Friday, September 01, 2006

the deforestation of wildlife around Muscat

A deforestation plan is happenining around Muscat these days lest there is an easier explanation.

Around the Qurum roundabout on your way to the Al Harthy Complex; on your way to Ghubrah from the Khuwair roundabout, and all along that highway.

What seems to be a simple doforestation plan actually, is what the Muscat Muncipality's doing of expanding the roads system from two lanes for each side to three or maybe four lanes for either side.

All this because the number of vehicles on the roads is increasing by the year at unprecendented rates, which, is caused by the autombile industry in the Sultanate and the national anthem they sing at every opportunity to sell their ozone destroying gas machines.

Every country in the world is trying to cut down on the amount of gases that damage our ozone layer by the release of toxic gases such as carbydioxide by inventing vehicles that drive on other fuel generated cells like sun power, or electricity or perhaps even water. All except us, and the USA.

We are so bent on helping the environment that we neglect the very important and most obvious types of self-moderation. Like maybe we could use more of public transport instead of 6 cars per household, or perhaps maybe just one family car instead of 7.

Oman is a country that has cornered itself for the benefit of eco-tourism, something that greatly benefits the natural wilderness and habitat of many of the wildlife creatures all over the Sultatanate; so why is it so hard to start with something as easy as this?