Tuesday, February 28, 2006


More news about the UNICEF charity project that is underway.

The CD is now done and there is just the job of getting the approval from the local authorities to go on with the project locally.

Once I get the CD, I will be uploading the music file to a certain website where people who come by to this blog will have the exclusive right to download it's sample for a period of 7 days or less (according the bandwith allowed on that website).

Plus there will be some sample CDs that I will be making to people here in Oman to promote the project - but it will be without the promotional leaflet. So, if you live in Muscat and you would like your free promotional copy, do let me know by commenting here or leaving me an email about your interest and I'll do my best to get you a copy of it. Limited copies only.

Will let you know when there is more news on the topic..


theweek has published my new article titled "Understanding & Control" this week.

You can download it through their website which you will find their permanent link on the right hand sidebar.

The section you would be looking to download is Section 2 (2.8 MB) - News, Feautres.

But otherwise, if you're not bothered to, you can always read it here - down below. I would appreciate any comments.


Today, there is a big gap between parents and their children who each have their own desires in life nowadays, which causes the line of communication between the two sides to become tacky. As a result, feuds rise more often than they did in the past. This is largely due to over-protectiveness by parents, which is misinterpreted as control by their children - leading them to shout slogans of freedom that is, at times, understandable.

Yet, the undeniable fact is that parents fear for their children. But it is the way of communicating that fact to the child involved, in a way, making them understand how protective we want to be over them without the 'control' feature; that is lacking.

Parents may ask themselves now, 'Well, I'm doing this for their own good, how can that be wrong?' Simply by imposing your own way and method of living upon them is interpreted into control over their own desires and what they want to achieve in their lives at a given time or period. Granted that you are doing it for their own benefit, it isn't easy to make them understand that basic fact until you sit down with them and run them through it or try to understand their point of view of the subject at hand.

The plan you're working towards its goals is this; you want to reach a level of whereby the two of you can reach some sort of understanding. The point here is that you're dealing with grown-up children with goals of their own. Set a compromise and go half-way; they will surely go the other half.

This is not to say that children are the victims all the time. It is only a push towards narrowing the gap between parents and children.

For the same applies to them. Much like two nations who compete with each other respectfully, in their own way, parents and their children need to resolve their differences also amicably. For they are two of the same blood but with either minor or major differences in opinion and it would be no use fighting the whole time because the road ahead in that path would otherwise be blocked. One or either of the parties must make a move in the right direction before the whole family establishment crumbles because of such a simple disagreement.

A family is a semi-democratic establishment. And dictatorship will not always work in such a setting because either party will want to achieve certain targets such as sustainability and controllable growth in many aspects. Control is not the way to a happy relationship, but understanding is. And it must come from both parties, to establish a good line of communication and succeed.


Monday, February 27, 2006


Some think that the right thing to do these days is to always follow the crowd. At often that is the right answer, but more often it is good to stay rebelious to show the truth behind one's decision.

Westerners need to understand that when they come into our countries (respective of which nation it is) they should respect the society just as much as we do when we are in their country. This goes for wearing skimpy clothing, sleeveless t-shirts, and many outrageous fashions of clothing that, in their opinion, is the 'in' style.

Or should we retaliate in the same way?

Where does one hold the line for respecting one another?


Do you believe in something called chance?

Many believe that a chance is just something that is waiting to happen and to be grabbed by someone to make an opportunity of. But in that sense then that would mean everything in our lives was made by chance. Because we took every opportunity to make something of it.

Like a matter of distant fate, waiting to be greeted by an individual to brighten up their life. And it isn't hard to believe this. But when you think of seriously, it can happen. A chance isn't merely just something waiting to happen to you but it was put there for a reason. It was fate. Fate destined that you were going to make that move and that you would say to so and so such a thing and that such a thing would happen afterwards.

Fate does have it's ways, ladies and gentlemen.

We just to have believe..

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Prevention of Harm

I hate being forced into a situation whereby I find myself that I can't do a thing about it. I find myself obligated to do something even if that means that I would get into trouble.

What can I do? I was born with it.

Ever since I was a child it was something eery to me to see something wrong and just stay zipped about it until someone else does something about it. So why don't I do something about it, then?

Seriously, people. Think about it.

I mean, we see people all our lives doing things are wrong, against the law or just plain illogical. And what do we 'law-abiding' citizens do? Absolutely nothing! That's what! If ever there was a time to start making things right, then the time would be now while you're still alive. And not at the very last days of your life where you ask God for fogiveness. And not while you're sick and you think that doing good would probably make God lift whatever it is he is examining you with. Granted that that is another case altogether.

But point is this: if everyone in the world turned their face whenever they saw something happening right in front of them then we would never progress. Right?

You can all say I complain so much on this blog about this, that, or anything else in this country of ours. But I see it from a different point of view. I love Oman. And I am proud to be Omani, too. And it is that love that pushes me to do such things in order to make things better.

There is a Hadith, I believe, that - loosely translated - means, whenever you prevent harm in someone else's way, you gain a sadaqa or a blessing from God (I think that's how it translates, please correct me if I am wrong). And it is in that sense that we must look into making things progress here in Oman.

Removing harm in someone else's way doesn't neccessarily mean that you push aside a rock or a tree that is blocking the road. It goes further beyond that meaning. It means also making things go faster of tying up the knots in the beauricratic system within the government infrastructure so that things may run much more smoothly. It means that we need to make better roads for the country's increasing demand in purchasing automobiles. It also means that we are to respect each other in our society in fashion, speech, and valor.

The country's officials are trying their best to do what is right in their opinion. But they also need the feedback from us citizens to follow up on the progress that their plans are making on the face of reality.

What say you?

