to attend, especially if they are from the rural areas.

I hope this post reaches the eyes of the authorities in command to better serve our nation whom we so pledge our hearts and souls to..