Thursday, November 30, 2006

first of 'the wedding nights'

He writes her name in the sand
He smiles and wiggles the piece of wood in his hand
He looks up and stares up at the sky
Sunlight, so bright, the glamor of her eyes

Cherish the moment when they are alone
Holding hands, whispering romantic whims, all by their own
Under the beach tree of a starry night sky
Her eyes twinkle like crystals shone upon which, a light

The waves, they roar, in their ears
The wind blows, in their hair
Still they would not take away their sight from beyond each other's eyes
The night of which they call, the first of 'the wedding nights'

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

grow up Oman

Why is Oman one of the worst places to go to enjoy a nice movie?

A question that has never been answered for as long as there was cinemas in the history of the Sultanate of Oman.

One of the main reasons is because of the censorship board that snips away the fragments and takes far too long to release the movie from the Ministry of Heritage & Culture (previously, now the mission lies upon the Ministry of Information's boy's shoulders) and boy do they ever take their time at that task (God knows what else they end up doing while watching those 'indecent' scenes!).

Another reason is that there isn't much of a competition here in Oman in the cinema businesses since we only have 2 companies who look upon that sector and both of them apply their monopolistic prices for what seems to be 'the best theatre experience anyone in Oman can have' when it would seem that having to a watch the DVD back at home with a home theatre system is a better idea to check out the movie at your own pace without any nuisance.

Another two reasons that don't go hand in hand is the fact that you now the luxury to get your own home theatre system and watch your favorite movie by either buying or renting off some local video shop, which, somehow is able to get the latest movies at a much quicker pace than the cinema business. Thinking back on this though, isn't the cinema company in it for the business or what?

The nuisance. No one can deny that in the past and perhaps still in the present the Omani population of both sexes have made our cinema experience more wilder than the Wild Wadi in Dubai by letting us know how much they love the movie, by either talking on the phone; sending messages through the local network or blue tooth, or even by whistling away at some of the hot scenes to show us how mature they can actually be. A simple measure can be done to avoid all of this. Either hike up the prices or pass out a law that only a certain age limit can be able to watch a certain movie by showing their ID cards and increasing the 'silencing force' existence within the parameters.

Last but not least, the timings. You would think after such a long time an established cinema company would understand what are the most suitable times for a certain movie - which, by the way, isn't by only showing it in one show one day and two shows on the rest of the week. And haven't they ever heard of morning time viewing? And what about Ramadhan? Why is the Ministry of Awqaf so strict on letting the public watch what they want to watch during the day time? And don't use the excuse: because they would have their fast broken if they watch anything indecent - because they already do that on their own during the day and in their homes.

Grow up Oman.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

eco-tourism my foot

Another first for the Sultanate of Oman.

The first ever of it's kind a fully developed project that would include a large mall - The Mall of Oman - that would stand over over 50,000 sq. metres of space, plus seven blocks of residential flats that stand over an additional 40,000 sq. meter in conjunction with another additional 40,000 sq. meters of office space.

That brings it all down to over 130,000 sq. metres.

This is supposed to be a project that would bring in investments that would help turn the economic wheels of the country. But apparently, neither the Ministry of Tourism - who kicked off the project - nor the investors have any idea what kind of consequence this project may bring in with it.

This project will be located alongside the new speedy highway system that is in development from Qurum to Al Naseem Park.

Now, instead of developing a household project that would help thousands of Omanis who have gotten married and are looking for a suitable place to live in that would suit their budget, they establish this project that not just helps out with more income to the country but also brings in a lot of disadvantages with it in the long term; less greenery (Oman will eventually turn into another Dubai sooner than we know because of the development of this project that is just one of the projects to be established in the Muscat region), more usage of water, electricity and other raw materials such as cement and wood - this would mean that prices would rise higher than they are now for the raw materials and the water & electricity we value so much in our everyday lives will eventually run out sooner than we ever expected when the government conducts a forum to teach the best way to use such resources (a bit contradictary that, eh?).

Even though I don't like the way my country is working in some ways economically and socially, I still despise the idea of having to turn it into another metropolitan city that will no doubdtly have no personality if it keeps going on in this phase.