The Tale of Love

So what's left that's not been said?
The life I live is not what I expect to take

The tale of love
Of passion
Of hope

The rythem
That bounces
That floats with such gloat

I find myself upon a stream
That leads me to a pot full of empty dreams

The one I once found that I thought it would be hope
The one I once found and thought it would change my future with all it's gold

And now, a poor peasant such as I
I walk, I roam the streets that I cross by

I look at the people who hold hands in hands
I look at their faces, I feel pain, as I glance

I look on further, to see my Angel fly away
Along with her hopes
Along with her dreams
Along with what she plans to make of her life, one day

I stand there
For an answer
For some kind of sign from above
I reach out my hand
To the Heavens that lie above

And as I pass on my pain
That fill up my viens with such agony
I feel little paddling raindrops
Falling one by one, down on me

I look up, sky high
With it, I barely make out a smile
The rainbow will come out after the rain
But until that day, I await my answer as I pray for my pain to go away

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Who's to blame?

  • For letting LuLu Hypermarket in Darsait be built when they knowingly cause more traffic jams than there were was before when it wasn't there?
  • For inventing the Cigar?
  • For creating the idea that if you wear an Abbaya, you're automatically considered to be of a good family with a pleasureable reputation that sings to your ears, when the truth is not so?
  • For allowing beer into the country, when we claim to be Muslims?
  • For covering interest banking with the blanket of 'investments'?
  • For thinking that people are dumb enough to think that taxes in Oman aren't really coming out of our own pockets when they really are, where-ever you may pay them to discard the idea of 'people in power' of a country that runs on a capitalist system?
  • For claiming that there is freedom of press when the mere truth is concealed because of fear of hitting against large corporates and 'enigmatic' governmental officials?

The straight method on a curvey path

I can't seem to think straight at all anymore. One day it's this or it's that. And when things happen, they are either good or bad. And when they are good they happen all of a sudden to me. The all of a sudden, I am washed away by a sudden wave of black omens, sticky bandits, and other bad luck oriential hunk-a-who.

I can't seem to tell what is right and what is wrong. I can't seem to decide what to do and what not to do. I seem to make decision based on impulses that I regret later on, and those that I don't take up the chance on I end up losing an opporunity on.

I wish sometimes I was just reborn.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Consumer Rights

A widespread panic is amid in the cyber world in result of media giants tracking down individuals who use P2P software to make illegal copies of music they purchase from music stores that are stored in CDs.

In another attempt, SONY-BMG, tried to bring down the losses it was making in the music industry by introducing a highly secretive rootkit software that works undercover in the form of copy protection software which hides itself deeply into the operating system's code undetectable forming a security breach for both consumers of individual base and coporates, too and also causing alarm in the consumer rights industry.

The question here lies is we've heard enough about the corporates rights' and what they are attemtpting to curb the losses, but what about consumer rights? Are they not affected? There is a popular Arabic saying that - loosely translated - says; 'in order to go all the way to protect something we see so sacred, we not only protect it in the process; we also end up damaging it, too, unknowingly'.

It is unfortunate that the industry thinks of fighting fire with fire by aiming their oil into the blaze when they should be cooling it down by coming to terms of the technological advancements that has been brought about to them, respectively, asking that they creatively think - whilst not affecting consumer's nor corporates rights - of how to reach a comprimise.

Apple found a way to make downloading music to it's popular Ipod system famous in less than 3 years. Why can't they?

The ball, as they say, lies in their court now.

a great debate

There is a great debate going on A Secret Arabian Journal that is discussing the issue of the Dubai Ports taking over P&O for over $6.8 billion US Dollars.

The title of the post is Scratching Backs.

If you're interested, you could join into the discussion that is going on.


Look out for my newest article in theweek in this week's issue that would be a continuation of last time's article This Is For The Parents.

The article will be named Understanding & Control.

It should be out by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

For those of you who are not in the Sultanate, you can easily check the article by clicking the link of the gazzette on the right sidebar. You would have to wait until that specific day to check it out because the administrators behind the webpage only update it by then.

I will let you all know when it does come out, though.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The day the sky turned Black..

Today was a day like no other.

People panicked everywhere. Mice went into their holes. Hedgehogs into their burrows. Cats ran for shelter under the cars. Dogs were hiding behind their owner's legs while they unconciously burried them with their piss.

Birds flew in circles in the sky. Everyone was holding back in their homes. Waiting for whatever it was to go by.

But nothing in the world could ever save them from what was about to happen.

The sky went black. Total darkness.

Priests went into church praying for forgiveness. Rabbi's where bumping their heads agains the walls from sheer fear while they swang back and forth asking God to take the plunder elsewhere. Muslims stayed at home, praying in silence, raising their hands in their prayers asking God for mercy.

Whatever was going to happen now; it was going to happen and no one could ever stop it.

The sheer momentum of the whole situation was making the whole Earth shatter in jitters. Mountains were going to crumble from the shake. Houses were going to be cut in half from the power of this all.

And then..

It happened..

A man wearing a black cap, striped red and black t-shirt and black trousers stepped down from his red vehicle.

With him, he held a red package.

It was..

The pizza..

dum dum dummmmmmmm


some good comes out of the bad

Although I have been unable to secure myself an employment position right now. I have been steadily trying to step up my progress to become somewhat of an writer/poet in the professional field.

This is seen through my blogs, my publications in theweek (good news coming soon about that, by the way), and now the UNICEF benefit.

I was asked to compose a short story that would roam around the song that was published earlier on this blog and in the process, I managed to come up with a few lyrics on my own for my version of the song, entitled I'm Innocent. Having showed it to the lyrics writer/singer; he got excited about it saying that he might consider making it into a song and releasing it within the CD single.

