Monday, September 04, 2006

Letters To A Princess..

I could have told myself that this was the end
The picture of the flower is pink, of that I pretend
The love of my life is no longer but a trend
For security and life are just two different friends

For if life has seen me this way
And I have seen life, mind you
And I grow weary of it's troubles
The prince of persia I would become in my heart, 'tis true

For love is in the heart
Moreso in the soul
More life as a spark
Than there is spaghetti in a bowl

I fear not the day that I grow toothless
Nor the day I die
For the day I fear most
Is the day I am alone, by myself, and in my sleep, I die

For love, an emotion is with endless possiblities
To tend to the dear, to the lost, and the weary
But for a lonely knight, such as I
I am only an unwanted guest in past time of life and limited care