So what am I asking for then, here?

I am not asking for a halt of such development projects. I am demanding - as it is written in the freedom of speech rights law - that such a development of projects would also require more attention to the surrounding environment and better usage of scarce resources.

Is that too much too ask?



- MECSC: Newsletter

Monday, November 27, 2006

more power to the people


Absolutely typical.

This is the exact thing that I have been venting off for as long as I have known how to speak or make a sound. The right to speak your mind.

Sablat Al 3arab has been shut down due to some investigation on something and who gets to be battered in place? Saeed Al Rashdy.

I have never know the guy. Nor have I have ever met anyone in that forum. But having known that the forum has been shut down because of someone actually ranting away - which is a fundamental right for every human being on this planet - then, this would mean every blogger, emailer, website owner, and company that has its own independent view of something over the country in some way or another will have to cut it's tongue out so as not to end up like Saeed.




- OmanForum discussion around

Sunday, November 26, 2006

'clean it up yourself' day

What is the appropriate way to throw away trash?

To put it in the rubbish can, right?

Apparently, Omanis have not learnt that concept just yet.

They think they can just throw away their rubbish anywhere they like because they know in the end that some poor foreign worker on a wage of 80 Rials a month is going to pick it up later on afterwards.

I'd like to see how that concept is immediately turned around once that person gets home. And why? Because their parents or whoever will come down so hard on them about the whole 'cleanliness is close to Godliness' thing.

I can't even believe how Muscat got voted as the cleanest city in the world just a few years ago. Who voted on that retarded questionnaire? The tourists who only get to see the tourist sites but are not taken anywhere near the poor areas where the real people live with their trash everywhere? Or the beaches that are now growing fungus off a Dog's poop when it clearly shows that you're not allowed to walk them there? Or at the '5 star' coffeeshops such as Starbucks; where you find tons of cigarette leftovers dumped into the planted areas in front of the cafe?

I'm not exactly saying Muscat is the dirtiest place in the world, but it's not the cleanest either. I'd like to see one day that Muscat Muncipality would reserve it as a 'clean it up yourself' day.

Now, that - would be a killer.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mind of Mencia

He's the 'de de de' man of the century.

He's the man who is just not afraid to say what is on his mind no matter how offensive it may seem because he believes in freedom of speech.

When he's around, you'd better be somewhere else otherwise he'll take a shot at minisculing you to teeny weeny yellow poko dot tweenies.

He's Carlos Mencia; the undisputed King of Hispanic Stand Up Comedy.



- Mind of Mencia

Friday, November 24, 2006

'customer experience' isn't in the Omani vocabulary


Imagine with me; you're standing in a line and have been waiting for a long time to make an order/complaint at some place and all of a sudden, someone cuts in at the very top and totally ignores the fact that you are already there. What do you do?

This has happened to me many times here in Oman.

It's happened at Al Shatti Plaza, Starbucks, Nawras, OmanTel, Oman Mobile, Pizza Hut. You get the idea of it happening to me almost everywhere I have ever been. And what really makes my blood boil, is that these people get to do this kind of rude and inconsiderate behavior because of two reason; one of them being that we let them get away with it; and two being that they get away with it also because they happen to know Sulaiman or Mohammed or Abdullah or Khalid who is the man behind the counter at the place you're standing in line in front of.

I had decided, a long time back, to take matters into my own two hands and give every person who does such an act, a piece of my mind.

So what happened?

Here's what happened; one time I was standing in a very long line waiting for my turn to grab such snacks at Al Shatti Plaza and when it was my turn (after a very long wait), a woman cuts in from the other side and makes an order, I give her one of those angry looks, and the person behind the counter just continues with her order as if I didn't exist. I turned to him and shouted at him, right there and then telling him off that he had served someone who was not waiting in line while I certainly was. The man repeatedly apologized but I wouldn't take it. And the woman tried to apologize but I never replied to her either.