I now proudly present to you, my version of I'm Innocent.


I used to live with my Mom and Dad
I used to have toys that any child would wish he could ever have

I used to live under a house enough for a family
I used to think of nothing just as long as my Mom and Dad were near me

Now, I walk the streets all alone
Mom and Dad are no longer here; they're gone
I don't have a roof over my head, anymore
My toys are now the firewood that I use to keep the blaze of warmth going on

I need food
I need love
I need help

Help me

I'm innocent


Bare in mind that the song/lyrics will undergo massive work for musical arrangement and musical compilation.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Shocks!: Daniel Craig not Bond Material?

After the acquisition of MGM by Sony, the company and the producers of the long famous secret agent 007 have ditched Pierce Brosnan and hired, instead, a new nobody by the name of Daniel Craig.

Whilst the decision is entirely to the producers and the company behind the production, fans worldwide schmucked at the new wannabe secret pretender by starting now a new website dubbed CraigNotBond.com.

The website has hit immense popularity amongst fans worldwide who disclosed their opinions about individual to do Her Majesty's bidding through MI-6.

There is clear frustration in the minds of fans of which the site quotes: "How can a short, blond actor with the rough face of a professional boxer and a penchant for playing killers, cranks, cads and gigolos pull off the role of a tall, dark, handsome and suave secret agent?"

Are you a Bond fan? What is your theory/opinion about this whole issue?

I'm Innocent

I've been authorized by the lyrics writer to publish the songwords of his version of the song that's being put together (due to be completed this Friday) for the UNICEF.


I’m innocent

I’ve been wandering on this lonely street,

No lunch and even supper,

Only a piece of bread and the river water, (2X)


I’m so small and I’ve been left alone,

I’m so small and I’m innocent too, innocent too.

No one even cares for me, when I walk down the street,

No one even picks me up to take me to his home,

Everyone watches me cry, but no one cares (2X)

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh God if you can touch me? Then why don’t I feel that touch,

If you can hear me then why don’t you answer me?

Can’t you see it they treat me like a dog out here.

Can you feel it I am left with no choice?

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh God why did you send me here (2X) Fade

Google Wonders

Try searching for 'boycott starface' and hitting I'm feeling lucky on Google and you'll end up with such a surprise.

This is what you should end up with:

Warmonger Vs. Peacenik

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Shout In Silence

I roamed the streets of love and dear. Where thoughts walked home and unclear. Bent on a path of unfulfilled dreams. Where life was once a light that guided me here. A life full of questions of why and when. Why is there a life? And when is everything going to make a turn?

The sun was in my eyes. As I roamed alone. Roamed, fathoming the streets of 'local' Rome. The seas were gushing with angriness and wisdom. The anger that fills them with tides and their 'treasures' of wisdom.

The wind was hallowing through the beach trees. Hallowing, whispering that I should change what is beneath. Beneath the mask that I hide. Beneath the deciet and all the lies. Beneath the pain that withers within. Beneath the sadness and the quinn.

The tragedy of life is a circumstance. Embraced by both the woman and the man. Fighting it takes takes an amount of faith. A faith of which I have yet to restore in the paths that I walk upon today.

Favoritism is but a role. One I cannot pursure nor control. Would like to reach the stars in the stars in the sky. I know that even those are beyond my grasp, yet, I still grip on my tears before I start to cry. I find myself weak with pain. The favor to take a pill and gush it all away.

I hold on to the dim hope through phase of despair. I ask myself if it is a lie camouflaged with care? I really don't know, anymore. I don't see what is ahead of me as a path that I can move on.

I look at the clouds that above me. I seek the answer to which I head. I run away from the pebbly face of lies and decept. I try to fly into the clouds where dreams could be built.

In the midst of all this. I hear the oceans hiss. I imagine the laughter that I've gotten to miss. The slight notion of a kiss. Life is life; this is my butter-fingered bliss. I'd rather die than live another day's lie such as this.

This is my misshappening. Someone; hear my shout in silence.

It's Only Me..

It's not the world
It's only me
I'm not dying
I'm not crying
I'm a desperate being

Desperate for the world to recognize
Desperate for the love that vitalites

Desperate in a world that would look at others
Desperate for a pair of eyes that would look at no other

The line I set
For myself
Is clear for everyone to see

The line
That I put down
Is invisible to me

This is who I am right now
The world on my shoulders
The right I ask for
A love that won't be smouldered

My given right
The wrong time
Can I win the fight?
Who can tell, but time

the icky icky shake

I thought I made it clear to myself a long time back that I would no longer need the assistance of anyone in matters of my unknown future and what preceeds it. But that was a joke. I had only started that perhaps a few weeks ago.

And it was something that I had been holding on to as a secret until everything became clear.

And now that I am past that stage now - even though with the fact that things haven't cleared up for me in terms of becoming any easier - I still have to blurt it all out.

A few weeks ago, I started re-applying to different companies with different goals in sight. I had sent out CVs enclosed with cover letters, certificates and all to almost 9 companies. Companies like Oman Airports Management Company (O.A.M.C.); Apex Printing and Publishing; National Bank of Oman; Oman Arab Cinema Company, the Sultan Qaboos University, the Times of Oman to name but a few. Others which don't come to mind, right now.

Out of these 9 companies, only two had replied to me after 2 weeks a period. The Oman Arab Cinema Company, which is owned by Jawad Sultan Enterprises and the Sultan Qaboos University. The Jawad Sultan Group was my goal because I was targetting their Public Relations and Marketing department in their cinemas (i.e.: Shatti Plaza and Al Nasr Cinema). It was a nice interview and all with the Executive Manager, which, then he requested that I do a contribution report on what can be improved in both cinemas, to which I only happily agreed and submitted only a few days back (Friday to be specific) through email as he wanted. So far, I have given up on a second reply from the Group.

