Saturday, September 30, 2006


Friday prayers.

Something that I had not attended in a tremendously long time. For reasons in and out of my hand. But today took it upon myself to go and attend it with a friend. Not because of Ramadhan. Not because I feel I owe it to myself towards my religion. But because the road of responsibility starts with the first step towards changing what's within to change what surrounds. Meaning myself, that is.

I have to admit, it felt aqward when I got there. I was asking myself a million and one questions within my head. Was I doing everything right? Was I praying correctly? Was I supposed to do this or not? Things, perhaps, a small child just beginning to know the 'service' would ask their parents. Kind of like a Pinnochio out of Disney cartoon. Only this time, Gipetto was out of the picture and only I was there.

As I started off the prayers, things finally fit into the small easy puzzle. Which is sort of the case with me always. I have to always be in the position to actually understand what to do and finally put the pieces together. I am hoping that this would be the case with 'good' things (something I just thought up whilst typing this away on the keyboard of the laptop) and not anything devastating.


I'm hoping to repeat the experience next week. I had missed much of the speech at the beginning of prayers this time, so next time I will try to make it on time.


Update: It's been officially announced - later to be published in public media - that the Sultanate of Oman has officially made the weekend change from a Thursday & Friday to a Friday & Saturday. Details are still sketchy. Still an interesting development, though.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Seeking The Responsible Method

In the past days, there has been this thought that occupies my head ever since the last incident has happened; standing back on my own two feet. Owning up to the responsibility that will sooner or later come my way since - and, let's face it - this happens within the span of everyone's lifetime.

But this issue of responsibility is a brain-tie. Since on one hand, it depends on how the health issue would develop, mainly, that is. It's not easy being in such an easy situation. Everyone who knows me and sees me around Muscat with the people I hang out will probably have one thought on their mind; an easy-going, care-free person with no problems whatsoever; whatever they may be.

But that's just a front to keep the spirits up and to stop myself from dropping into a cycle of depression all over again.

The reason I raise this issue is not only because I would like to face the world face-to-face, but to be able to 'mark my territory'. In a sense, try to show the world that I am not the useless unworthy person they think I am, but more of a person who is able to face up to the daily challenges.

If you see me and ask me about this I would surely deny I ever wrote one word because I'd rather leave worries behind and face each day with a brand new smile, a new hope that this day would be worth living even though it may have it's mishaps.

I might smile away here and there
You might see my eyes twinkle away
I am just hoping that all this change
Would one day go away

I was told that this all would one day happen. Perhaps when I feel I am up to the responsibility. That just clicked.

I can't deny my feelings that I would like to see myself get married or engaged. But everytime I see that opportunity, I keep on coming back to the same question over and over again; what have I got to show for it? Because I am not in it for flirtatious purposes. I am not in it for the looks.

I guess I thought I should share this with you to see what you all thought.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

FTA: Oman & USA

Just a few days ago, there was a small panic in the market due to the shortage of milk that is imported from neighboring countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. And only recently was the announcement of the final approval of the Free Trade Agreement between the United States of America and our government.

Now, during the course of the small panic attack that hit the market because of the previous shortage of milk products imported - which, by the way, wasn't really resolved because local dairy farms couldn't face up to the demand in the market that rose to 4 fold the original demand - the market stood at standstill because it couldn't face this small a challenge of something so minuscule a problem.

If this is the case with such a situation; then how is it that the government expects the private sector to face up to an economy as vast as the US?

Even though the government says that this FTA will allow further international investments from the US side, I still don't see how this will happen if the restrictions on international businesses remain as they are.

Yes, there are incentives. Such as 5 years tax free profits to help the business stand, some even get free land if it's a huge development, and other small helpings along the way. But after that companies are faced with an enormous 24% tax to pay up to local authorities for different purposes - tourism, muncipality, and service.

It would be in everyone's interest - of whom are interested to invest in the Omani economy - to set up a realistic, and very cautioned developmental business plan prior to embarking on the venture.



- Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry

- Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Share My World

A look at the horzion
As far as the eye can see
The land of the living
A bottle, half full - not half empty

The sacred rose
On the other side of the greens
This side is brighter
In my eyes, do I see

A man looks at the world
With such gloom
The perils
That around us, loom

And all I can see and feel
Is a child laughing
A mother smiling
And a father filled with the warmth of love

This is the world you see
This is the world we live in
This is the world I see
Won't you come and share it with me?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


The most frequent time you'll ever see me blog is late at night, which is why I adopted the blog name, and not because of a fashion trend to find a 'cool' blog name.

I normally blog/write in the middle of the night because that's the most time I ever get thoughts and ideas in my head. That's also the time when I start getting these two different personalities within me discussing everything and anything that went on/goes on/could have happened during the course of the day/days to come.

Pretty complicated, huh?

I am told that I am such a person, although it seems I turn a blind eye against that fact in my subconcious. Which is also weird.

That's not insomnia, is it?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Well it seems this blog is finally getting some appreciation.

Sleepless In Muscat has been chosen as the Editor's choice of the week on themedialine; a website that is dedicated to providing news and information in the Middle East region.

As it is commonly known as The MidEast News Source.

A link to the website is provided in the sidebar should you be interested in checking it out; there is also the chance to submit your blog to the editor to be enlisted. Something worthy of consideration.

Booster Required

I had so much stuff on my mind to post on tonight's blog but I've gone and forgotten it.

I didn't want to sound preachy in my posts because of how I am 'opening up' with my inner deepest thoughts, but then again, I can't help it because as I am always told by many people I know and sometimes those who I don't know very well, that I am an open book and easily judged.

I remember something about tonight though; I remember meeting up with a friend who I hadn't seen in a very long time and he brought up the subject of why I don't write in theweek anymore. I explained that there were several reasons as to why that had happened, of which the most important to me were; several topics I had chosen to write about where declined permission to publishment as they were thought to be biased and also flamatory against organizations - public or otherwise.