There is just no concept of customer experience in Oman, as long as they make the dough needed to profit, they think they're alright. Which is shame, since this means they should know that there are plenty of fish in the sea. I could have gone and bought several DVDs and watched them all at home and dragged my friends to see them with me just to make sure they got the message right.

Businesses and governmental offices and officers should consider these things when offering a service or a product to the public. As this determines the successfulness of an idea or a project that is launched.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Miss You

I miss you
As the night misses the day
Where warmth comes from the sunlight
That you provide to my day

I wish you were here
I wish you were by my side
I wish I could talk to you
And tell you just how much you fill up my life

You have no idea
That when you smile away
You seem to swoosh my troubles
All so far away

I wish I could see you
I wish you weren't gone
I wish these nights without you
Would move on

I miss you as a field misses its rain
To feel blessed, by the drop, yet again

I miss you

the venture of a lifetime

Do you ever bother to ask yourself if anyone actually reads your blog?

Do you?

I used to and I still do - but for two entirely different reasons.

The past reason was because I was so obsessed with getting comments so I can tell if people do appreciate my articles/posts that are published on the blog. But now I let that one go to another fully different reason; to wake up the sleepy heads who think that life is just what they see and make them see it for what it is.

There are many people who would go and categorize me as an idealistic. I see no wrong in that. If at all, I see it as a target to set my own goal towards to and if I don't reach it, sure, I will be dissapointed. But, then again, I will be happy with what I have too because it got me to where I should be.

And that's here.

Coming more to the point, here, it's always been my aim to be a successful and very well known poet/writer. But now, 2nd best isn't good enough for me. I want to be the best. The best at what I almost perfect at.

It's not good enough for me to be a well known writer amongst my friends or family or relatives. Its not good enough for me to be a well known writer over a particular region/country such as Oman. I'm aiming for the top, baby. I want to be the best writer the world will ever know.

And it's ok to dream. Because that's what they are. But if it's in my capability to turn that dream into a reality through relentless pursuit of writing, reading, taking courses to be better at the profession that in time will choose me and not the other way around.

Then, so be it.

I believe I can do more with my skill of writing.

I believe I can communicate with people through my articles with selective words that are so simple yet so complex in both meaning and manner, respectively.

I believe, that one day, my dream would come true.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

underage smoking & drinking

It's a fact.

Young people here in the Sultanate of Oman do smoke and drink. Not all of them, however. But a big portion have. The Ministry of Health had earlier declared that over 80 cases of Cancer were directly related to passive smoking.

The government may be imposing strict laws on who gets what these days, but to what extent are these laws seen into effect? You still see the younger generation buying off cigarettes at supermarkets or small neighborhood shops or even grabbing them from a friend or someone they hardly even know off the street. And earlier on - say, like maybe 2 or 3 years before - it was pretty much the same situation with Alcohol being bought off by minors through hotel bars or local discos or some dance-hall like for instance, the Intercontinental Hotel; the Oasis By The Sea; or even Grand Hyatt.

That was then, though. This is now.

I'm not off into ranting about places that should enforce such methods on restricting things that Islam already calls prohibited; mostly, because I don't do them myself - thank, God.

But, let's face it. Here in Oman, we have a problem. A small problem, maybe, but nonetheless that does not justify us leaving it to the very last minute for us to act on it, like many a projects in the Sultanate.

Smoking and drinking laws have to be enforced.

A few years back, we heard of the Muscat Muncipality passing off a law that prohibited smoking in public places as well as governmental offices. But so far, all we have seen, is that where-ever there is a place outside to enjoy the weather and the natural environment, we also have to engulf the fumes of our fellow smoking citizens/residents &/or tourists.

Last year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wasted 5 billion US Dollars alone on buying tobacco products. Why does anyone feel the need to buy anything that could relieve their tension and anxiety but in the long run be deducting time off to get closer their chosen hour?

Back in the days of our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), there was a similar case in which God had gradually prohibited drinking Alcohol even though that He had stated in the Holy Qur'an that there advantage and disadvantages to the beverage, but having said that, He also noted that its disadvantages were greater than that of its advantages. He did so by gradually asking them not to use it in different situations like praying or at a table or in social occasions until there was another Qur'anic verse that had banned and prohibited the use of Alcohol in way that would alter the mind's mood.

