Monday, September 04, 2006

another one bites the dust

So what's new?


Nothing that would enter my brain and set itself as important that it should be blogged that is. Apart from the itsy bitsy little minor detail that I had agreed - in fact, prompted - my physician today to enter me into a program that will rid me once and for all of my fever that is caused my antibodies.

Its a kind of process that's similar to what Lukeimia patients have in their chemotherapy that deals with targetting the defected blood cells and allowing the chance for the growth of new healthy blood cells that will allow a greater fighting chance for the patient.

During which the same period the patient will be prone to a less or ill-effective defence system within to the point that he/she must be confined in a room by themself for quite some time. It might also require for a bone marrow transplant as well.

The details are just sketchy but seeing that no one is in favor of commenting anymore on my blog for any reason whatsoever, I figured I might as well bore myself with this information that is due to happen in 2-3 weeks time..

Guess that means no fasting in Ramadhan this year for me


MD said...

Not commenting doesn't mean that I'm (and others!) aren't reading your blog. I hope you feel better after these procedures. It's been almost a week since you blogged, so just checking on you. Please take care and keep me updated on what's happening.

Allah knows your intentions; nevertheless, it's a month for spiritual cleansing - and fasting isnt the only aspect to it. Take care.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Thank you very much for being in touch with me during this bad time for me where I am being hospitalized.

I appreciate from you all the help you have offered towards me through the phone and through the blog.

I really do hope that your publication will have a flying success now that you have the proper license to start your dream project.

Thanks again..