The Sultan Qaboos University is a whole different issue, though. I was approached in the beginning to work in the position of a local campus article editor/translator for the University's newsletter; the Horizon. I turned it down in the beginning because I thought it didn't appeal to me that much, plus I am not that good of a translator (I have trouble myself, sometimes, translating for my own purposes). Nevertheless, I retracted my decline by calling the person who approached me, and told him that if the offer still stands I am very much interested - and I was since I had nothing else coming my way. This lead to having a meeting with the Editor-in-Chief some two days ago only to tell me that the position was no longer vacant. Pissed off as I was, I kept it in, thanked the man, and left to the man who had approached me in the first place to tell him of what had occurred. He assured me that his boss had gotten things mixed up and promised to look into the matter and to have an answer as soon as possible. Which, he did. Only to tell me that his boss told him that there really is no vacancy but there is a possibility to squeeze someone in like me to contribute like the University students do - only for peanuts, on a part time basis and for one month only. Then I am out.

Left with no choice; I have to take this only option. Perhaps it would lead me to elsewhere. If it doesn't, then at least it would fix a certain financial crisis that I am upon right now.

That, ladies and gentlemen is just the surface of what has been going on with me and why I haven't been contributing as positively as I used to in the past in this here blog of mine.

Tomorrow I am placing a call to take that position and see where destiny leads me to.

I know it won't lead me to the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but I just hope that it's somewhere a lot better than where here is.

So, here's to destiny then.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Republishment: This Is For The Parents - Pt. 1

For those who didn't have the chance to read the last article in theweek, I am republishing it here, for their convenience..


The media has always been known for it's powerful indirect force upon different generations of people in influencing opinions and bringing up momentous tantrums that are bottled within the weak at heart to courageously voice their 'one man's voice' point of view.

In the last 20 – 30 years, the multimedia so called device – the television and it's contents in terms of programmes and channels have evolved from being just a small black and white dull moving pictures box to just another luxurious and elegant widely used household device. One that holds such importance, it is often quarreled over for the remote to flick unto the desired broadcasting station and sometimes is quite frequently, more favored – nowadays – than enjoying the beautiful, outside, ever-changing nature with it's unpredictable lovely weather.

But, that's not what this is all about.

It's understandable that the youth of this generation will get influenced by TV as we were back in our youthful days. But the point here is that they have set off on the wrong foot. They have no interest in global issues that could seriously affect their own future, except when they are asked to write about them in their weekly/monthly essays. They are now more influenced by music videos and reality shows such as American Idol, Star Academy and Superstar. They've been convinced by the current media programmes that getting to their dreams is just as easy as doing the A-B-C. The youngsters now think that doing the wrong thing is 'way cool' just because the fundamental idea behind it is rebellious. Like wearing tattoos, boys wearing earrings, young girls with odd piercing habits and skimpy clothes for either gender and 'rough' fashion looks.

When instead what they should be taught is to mingle in with the right friends. Be more family-friendly so they can learn to discuss issues that shadow their heads with black clouds of doubt. This is in no way an extreme opinion about how to live one’s life but merely an example of how the youth can benefit from their time in doing something more productive and beneficent unto them.

Gone are the days that one could trust the media with the issues that parents could rest assured would not waken them through the night having to think that their children are being exposed to a bad and very distasteful audience who demand nothing but the pleasure of having to watch over someone else's lives and how they live instead of paying attention to their own family's progress and their own problems and issues.

Nowadays, parents are not only required to watch over their youngsters in terms of whom they go out with and how they behave but are also demanded by current times to watch over what their fashionable skills are according to what society accepts, and try to keep a short leash on their behavior when in public; children or not, they are the responsibility of their parents and in that concept of thinking, their actions are our responsibility, if – God forbid – anything should go wrong.

The Pink Panther

My idol.

My hero.

Apart from the part when he smokes.

Releases here in Muscat 1st March, 2006 - Shatti Plaza

I Lied

I lied today many times.

I lied to myself when I said that I will have a great day. But then again, my unconcious mind was weary and down because of all the things that were on my mind.

I lied today to myself when I said that everything will be and smiling away a fake smile just to make myself feel better. Yet, in truth, I couldn't help but feel the urge just to turn the music onto loud in my car system; shut the windows and shout out at the top of my voice - that still wouldn't help, though.

I lied to myself when I said that everything will be alright if I just look at the brighter side of things. And yet, the world I live in proves me wrong at every angle. I don't think of myself as an Angel. But I have come to think of myself of a more wiser, more deeper thinking, man. So, I would like to be treated accordingly.

I lied to myself today when I said to myself that the weather is just nice enough to the point that I wouldn't get sick again. And within that lie lay the proof of my hypocricy of myself of holding two Omol tablets - just in case.

And in the end?

I am told a thousand times that things will become better once I believe that the glass is half full and not half empty.

What does lie ahead?

Purpose. Achievement. A life without.


I got word today about the progress that was going on with the special track being recorded and promoted in the benefit of the UNICEF fund.

The proposed date for the release of the single, which features two tracks (one accoustic, and the other the original version) of a song dubbed 'I'm Innocent', is either 27 February, 2006 or 8 March, 2006.

As far the UNICEF is concerned, it's given the green light for the project. The rest is left to the local authorities.

The photo featured above in this post is exactly the photo that will be used for the cover of the CD.

More information will be passed on later..

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Muscat Book Fair 2006 - Pt. II

Just a note to all you book worms out there..

