Sunday, September 17, 2006

when the cat's out of the bag


Today, I was finally released from my mental and solitarium confinement after an agony and misery of having to bear with an atrocious hospital smell and mood for almost 10 days/9 nights.

Today I was finally allowed to see the world as it was only to see that nothing whatsover has changed - not that I was anticipating anything to, though.

Today was the day that I told whose who and what's when and why is so, that this dude is back in town for another round of shocking truth, auspicious deliverence of what's beneath the surface and between the lines in what is written today's headlines, news trends, fashions streaks and only to be left as to what Caeser's character in the Gladiator would phrase it - 'the truth of which you want to speak, is so light, you can only whisper it and it would be gone'.

Ramadhan is on the doors people, don't go mucking about eating up grub like you have been on hibernation all your life..


Give and let live.
Die only to go to Heaven as to know why.
The passion of the truth is in the soul.
Love you hold, is grand - that's what is told.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back, you 'write' with an up-beat tone, i hope that means you are feeling much better and full with optimism and positive energy.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Thank you..

I do feel somehow changed, hopefully for the better. I am trying my best to make do what I can with what I have right now to achieve the results I am aiming at.

After all, there's only one life you live - right?