Saturday, September 02, 2006

the customer is king

What is the problem with service companies these days?

They advertise for something in the media saying that you will lose out on this and that and this by choosing not to get it whereby you get a lot of advantages by actually purchasing the service/product and then when you end up asking for the product it's either unavailable or out of stock.

This is what happened to me in 2 different cases.

At Carrefoure, I was off buying a PC for a family member whose birthday it was and I had my eyes on a certain model so I decided to come back when I had enough cash for get it. 2 days later, I find out it's out of stock yet still in display. Still, I wasn't beaten, so I decided to up the stakes and set my eyes on an even more expensive model, came back a day after the dissapointment, was told the very same thing.

What's the point of displaying something for sale when you're still in promotion yet you have no stock to support?

Next was today when I went to OmanTel to finally submit the application for ADSL and gotten everything approved except that I got told it would take up to one and a half months to get my application started because there was no bandwidth acceptance within our area of residence.

Yet again another mishap?

Why should the customer have to pay for the stupidity in planning by a company's advertising and promotion?

If at all, the customer should be satisfied at all costs.