There has been an advertisement about the Muscat International Book Fair 2006 event. The dates have been altered to the period in between 28 February, 2006 - 10 March, 2006 instead of February 23, 2006 - March 3, 2006 (which was disclosed on ociped's website).

This has been printed in all local papers as of today.

Thought you should know.

Cockiness will get you everywhere..

They used to say that laughter is the best medicine for an ailing heart.

I, however, don't think so.

I think if you take your frustration out on the world by rediculing the population in all forms and sizes it will really put you to rest and not only that, it will give you that undeniable sense of comfort and emotional pleasure.

It will also give you the sense of spiritual contain.

This is my opinion.

Give it a try.

I guarantee it's 100% effectiveness immediately.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Pretences of A Time, Unknown

She sees him everyday sitting on that park bench. What does he do? What does he think? What does he say?

Pretence of a time unknown. Life is all we've got to go on.

I see you there
Sitting on your own
Sitting as if you're waiting
For someone to come along

Always sitting
With a bouquet of red roses
As if you're going to meet
That someone special

Who is it you're waiting for to come by?
What is it that pushes you on?
Why is it that you sit alone every time?
When will the clouds fade away from the face of the sun?

She comes by every single sun rise
She comes by always with a smile
She swings by me with such grace

Her presence blooms the flowers and the trees
Your sweet innocence, your loving desire for life, the urge I fight not to faint after I see your smile

You swing by me with the birth of a new morning
Your sweet smile graces me by making me forget my reasons of mourning

My life was bittersweet
But now that fate has brought us together to meet
The life I live now, is brightly predefined

Taken out by your beautiful features
Great intelligence
Better even
our ambition and determinance

The fight now is the fight for the heart's throne. The one to who no one could ever own. The fight for true love, not fame. The fight to win the heart of life's better known game. Time and time again, there will be a hole to fall into. Once you get back up on your feet, you will feel all the right pieces coming into.

The heart is at passion, the mind is at a theory. Both clash and obstruct until the day where there lay no dust.


I don't know whether any of you have ever been to a certain restaurant - if it can be called so - by the name of Kergeen. But if you have, and you know what I am talking about herein, then you would understand my point of view of this place and where my arguement is leading to..

Kergeen, by all standards, is by far, the biggest and most worst fire hazard that the Omani fire department would have to deal with, if, God forbid, it was set mistakengly into a blaze. Not to mention it is also the worst health hazard, ever, because it is set in the public area.

If you have noticed the place, it is totally made up of wood - wooden shades, wooden columns, wooden furniture and even wooden pallets. The place is also infested with roaches, rats, and food littered all over the pebbled floor.

I am curious, though..

How is it, that an organization, such as Muscat Muncipality, which looks deeply into such matters for various restaurants, cafe's and other tourism establishment, could overlook such a place as this with a very long list of the simplest violations going against them..?

Is someone being bribed somewhere, here?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Love of a lifetime..

Is it true that you only find true love once in a lifetime? If that is true; then what do you say about a person who has had several relationships thinking that each one was the real thing? And if such a thing exists; then how do we ever know it is 'the one'?

Every person goes through many life ventures in their lifetime only to learn from their mistakes, there are the other slight minority who just don't learn. And it is to those that often ask themselves where is they go from that place of misery to enjoy the happiness of life. Some of them succeed by choosing to channel their frustrations into a job of their choice and go on to further successes in their long unpredicted life. The latter, however, choose to sit and sulk on the whens, whys, whos, wheres, and whats of how they should have gone over their methods in their past, and lost in their past they will stay.

It's just annoying to think that you wasted your time in your past thinking that either this person was the one or the other and so you could have waited this whole time for the right person to come along and let emotions take you away..

But I guess that's the way everyone deals with their emotions nowadays..

The Omani Gay Parade

I'll be totally honest here.

I hate the color Pink because I think that if a male person were to wear a fabric of that origin it would look totally gay.

And what annoys me more is that these days all over Oman it is the fashion. Yes. Men are now wearing pink t-shirts, shirts and blouses from brands like Giordano.

That's my tastes. Other people will differ in opinion perhaps to the point of disagreement.

But I still think it's gay.

Oman Daily

I've had an interview with the Oman Arab Daily for my latest book Wonderous World.

I'm hoping it would be printed soon.

More details to come as soon as information is passed on to me...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Does The World Care?

Does the world loom by to see
A lonely wonderer who lives all by himself; lonely?
Does the world care?
Does the world look at a hungry child and give from it's Earth to feed?
An old man, all alone, who is in need?

Does the world pass by wars and ask people to stop?
Do the people ever lean to stop, listen instead of acting like hogs?
Does the world world hunger at poverty, oil and corruption?
Instead of asking for respect, protection and freedom?

Does the world go on by
Ask for no one to care as they pass by
If martians passed the atmosphere, they wouldn't think twice about parking here
Because of the sense of despair that's settled in their hides

Does the world care?

Do we care?

Begging for life..

There have been incidents in the past whereby some of us have been confronted by beggars in the streets in all colors asking for some kind of help in terms of money or otherwise. I for one, in my youthful years, was always the helpful kind, giving a few coins here and there to the best of my financial ability since I was still living in my parents' house.

But nowadays, one cannot help but wonder why is that there are a lot more people begging for money, from young children to the really old people. Some who claim they have walked the plains of the Earth only to have the mishappening of running broke midway. It is defenitely a sight not to be joked at.

Many are also the people who associate immediately beggars with things of evil doings and wrath and such; such as sicknesses, diseases, and criminal behavior. And it is such a shame that one looks upon their fellow human beings in such a manner just because we have a better standard of living, cleaner clothes, and money to spend on ourselves. This, however, does not justify the beggars' behavior. If they were able to walk, talk, and move freely, then howcome they are not seeking employment? Why is it that the goverment leaves them wondering around housing complexes in search for food and shelter on their own? A behavior which would only cause paranoya from the neighborhood watch.