This method could be applied in the current century. Although, I think many would not favor this solution, especially leading businessmen whose main profit may come off selling tobacco products or importing alcoholic beverages.

So sue me.

This is my opinion - and as such, I am entitled to it.

Monday, November 20, 2006

freedom? what freedom?

Here in Oman, we boast about the right to freedom of speech that is given to us by Royal Decree of which was issued by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - the Sultan of Oman. And in many other different Arab countries - including GCC neighbors - we also hear about how people are always given the right to say what is on their minds in order to lessen the gap between the public and their respective governments.

But how far is this statement true?

Not too long ago, there was an Omani woman who was arrested for no known reason other than having 'suggested' ways to improve the ways of living in our communities and what was officially dubbed 'her opinion' in the development process the government of His Majesty was following. She was taken in and interrogated for quite a while. And after that was done and over with she was presented with a slip asking her to sign on a note that she had violated 'national security' over her remarks, and that she should would not return to her previous action that lead to that case.

In other countries, we hear of several people for just speaking their minds. And seriously, if you don't want to develop the country don't go about saying that 'we listen to people's opinion very seriously and take it to consideration'. Because, clearly that is not the case.

Bloggers are no exception in this topic. Several fellow bloggers have been arrested for criticizing the ways of life in their respective countries. In Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, in Turkey, in Bahrain, and even in the United Arab Emirates.

Bloggers are considered the 'unofficial reporters' of the world because of the raw perception that they see through the incidents and happenings that are occuring in their countries and regions. And if that is taken away then all we'll ever have is government controlled media which is just about as truthful as a dirty toilet seat.

Don't take away our right to freedom.

You want to reason with us; make a debate about it and we'll both come to a solution. Because in the end, it's my country, too.



- Egypt arrests another blog critic

- Saudi Arabia's bold young bloggers


Cherry bells
Tulips in my hand
Thorns in the ground

Blow me off in a hurry
Don't turn me on, don't make my vision all blurry

Share the spin that you put me in
Round and round I go again and again

Sun is above my head
Thoughts roam around and make me quip
I favor your scent with the morning rush
The chance I get to see you with your face aflush

Clouds are around all day
Life seems better when you're smiling away

Playing it by my rules
Forgetting everyone else
The chance to be happy
With no regrets

This is what it feels
When you get up from a deep sleep
And you're high
From the beginning of morn 'till the end of day

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Secret Arabian Journal - Part II

Secret Arabian Journal linking address was hijacked after Yahya requested from both Jassim & I that we both remove the address from our blogs to block access to it due to renovations in the process.

After having finished the renovations; Yahya tried re-linking it back to the old address but couldn't because the old one had been taken over by a porn site! Much to our surprise, there wasn't anything we could do about it and in result, we had to resort to changing the address just a tad.

If you want to visit it, all you have to do is click on the right sidebar and it will take you to the new address, or if you're too darn lazy to do that, just click the below the link.

Rejoice, Arabs - the rantings are back! lol

Friday, November 17, 2006

National Day Pride

Ordinarily, in the Sultanate of Oman, we would celebrate National Day by having a get together and making trips to far off lands in our country where we could stay the night and have good barbequee and lay under the stars.

This year, marking the 36th Omani National Day, the country is all in spirit with lights accross the streets and lamposts in most of Muscat highways, and special projects with last minute touches.

Heck, we even have non-Omani organizations joining in the celebrations by setting up big Omani flags and showing how proud they are to be in a country that has come so far in the last 36 years.

Happy 36th National Day, People

Enjoy the holidays!

Dubai souvenir

Here's a picture I took while we were taking a walk in the Mall of The Emirates.

I have to tell you, people. That mall is so wide and long I would need a whole month just to finish it from top to bottom. Something I have no time for. I got to see the Ski Dubai entertainment park inside it and we were told it costs around 200 Dhs to have a go; which I think is about above the 21 Omani Rial mark.

