Wednesday, August 09, 2006

doomsday is nearing

I could have been typing about how our regional neighbors from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai have always had this habit of keeping their vehicles spotless in the streets of Muscat.

I could have been writing that the real estate business has been shaking up these past few months because people now believe in longterm investments. Obviously, they don't believe in the conservation of natural resources.

Or I could have wrote something about Muscat Muncipality doing multiple projects at the same time with hardly any work ever being done. Why? Because they lack the hardware and the law is against them: they can't make laborers work in the high noon sunshine.


I choose against all of that to write about something meaningful. Something that has our whole Arab, if not, Muslim community by the edge of the seats; the case of America being the biggest fraudster of all time and it's ever so spoilt brat, 'Israel' that it gives expensive toy gifts to play around on Hanuka, Christmas and Eid and every other occassion they feel like.

There's a mastermind at play at those headquarters of Uncle Sam's, whether you would like to watch Conspiracy Theory or not (Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts - Warner Brothers). And everyone seems to mistake every smoke screen in the world for the bigger picture.

And this is what I can conclude from this all; Doomsday is near and the signs are there.

You just have to know where to look for them..