There isn't much to be said about the role of the citizens, organizations, and most importantly from the government in such cases. Because it isn't publicized. And if it were, it wasn't attempted locally.

The root of this problem starts from us. If we face this problem with a proper approach only then will others follow suite.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Muscat Book Fair 2006

I'm due to make a debut appearance at the Muscat International Book Fair 2006 to do a signing session for my latest book Wonderous World.

Once I get the full details, I will let you know when and where..

Be seeing ya

Where Are You Now?

Where are you now?
Why are you not here with me?
Why aren't you searching for me the way I am for you?
How is it that I all alone in this
Cast with the blues when I should feel bliss
Down in my hands, my head floats
Through desire of love, my flag rises above

Where are you now?
Help me up
I'm fainting
Where the sad shadows sleep deep
Where the soul is left all alone only to weep
The thought of you is always with me
Can't seem to find another reason to live, without you, near me

Where are you now?
When you should be here with me?
Where I can see you face everyday
And wake up to your gracious smile with each sun-rising day

Where are you now?
Where is the spirit that I am looking for?
Where are you?
Where is the better half that I am in search for?

Would my journey end here?
Is this what it is meant to be?
Or should I push on
Hold the sails a little more long
Patience is all I have
In the winds of misunderstand

The time I keep
The plough this Earth meets
And all to end a mind's endless row

Where are you now?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Vanity of Valentine

So Valentine's Day is up ahead. And people ask themselves once again why are they alone? And those who aren't show so much affection to their loved ones their face turns into a red tomato just waiting to burst from being fed too many growth hormons.


Why do people act so luvvy duvvy on just one day of the year to show that they truly love a person? In my personal opinion, I think if you're going to show a person you love them, truly and affectionately then that's not by showering them with gifts, kisses and a year's supply of chocolate cases (granted the latter is a bit worthwhile), but by understanding more of the person you are with; by showing them more and more reasons every single day of your life why you chose her/him over anyone else in this whole wide world. And most importantly, always saying those special words (whatever you choose them to be and not neccessarily the famous I love you) every single day of the life you will live together.

Nowadays Valentine's Day is just another commercial marketing gimmick that stores worldwide (except places like Saudi Arabia) use to their advantage to boos their sales or make a small profit or turnover on their products.

And who was it that thought of the cockamanic idea in the first place? I bet you it was one mean sucker who didn't have luck much like the very folk of the 21st century that we see here and there and got to the insanity point and decided to take it out on the world by commerating a day for love where broken hearted fellows tragically fall again into a whirlpool of intangible dreams that are impossible to achieve because his daydream sweetheart is a heartthrob that the whole nation is after, much like Nancy Ajram or Haifa Wahbi.


It's hard enough to deal with the melodramas of life that we have to deal with every single damn day then someone elsewhere conjures up an evil plan to make the whole world drive itself into a turmoil over something so unquenchible like love.

Well you won't find me dwelling on whys, hows, whos, whats and wheres on that day.

I'll be out of sight.

Hell, yeah..

Do3aa2 Qanoot

Our house is filled up with so many calendars like you wouldn't believe. And it would be in the weirdest places, I swear.

The oddest places.

But one place we often keep usually for a calendar is in the kitchen.

Sometimes to tell everyone who comes into the house (or rather who lives there) of what important dates there are for the family and such.

So, anyhow. Getting more to the point.

Our latest 2006 calendar had been 'over-cloaked' with a Do3aa2..

It's called Do3aa2 Qanoot.

Anyone care to enlighten what this Do3aa2 is all about? And what's it's significance from the other Do3aa2's? And why is it named so?

Appreciate the help and thanks..

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Time's Portrait

For those of you who haven't had the chance to grab a copy of SQU's Horizon newsletter, I am posting the story that was used in it for your convenience..

I just thought I should tell you how I feel. Time is no longer a moment but a place, in our hearts, we conceal.

He looks upon her body with no wounds. She lays there. Breathless. It is the silence that looms.

She lay there in a corner with her head titled down. She lay there without a sound. Tears to the eyes. Astonishment not surprise. Such a beauty for one soul to hide. A depth of pride to recover. Passion: the revolver. Until this day, he will never know another.

Kneeling down as if to pray. Kneeling down to her face. Kneeling and reaching out to her delight. The face he was blessed every morning, noon and night. The split second moment of happiness. Moments shared within couple's hearts and trust. The love; undeniable – the luck.

A moment of anger from within. Reaching out from his brain through his face in his arm to begin.

Shadow of doubt, of fear, of pain
Light of anger, of craze, of shame

Hold the sword down until the truth is known
Hold the fight now to the bare bone

Fire will be fire
The dance in the end will retire

Catch the culprit
Throw them into the flames
Fight fire with fire
Desire is bliss, not an eternal pain

A broken window nearby. Smash the glass in an attempt to forget the past. Blood on the hand. Feelings slowly fade away. Yet, do you understand?

Founded religion of anger and pain
Of anger is fed
And desire is built from scratch
And in the end; nothing is in gain

"First you"
"Now they hurt me"
"I will get them"
"You will see…"


Time's elusive portrait
Pinned to the cement floor
Where ends meet
Where the soul meets its creator

"I seem to see you everywhere"
"In my dreams"
"The places I go to see"
"Even when I stare away"

"Are you real?"
"Or are you a dream?"
"Are we meant for a fling?"
"Or is it our destiny?"

They saw each other thought the hot and cold. The warm atmosphere of his hotel. The cold of the streets she crept.
There was a fire. There was a flame. A sigh reduced to hot air. The breath they took evaporates, each, into a cold cloud that goes away.

