Monday, September 04, 2006

thoughts of the day

I haven't been posting much on other blogs which I help post on such Arabic UAE Community Blog & A Secret Arabian Journal for two different reasons. The first reason is because we hardly have any hits to the first blog and we have a truckload of members who are authorized to do whatever they please but aren't bothered to be lifting a figure for one reason or another. So I am thinking to myself if that's the case then my posts would hardly contribute towards the development process of a blog where hardly anyone cares. The second blog is where I used to post 'sensitive' issues polotically and socially and keeping them away from Sleepless In Muscat for specific reason until I decided to kick that bucket because certain members think that talking about such issues will jeopordize the blog's (A Secret Arabian Journal) future as a blog that is subjective and unbiased but talks about serious worldly issues. That's not the way I see it though, which is why I have held back lately on topics until a certain time this issue can be redicussed or a solution is found between the members.

Its such a shame to have to come to such a position that you also live in life. Whereby everything is just the same that you pass by. Too much repititiveness that calls on you for change but when you can't give in because of one thing or another just because a group of people don't understand what you're going through it just puts you in pause. Creating a lifetime picteresque photographic memory of that very moment that it will haunt you for the rest of your time here on Earth.

Which is a shame, mind you. Because you can't seem to shake it off no matter what people might say that your mind keeps reminding you of it time and time again that when you are - reminded of it - you feel the sourness going down your soul and hope to God that no one has noticed how embarassed you felt during that split second.

Yet on the other hand, you wish that with that you would have the time to search and find what could be called eternally yours. Someone you could hold hands down the future path of where you have no idea is going to - be it war; death; another new life, God knows but just having that special someone with you alongside you makes you feel secure that no matter what you have going through your life down that line you couldn't care less because you have that person by your side never to leave you - ever. Someone who will be there for all your life. But frankly, for me, me and my big 'idea' will just have to stay up there because I have learnt that there is no one in life for me who would believe in such ideoligies. None whatsoever.

Talk about RIP Valentine..