Sorry it took me such a long time to post this picture, but I had forgotten totally about it.

innocent = useless ?

I would have to say a big 'hell, no' to that one.

In an old nursery story we heard of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. There was grouchy, ugly, biggy, jaggy z, and whoever the Disney folk thought relevant to a child's mind in the good ol' days.

But, nowadays, we have come to realize that these little 'dwarfs' would eventually grow older and far more sophisticated than others. And others... well, they end up being plain dumb by their society's standards.

And to some of these people on God's green Earth, there is a group of people who have stayed within a small shell and think that they have grown wiser because of the fact that they grew older and with that being said, the truth of the matter is that they have only grew wiser because of their experiences with their lives and how it treats them to a certain extent and their ability to avoid similar mistakes.

Those individuals who think as such are the innocent type.

However, society - unfortunately for these individuals - categorizes them as a useless bunch of wannabes and to some extent; a burden to the community because they grow within them an infection of insecurity that is contageous because of their sad, depressive nature towards handling things in their lives although when pushed to the limit in matters of their own 'perfect' field, there's just no stopping them.

So does society lend a hand to these people for their potential to make up or leave them as they be because of the signs above them that says; 'warning: hazardous area'?

Society will and should try as much as it can to enable every individual with a certain disability - mental or physical - to open up to the real world. And to that lies it's responsibility to reach out an arm, a leg, or perhaps a whole body of organizations for these people to tap into their hidden positive potential so that they may, in the end, forget about their cons.

A Secret Arabian Journal..

There's been a change in Secret Arabian's linking address so you if you are looking for it you want to follow the below address or simply click on the linkage in the sidebar on your right on this blog.

update: the blog address has been removed due to changes in the blog in an overall manner but it will be back inshallah..

thank you for your patience..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

All Yours

Chance of glory
Of pure light
To see where your smile
Makes my day more delight

To see the rose
That you hold
The chance that I would hope
We would be together, until, gone, our souls

For a smile
A whim of desire
A simple gesture
The flavor of fire

For me to feel
That my heart still beats
That I do have a soul
The one that lies within me

I am still yours
I am still here
I would be here, forevermore
For all my lively years

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Casino Royale

So, James Bond is going to be premiering his 21st movie in the 007 series tomorrow/today in Muscat.

I have to tell you although the action sequences that were presented in the small downloadable preview for the upcoming movie and the many hot scenes between our man and lady desire, it still doesn't seem right to have this man in the role. Even though the studio people will give the excuse that they want to start the series this time with fresh new face and a bold, daring comeback for the secret MI-6 British agent along with that they want to try their luck with getting the story straight at how Bond was originally recruited in the first place.

Oh, well.

Guess we can only wait and see.

Enjoy the movie folks.


Timings in Shatti Plaza: Wednesday - 3:30pm; 7:30pm; & 10pm
Thursday & Friday - 2:30pm; 5:30pm; 7pm; & 10:30pm

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

God - ever forgiving, ever merciful

Most Muslims know this fact, in fact, very little of them ever dispute over this issue. The issue of whereby God chooses to forgive one of His subjects or not in their time on Earth before the day they die or Judgment Day - whichever comes first, of course.

The point of clash between some people who say that when an individual has committed a sin that is quoted in The Holy Qur'an - Islam's Bible - that no such act ever rectifies it no matter how much that individual attempts at it.

The following is my opinion in this dispute, which I feel is the most correct; however, I welcome all open discussions within this very topic.

There are many verses in the Holy Qur'an that state that any certain act it mentions as a sin then the sinner would directly go to Hell for committing such a crime against themselves and their body. However, this is what is mentioned in the actual verse of such a characterization of an act symbolized as a sin.

The argument here is that no matter what an individual may attempt to do in order to attain redemption of his past sin, the goal is not foreseeable. Hence, Hell would be his/her eternal punishment in the ever after life.

But what people who read these verses and translate as such in the above way forget to mention that it is also mentioned in the Holy Qur'an that any sin a human being does unto one's self is and can be forgiven in many many ways, due to the fact that God is ever forgiving and ever merciful as he is strict and hard in His eternal sentence to punishment in the way He chooses so upon one of His subjects.

