Wednesday, August 30, 2006

is this what it's coming to?

This post for all the Omani people who hold Omani passports..

Do you remember back in the days when you used to open your passports and at the very beginning you could read a phrase that says that 'the bearer of this passport is allowed to visit all the countries of the world except Israel'?

But now with the upgrading of the new digital security system within the country and the need to step confidently into the 21st century with a solid step forward with such issues, that phrase no longer fact - it's been altered into 'the bearer of this passport is allowed to visit all the countries of the world'.

Doesn't seem harmful, though, does it?

But when you notice people from different nationalities like big-shot businessmen and normal 'tourists' from around the world who are old enough to be our deceased grandparents, who old 'their' countries nationalities but are of Jewish origin, you begin to ask yourself questions.

Serious questions.

The most important question of all, has the government signed some kind of secret pact to allow people of foreign nationalities but of Jewish origin to enter the country? Knowingly concious of the consequences should the public find out of this whole situation?

How far are we prepared to go to ensure that the country's ecnomic stablity system stays just that - stable?

If there is a person in the foreign ministry that is reading this; we would surely appreciate their answer upon this query.


Per Your Request said...

I have read you post several times over, and I need further clearification. I some what feel stupid, excuse me.

Are you saying that since the phrase is no longer on the passport, and also that since there is an increase in "jewish" tourist in Oman that should mean that there is a treaty in place?

If that is your post in summary, then thats great. However, I question how the religious or ethnic background is so obvious. Nevertheless, it means more money spent in Oman. Im glad that somebody is actually spending money within the boarders of Oman. Unlike the rest of the population, that take their annual savings and spend it in London, U.S or even Dubai.

If thats not what you ment by your post, I apologize for going off on a tangent.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Per Your Request..

That wasn't my point. My point was that Oman is an Islamic based society and having said that, and considering what the Arab world has been through recently with the clamatic situation in Lebanon, that to allow Jews of any nationality would lead to a disruption of securital issues between the two people..