Friday, September 01, 2006

good golly miss molly!

Alright. Alright.

So my tone in the past on this blog has been very defensive, very aggresive and quite frankly: abusive. For that I apologize. But I would like to make it clear that it was of clear intentions; because what is going on the horizon of the Arab region - including the entire Middle East - is completely ridicilous. From Lebanon, to Iraq, to Darfur, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iran - name me one place that is truly in peace and harmony? Not even Saudi Arabia with the evergoing threat of some terrorist trying to impose his idiology on an unknowing society. Almost every country in the region has gone through a rapid change in the last 4-8 years for some reason and it can't be because a person in each country broke a mirror..

At that point, I will stop with the political debate until a further time I choose to resume it and resume, I will - mark my words.


On a change of note, I have been dangling between here and there and doing much ado about nothing because of my visiting fever. This time, I intend to go to the doctor and ask for a curable approach, one that could possibly make me stay in hospital for quite a while. I am thinking that I have tried everything there is to try except for one thing - changing my blood altogether from the spine onwards, much the way that Lukeimia patients do it when they are taking their medication in order to introduce healthier more equipped cells that could offer a fighting chance for the body and the person whose soul is incapped within the body. Just a thought there, I'd suggest it and see what the doctor would have to say because I can't keep having this redicilous affair with a sickness all my life. And I am prepared to put my life at risk to just at least try. It's better than doing nothing at all. Wouldn't you all agree?

As far as my new poetry collection that I had announced some time ago that I would start on has been on hold because I have battered emotions within me that will, for the love of God within me, not stop at kicking my ass mentally. I try everyday to think of something to start to write on something, anything in a form of poetry but I feel as if I have mantained the soul within me to actually think before writing and writing qualititive sentences that offer a true meaning instead of a form of 'beating around the bush'. Something that will acquire some adjustments from my side to pursue something that activate the notion and passion to write syllabicaly. So, I guess nothing to worry about there.

In the meanwhile, I am still on pursuit of a writing career where-ever an opportunity is evedant and though everyone of you thinks that this is a loser's move just to escape his 'fault', you will however note that not everyone of you knows how to write great essays, and assignments to the point of having to had written for my project over 100,000 words only in the BA level because of the overflow of information over a new project title and much dedication to the efforts to writing something that would truly offer something subjective and very much coming out of a passion to the so-called hobby. So you can shout at me all you like, you insult me and make me degraded so much but what you won't get is my pride, my honor, to be, one day - a writer.

I also plan in the next few days to pull out from the gym that I enrolled into a couple of months ago because I very rarely go nowadays, if not never because of feeling weak, fatigued, and very much out power to mobilize my own body to manouvre because of the heatwave that we having quite lately.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, we end off our news bulletin for the day..