This is my opinion, others however have an altogether different point of view on the subject.

'online experience' doesn't qualify

I was searching through the 'net for topics that would turn the engine wheels inside my mind for a topic on my blog. And I was flicking through the online pages of the Oman Tribune of news headlines until my eyes stumbled upon the top centre red highlighted bar that had many categories including 'jobs'.

I thought to myself; Hell, why not?

As I read through the web page of online newspaper in that section I was astonished by this few words:

Candidates with online experience only and magazines need not apply.

So basically this newspaper wants people to work for it but doesn't want individuals who have had 'online experience' - say for example: bloggers. That seems a bit odd, doesn't it? When the people behind the web in their blogs are considered to be 'unofficial reporters' of what goes on in their countries through national eyes and not through some internal media giants propaganda machine idealist's mind.

So, that would mean the whoever would employ such an individual would not only have experience at speaking of events that truly shake the people's mind and an expert at truth and playing around with words in an aim to win the audiences approval over an article, but they would also be an asset to the newspaper because they would not be afraid of tackling debatable, controversial and heated discussions.


Link: Oman Tribune 'Jobs' online section

Monday, November 13, 2006


Leaders of the world, beware
Your people look back at you, with a snare
Anger fills them instead of joy
Figure of amendment, in their hands, do they toy

For far off a leaf
Justice is being breached
The principle, mistrust
Like Heaven, to animals, is lust

Of power in the hand
Of mind over might
Perish the lords
Who sing songs of ill-truths in the long nights

Leaders of the world, beware
Your people look back at you, with a snare
Follow the path to which should lead
The happiness of the folk, of which, whom, you lead

land of civil rights goes bananas

Man being beaten brutally. (c) BBC World 2006

You may have all heard about the slogans that America throws at other countries about civil rights, human interests and rigid hatred towards the people of certain un-named countries.

But rarely will you ever hear a leaked story of inside the USA of where someone's basic rights to defend themselves are violated. The last we ever heard of such a situation was in the 80s period when George Bush senior was still in power and a mass angry destructive demonstration almost spread nationwide all over the America over one violent mistreatment of one white policeman to another black civilian.

Brutally beaten half to death, it resulted in an angry mob demonstration of burning down shops, homes, warehouses to a point whereby the National Guard was called in to intervene. All because of a stupid little mistake that grew immensely all over the nation.

It looks as if history is about to repeat itself as yet another similar case rises up to the courts of a couple of policeman beating a man - all of the white race - brutally demonstrating that their 'law' was above the rest.



- BBC Article with link to uploaded video on YouTube

Saturday, November 11, 2006

don't say I didn't tell you so

It's been finally announced.

And don't say I hadn't said so..

An article was printed very recently in the Arabic version of theweek in Oman called elesbou3 with an intriguing headline of which stated that the UAE is the worst country in the world to conserve environment.

It regarded this nomination to the fact that between the year period of 1996 to current date of the upscale movement of the real estate industry and its thirsty & hungry developers through development of waterfronts and industrialization to fund the projects.

A reason which I had shed the light on very much earlier on this blog.

Didn't I say I told you so?

Friday, November 10, 2006

baby got back


A few days in Dubai is just what the doctor had ordered.

I'm sorry I hadn't announced it earlier on but it was sort of on short notice and I was trying as much to keep it hush hush so as not to ruin anything on the way since the last two time I attempted to go there I ended up being sick, so I thought that I would try to do it nice and quite and guess what?

It actually worked. hehehe

I ended up having a great time over there and changed the scenery which is what I wanted to do in the first place.

And I didn't see one Omani until it was time to go back.

Well, it's good to be back home.

And no home is good without it's 'king'. *wink wink*

Monday, November 06, 2006

what are friends for?

There are times when you have really great days.


There'd be days where you have a really great time with your friends while being out together and playing pool or just enjoying your favorite drink at your favorite coffee shop watching the world pass you by.