I saw you
Through the window glass
I wanted to say something to you
But thought that you would just smirk and laugh

Your sight was the one I was looking for
The keys, you hold in your hand, to my door
Life is pitiful without you and sore
Rescue me from my plundering, won’t you? I have nowhere else to go

I feel you as you feel me
I feel your desire to be with me
But I am in too deep
Far too deep for you to rescue me

I have mastered the elements that life has to give
And if I have to keep going on like this

Then I might as well die
Then live this sorry excuse for a life

The lie I live
The passive sense of wonder not bliss
Descent from legend to myth
Beneath the prowling claws of the world

Where one wonders why the live in the first place
Delivered to this earth to feel grace
Or just punishment for what you have done in a past life with such disgrace

Suddenly a quick exit by the girl. Flee the scene before you are seen. Cheating and disgracing your kind is often a sickness that can always be easily achieved. Run. Run as fast as you can. Run faster than the wind. Run quicker till you run out of breath. Keep going on. Keep pushing on. Keep going further. Into the alleys. Into unknown streets.

In an old abandoned house. Up the stairway. Into a corner now. Taking out the container hidden in her pocket.

A handful of pills in the hand. One last look of where this world stands. Remembrance is notstalgic. She feels nausy.

One last look at this world
I see
One last look at the pity that I had to be found with
Goodbye, nightmare of my dreams


Following the controversial story about what went on between me and Kazablanka, I have decided to stay off the blogs until I make a decision on whether to come back or not.

For those who have had opinions that clashed with mine in the last ..err..2 or 3 days....hope this is what you wanted.

And for those who don't opt for this option...all I can say is...what can I say?


Sorry all..

Moving on..

Moving on from the last controversial topic last posted on this blog, I have some good news for those who are studying in the Sultan Qaboos University in Oman..

The Horizon newsletter is out tomorrow (Saturday), and there will be a full page dedicated for a short story of mine that I had recently written.

It's under the name 'Time's Portrait'..

I hope you will all get the opportunity to enjoy reading it and giving feedback on it..


Friday, February 10, 2006


In response to the post that I posted on A Secret Arabian Journal on Blogging Around The Gulf SPECIAL that I had advertised for on my blog I was sent a bogus email from an anonymous that read something about Kazablanka's attempt to diss me on her own blog.

Curious as I was to see the truth of this attempt, I was astonished that Kaza had actually did what I had been told!

I was surprised. Astonished. Wacked out, even. Trying to put the pieces together to see what the jumble makes of, it turns out that we were both foulplayed by someone anonymous only to introduce hate between two bloggers who knew each other for a while and had their differences and decided to seperate (in rehetoric terms, that is) peacefully.

If you're curious to see what she claims I had done you can visit that exact post by clicking THE DISS.

You be the judge in this case besides the topics laid out in either blogs.

Court is hereby, adjourned..

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thank God, the joke is finally OVER

It's been a tedious month here in Muscat for the year 2006. And all because of Muscat Festival 2006.

The worst organizing, the worst performance, and the worst time ever to bring on such a festival with so many media lies about who, what, where and why as to what is going on in the festival.

350,000 people visit the festival during 2 days of the festival on a weekend? Gimme a break! Where do they get their numbers from? There's no transperency as to where or what their sources are.

First it was a few classy dance acts to perform on the Muscat Amphitheatre during the festival period; then there was the mourning of several rulers and other royal families of the GCC region that led to cancellation of all the other festivals in the same region. But what does Muscat Muncipality do? Send out 500,000 SMS messages to the over one million subscribers telling them that Oman Mobile that although there have been all these big drastic tragedies in the area, Muscat Festival 2006 still goes on.

I am just glad for two things; one of which is that during this period I never entered any of the areas that the festival was running on so I wasn't jammed up with so many people who don't know whether they're coming or going and second; that tomorrow (Friday) is the last day of the worst ever festival to hit the face of this planet (if there's any worse, do let me know I just might end up making a list).

Good riddens, Muscat Festival 2006.

Public Announcement

Just in case if you've been wondering why there's nothing much to be talked about on this blog, well, you know that I have been sick and all.

And I have also been busy with other things such as blogging on other blogs.

The lastest of these posts you can find a special Blogging Around The Gulf on your favorite Kazablanka on A Secret Arabian Journal.

You'll find the permanent link to that site on the right hand sidebar.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The wierdest thing happened to me the other day..

- I was going to a pharmacy to get this ointment for my eyes. So I ask for some eye drops. The guy's like, ok. What for? :os ??? For my eyes..

- I have never known another society that is so hospitable and sensible in their driving; Omanis actually stop for other people to cross the road (which explains the many accidents that happen to pedestrians inside their own alleys); they stop for animals to cross the road (notice any dead cats on the road?); and finally - my favorite - they stop for fireworks in Muscat's sky to stop lighting up like temporary chandeliers on a public highway and in the middle of the road. I'm stopping here, damnit! Can't you see there are fireworks crossing?

- Then there's the occasional slowdown on the highway that is of two sources, either a) the police have blocked passage to a certain road because VIPs are using the roads that they helped build with their bare hands; or b) some shmuck has had an accident on the other side of the road and the entire Sultanate of Oman wants to know how it happened and if they assist. Phoowee.


I love my country to death. To death, you hear?

Damn Rotten Luck

I was going to post something today really good but then I totally forgot what it was that I wanted to post here. And then I became very sick first thing in the morning that's developed into a slight fever now not to mention that I have very blurry vision because of an eye infection after trying out a new pair of contact lens.

So I guess I'll just forget about blogging today.

