Thursday, September 21, 2006

Smiling: An Eternal Remedy

What is it about a smile that makes you so happy?

I was always gloomy in the past, always feeling depressed and now all of a sudden I am still happy after being released. And today of all the days even when I am tired and barely able to just roam around in my car around the outskirts of Muscat, I am still happy and smiling whenever I in a situation.

I was happy when I picked up the new lens for my glasses after few days of seeing the world through a blurry vision. But that didn't matter to me.

I was happy today when I met a friend of mine on a piece of good news on their behalf. Still no idea why I was so happy.

I am just so happy.

True it makes you so happy to be alive. Maybe that's the reason as to why I am so full of glee.

I always thought the reason to happiness is when you find the one you love and that because you have found them you actually think that now the world has turned pink for you with the reason to live now always around you. But I think my perspective has changed towards that concept just a few days ago.

The feeling of being alive can change a lot of things within a human being.

It can be like the first breath a new born child has taken. The first kiss. The first smile or perhaps flirt. Like a new sunrise. Everyday a new picturesque scene over the horizon. A new tide.

I just can't describe how wonderful it feels.