But the best of those days would be the time where you bump into people you have always cherished over the past years and end up seeing them in that same place from out of the blue. It makes you really feel that you are being watched over. That God knows whatever time you're having, especially when you're having those dark moods, that He sends along some people you knew from the past who would lift your spirits up and make you joyful again.

Something, that Noors would categorize as 'God wink'.

I hope I am always blessed this way for times to come.


She looked through the window onto the sun setting down
She sat there, breathing silently – on her face, a frown

Imagining his presence by her side
She turned, only with a tear in her eye

I wish you'd come back only to see
How your emptiness is killing me
The solitude you have cast me to
Is now eating me inside, through and through

She closes her eyes only to weep
She weeps silently like the lonely child, she feels

A bird passes by the window
Signaling there will always be another tomorrow
And as she stares at the bird with her eyes in the sunlight rays
They convert into a beautiful brown colored haze

She imagines him hugging her worries away
The lightness, it is, she is filled with, now lifts her up into a lullaby sway

But it is the sadness she is filled with that overgrows her emotion
She lies to herself saying that ignoring her feelings is the only solution

Sunlight turns into moonlight shade
The clouds go from shady white to paintbrush grey
And she still stands by her open window into the blankness of her life
Asking herself again and again; why does happiness have to have such a short lifeline?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Topics from 192 countries

I've been invited to join a collective blog under the title of Topics from 192 countries.

The blog that brings in together one 'correspondent' blogger for each country of the world to talk about issues that speak of their nation and it's happenings in a respective manner.

I am hoping I will be able to rise up to the standard that is asked of me in this blog, inshallah. Please feel free to check it out as soon as you can.


You may be unable to scroll through this blog due to the fact that it is in the currently testing phase of Blogger Beta..

evolution or devolution?

I would guess everyone's heard from their parents from time to another how things were done in the past days when they didn't have our technological advances in all aspects; transportation; communication; IT; and so on and so forth - right?

But think about this: how far has this made our race - the human race - much more capable to face the unknown for future generations? How far has it made the human race a much more advanced race capable of doing the most complicated of problems that the past 'man' couldn't do?

To answer that question, one must look at this point from both ends; as it cuts both ways.

From one perspective, its made our lives easier by providing far more safer measures of security(i.e.: airport screening), faster, more comfortable transportation levels (i.e.: ABS breaking systems, safety airbags), and taken human kind to where no man could ever dream to go (i.e.: landing on the Moon, overseas robotic surgeries). It has perhaps presented us with better and less complicated solutions to older problems that have defied minds for years.

But on the other hand, it is also slowly and gradually making the mind a redundant tool for the need for research and development (i.e.: basic calculus problems; reading and writing using laptops instead of a regular paperback/hardback book; using the remote control instead of getting up to change the channel); for developing the inner most basic needs for having a life (i.e.: using motorized two wheelers instead of regular sports such as jogging and running); and one day perhaps loose the passion for life at all to a tragic end (i.e.: Japanese robots that simulate animals of which have feelings embedded into their programmable systems) - God forbid.

So the conclusion I am drawing to here is this: do we really owe a big hand of applause to the likes of Bill Gates of Microsoft for developing software that makes us more vulnerable to the world that we will eventually face in the future to be? Are we really a race that is proud of it's technological advances to the point of whereby we can hardly face the fact that while we are gaining as much as the people behind the technology say we do that we are losing a lot more than that of which goes into our favor?

Are we really advancing at all?

Choice is yours..

coming to perspective

I'm getting to learn the hard way to cope with changes in my life.

Perhaps it's the only way to learn for me seeing how my intellectual level is high than pee wee Herman. And honestly speaking, I would have it no other way, even though I am forced to go through all the hardship of dealing with various clashing emotions, the different variables that are and aren't available for me in life and setting the realistic perspective to what is important to me right here and now.

The changes that with-take me on the long unknowingly destined journey you can only choose to obey and follow suite and see where they may lead you to and set for yourself the goal: challenging whatever may come your way no matter what the odds.

Choosing to smile when you could cry.

Choosing to hold the urge to cry and be a man over what may try to nail you down.