I'll try blogging tomorrow (Wednesday) if I'm feeling any better.


Monday, February 06, 2006


So what do you call the situation whereby you can only do so little and yet whatever you do and whenever you want to attempt to it fate drops by and takes it away taking away the only chance that you could have probably attempted at.

Thereby, setting a case of reactions from the world that surrounds you where your least actions are not appreciated, and when what you're secretly planning is still not into momentum that illudes that audience into thinking that you are doing everything wrong.

What exactly do you do then?

What do you have to say?



Rage Against The Machine

Don't stop me
Don't tell me what to do
You think you know me
But that's not the truth

Truth to be told
You don't know me at all
The plans you make
The thoughts your mind rakes
Are for you and for you alone

You hold your ideas
Your beliefs against me
You think I am some puppet
Look again; there are no strings on me

You break me down
In front of the crowd
And you think you've done yourself a favor

But what you don't know
Is the passion that I hold
Is the one that needs growing

You're sinking the ship
You're lashing the hip
I don't understand
But all I do
Is that you don't want to get this through
All you want
All you ever want
Is total control in your hands

How to know when to slow down..

So I guess the Big Guy Upstairs had sent me a very strong signal these past few days..

I was working on sending out my CVs these last two days.
I did a radio interview last Friday morning on Oman Arab FM.
I have been been working frantically on marketing my latest book Wonderous World.
I was posting on four blogs; Sleepless In Muscat; Rapidly Blue; A Secret Arabian Journal and; Arab UAE Community Blog.
I was still sending out my fornightly articles to theweek.
I had done a small interview with a local reporter about my book.
Plus, I have been trying to help out someone in their remarkable talent.

... and then suddenly..

.. I fall sick..really sick..

.. guess, I'll just take it easy for a few days now..

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mdaad Forums

There's been mention about me and my new book Wonderous World on the Arabic Mdaad Forums.

The person to initiate the topic is Mr. Hassan Al-Lawati.

He is quite the journalist and writer of his own literature. As he has already published one book by the translated name of White Grounds in the Arabic language.

You can check out what I am talking about through the link provided below.

(NB: The post in which you follow the link through to, is in Arabic)

Mdaad Forums

The Heart .. The Pen .. The Pad..

He locks himself up at night
He closes the curtains, he wants no light
He sits down at a corner trying to stop the shedding of tears from his eyes
He holds his face in the palm of his hands for fear of his blight

He cries in shame
He has no one else but himself to blame

He takes a pad
He takes a pen
He writes down
What he thinks shouldn't be said

'I have long favored the summer'
'In the winter's breeze'
'The bliss of seeing thee'
'When I am about to die; when I try to plead'

God. Help me in my vain. The power I ask for. To guide me through the way. I plead to you. I implore. I ask that you show me. The road to go.

God will look down
And cover with His gracious hands
The circumstances to, which, I should understand

Lover's might
Sweet folklore
A tunnel ends with a light
But who is there with you to go down that lonely road?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Fumbled up

Things are a bit too confusing for me right now..

So if I don't post anything you'll just have to excuse me


Thursday, February 02, 2006

September's Girl

She loves the rain
The sadness it takes away
The love it shades
And the memories she gains

She loves red roses
And violets, too
A potfull of promises
Sends her into her solitude

She smiles wide
With glee twinkling in her eyes
And happy tears fall down her cheek lines
She wants to whisper those words that eat her inside
But she's afraid
She holds away
She says she no longer trusts the world today

Her last chapter
Was a disaster
She'd rather not look back
She aims for the future
She works on her present
And everyday misgivings she tries to understand
She no longer holds the passion in her heart
She no longer believes in that first spark
But one thing is certain to break her down
The simplicity of a man who will make her anything but frown

She seeks her power
In her relief
She seeks to be lifted
Off her feet

She denies herself the pleasure
Because she's seen the pain
The dying wager
Between her work and the flame

She has the laugh of an Angel
And a true heart
She tries to do
What, in her eyes, is right

She seeks to focus on the good
And put aside the bad
Yet, with all this going on
When she's not busy and no one's at home
She sits down and thinks
She tries to comprehend on the happenings
Sometimes she wallows in grief
Other times, she just puts her head to sleep

But there are rare times
When she just cries her eyes out
Wishing that someone would rescue her from her doubts

The next day, she awakes
She's the same person, just a different face..


I know this is a very late entry..

But I have been requested to do an interview about poetry in general on the local Arabic radio channel tomorrow morning (Friday) at around 8am.

The programme is called A7la 9aba7..

If you feel like getting up that early to listen to someone talking about boring old poetry then you're in for a treat..

Hope you can join me by then..

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

1st Year Anniversary


It has been a year since I started regurlaly posting on this blog.

And boy oh boy has it been one intense year, from grub, to grudge, to a life-and-death situation and many emotional metl-downs.

Let's just say, it is an accomplishment that one can look back onto with pride and say to themselves "I've gotten away with it"..



Fighting The Fight - Together

The wage of war

The distruction, sought
Time is an inevitable disease
The sight of light, is what I seek
To the land of doom, I shall be buried
And to deal with the Devil that holds me, by the shackles, by my knees

Time to die
For who, I don't know - I wouldn't lie
Reversing time in it's space
The laughter is it? Or mere disgrace?
Change of life and what has become
Change of friends to enemies and the lies they sung
The fort I hold
Choose, or chosen, that is to you, to hold
The story - your future - to be told

Live a lie
Or live truly with dignity
Live with honor
Or bend down as the inferiority you misplease
Fight the fight
Choose the day and not night
What will become
Is your rise, is your sun
And one day, the truth will be told
That nothing lasts forever
Nothing will ever change unless we change ourselves - together