Choosing to tame the changes to your ambitions desires.


No matter what people may say or do
No matter what you think or feel
No matter what your soul may tell you
The love you choose to seek is there at your feet

Friday, November 03, 2006


A wonderful movie that speaks of putting all your efforts into your dream so that it may come true one day no matter what the odds are.

It is film that boosts the image of football for everyone who is a fan of it and also tells a great tale for those who are non-fans such as I.

From being poor through hardship and working twice a day in Los Angeles to becoming a professional Newcastle United football player in the UK.

A movie that definitely worth your dime..



Movie details; trailer and screenshots

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Of A Life..

Of a life that lives
With questions and obscurity
Of a child that begins his life
With innocence and purity

Of a change in life
That is needed to move along
Of the prey, one's heart is
To the surprises that life throws

The significance of one's mind
The love that one finds
Of simple details in someone's lies
All is gone
Thrown away
No more the pink world
Of flowers and hay

Starlit skies
Look yonder
Don't sway

The smile
That is yours forever
Has captured my very soul

...Don't turn me away

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

juggling the world - part 2

Being a guy is no more easier than being a woman. That's the truth and everyone should get that straight and through their thick skulls. As contrary to popular beliefs, men are not less emotional than women, they still feel like women but they choose to keep it all inside.

Women may be more sensitive about a lot of issues that men think are a bunch of wack. And you really can't blame them. It's like playing an adult version of Barbie and Ken. You have the toy limousine car and the house with the pets, etc. etc.

That's what life is to me these days. In the very sense, a big game. A game played by adults. To wake up, eat, go to work and play around with pieces of paper and such, to respond to their bosses and make believe that they are in it because they are actually enjoying it; which by the way, they are not. That is a fact. No one in the world enjoys their work.

But what's this got to do with juggling the world? How is it related?

It is related because one's ambitions push them to fully concentrate on their job and forget about life and it's potential. And unfortunately, those who try to point it out to them get caught in the crossfire. Namely; yours truly.

It's such a balony even trying to push forward with such hope for thinking that everything is happy-go-lucky. It's total crap. This where you perceive that the glass is half empty, unfortunately.

People come over to ask me repeatedly when I am going to hitched and tell me that I am getting older and that time is on my side. And before that I would say to them that I would hope that God has their prayers answered. And then I played along with the chances that I would have someone in my life only to be shot down. And now.. I just don't want to waste my time with such a non-existant hope in my life anymore. It's just not worth it.

It's just not worth it, I tell you..

Christina Aguiliera - Hurt

The passion behind life's past mistakes:

Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face
You told me how proud you were, but I walked away
If only I knew what I know today
Ooh, ooh

I would hold you in my arms
I would take the pain away
Thank you for all you've done
Forgive all your mistakes
There's nothing I wouldn't do
To hear your voice again
Sometimes I wanna call you
But I know you won't be there

Ohh I'm sorry for blaming you
For everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself by hurting you

Some days I feel broke inside but I won't admit
Sometimes I just wanna hide 'cause it's you I miss
And it's so hard to say goodbye
When it comes to this, oooh

Would you tell me I was wrong?
Would you help me understand?
Are you looking down upon me?
Are you proud of who I am?

There's nothing I wouldn't do
To have just one more chance
To look into your eyes
And see you looking back

Ohh I'm sorry for blaming you
For everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself, ohh

If I had just one more day
I would tell you how much that I've missed you
Since you've been away
Ooh, it's dangerous
It's so out of line
To try and turn back time

I'm sorry for blaming you
For everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself by hurting you

(the reason behind the last post)

leaving the box: life driven by passion

I have made up my mind.

In two years time; I aim to get an MBA either through an affiliate higher college here in Oman or by going out of the country to seek that education.

I will work in something to do with the media no matter how bad or lousy the salary might be, it's the only thing I am good at.

I will read more books than I had during the entire period of my lifetime. Books that are actually talking about something and not stories or novels.

I will move out of my parent's house into my own apartment by the time I am 30 and live independently - financially and health wise.


I will never marry.