What's the use of a law for freedom of press when it is not enforced?

Anyhow, that was that.

I could sit down all my life thinking about what to do next with it but that would be a total waste of my precious time not to mention the dumbest thing anyone in any position or state could ever do. The ideas are popping in my head but I have to keep careful consideration of my health now - yes, you'll be hearing that a lot from me, so stop whining already - because I am unable to stay with a regular routined time job because there is just no knowing when and where what anything may happen.

So what's left? Either free lancing in something I am good at - namely, writing or just trying to open up a small business. And to be honest, I am rather skeptic about both choices because writing doesn't really feed the hungry mouths of a table while on the other hand, a business would require determination, sound business knowledge of the market field, financial stability and not to mention dedication.

But the one thing that holds me back, and this you may have already noticed, is the lack of confidence. The 'get up and go' attitude baring the risks in mind and a contingency plan, just in case.

I guess what I am trying to say here is; I need a booster - of all the above.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sleepless In Muscat

Friendship is by far the best type of a relationship that anyone can ever have - something I have only realized lately. It doesn't come above family, though, since family is always there but when you want a change of 'scenery', you need new faces, people you feel comfortable. And that's where your friends come in.

My friends, as is everyone's, are one of a kind. We get along in a very positive but weird kind of way. And like I said, everyone does with their own set of friends. We have our quirks, sure, we have our own 'private way' of joking with each other but we are mature enough to know our boundaries.

I have known my friends for quite a long time. The furthest I have known a person as a friend is more than 14 years. And they thought Dinosaurs went extinct, they should get a load of us. Slight.. joke... there..

Ehm.. Anyhow..

As I was saying..

I remember days when neither there was a 'mood' for being with the family - because of me and not anything else, so don't jump to conclusions here - and my friends were either busy or not in the country for studies or something else. Something that sucked big time.

It's at that point in time when you get really tense, you feel you want to shout out from the bottom of your lungs to get confusion out. But that didn't work all the time. You're probably thinking I am some weirdo because I am confessing this here, but that's the truth, and I feel the need to blurt it all out.

I am a people person. If I don't sense socialization you'll be condeming me to judgement of my own dark thoughts.

That's who I am.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Spirit

People have been making comments that this year's Ramadhan is very different than that of last year's and I have to strongly agree with that but on a different basis.

The fact of the matter that the majority of that population who made that comment only miss the 'spirit' because of the atmosphere, the offers, and the wide range selection that is made available to the public in terms of discounts for products and their incentives.

I, on the other hand, think of it as a much better time than last year because, for once, people here - in Muscat, especially - will start to focus on the true meaning of what it is to fast and attend the holy month of Ramadhan. The time where they are supposed to give more than they get. A time where there they can focus on spirituality rather than spending most of their time either sleeping until sunset time and/or watching the wide variety and assortment of serials on their TV channels until dusk or suhoor.

People will finally realize that this month is all about wiping your sins away while you have the chance. God didn't close the door to Hell during this month just to keep the heat away, you know. He did it for a reason, and a great and wise one at that, too. He did it so we can try to gain more blessings in our meteoric balance of purity that is judged in the afterlife.

I never said that you can't have fun while you're attending this month of Ramadhan. But everything has it's priorities. And as hypocritical as it may sound, this is one of those times.

Hypocritical I say because it's as if I am trying to say that we should only focus on the religious aspect of ourselves and our souls during and only during this month. Which is not the case. In fact, what I am trying to say that we should focus more on those aspects during this period of time than any other time of the year due to the blessings that come along with it.

What's bad about all of this is that I am missing out on all these blessings because of my medical state.

Good things come to those who wait, eh?

A Ramadhan Blog

For any of you interested into knowing what's going on the in the world during the holy month of Ramadhan, a few blogger friends of mine have established a new blog for this occasion by the name of Ramadan-Kareem.

Have a look at it, it's quite impressive, professional and what's more gives a better insight into what's happening around the world through in this period of time.

You can also ask to contribute to the blog at the email address provided on the homepage or even just comment.

I really do suggest you give it a go.

I've provided a link to the blog on my blogroll should you want to come back and add it to your favorites..

Ramadhan Kareem

Friday, September 22, 2006

This Is What I Choose

Little children cry
Old people die
Youngsters are forced into the army for a reason they know not why

The world has become black when it should be semi-pink
Feelings no longer bring you up; but instead make you sink
Depression is caused by nations fighting for nothing
And now the generation is paying through their nose, when will it all stop - won't you tell me?

Tell me
Will there ever be a time when we will smile again?
Tell me
Will there ever be a time when we share flowers instead of bombs?

I hope to see the sun shine one day
I hope to see the smile on a child's face
I hope to live to see the greenery on the land that we now disgrace
I hope to see the day that humanity will stop this insanity and break these mental chains

Lead by love
And not hate
I choose to hold on to hope
Will follow my way?

Barriers: Physical or Mental?

Many people choose to have their lives around a certain design that they feel accustomed and much more comfortable to. Like for instance, you have people that feel they don't need to go out a lot to have a change of routine in their every day cycle of day and night. Others feel the need to move around and keep on going around just to feel that they are alive and actually doing something.

I am one of those people.

I can't sit in one place doing nothing at all unless I am put down by one obvious reason or another. And if I can't find something to do then it's off to the streets in the car and listening to music that I have in the stereo system, which sometimes soothes the tension in having nothing to do for about half an hour until something comes into mind.

But just how much can one bare to do of the same old routine over and over again over a certain period in time? How many times can I actually say to myself that there is something new to be done nowadays - especially with Ramadhan just around the bend?

It's times like these that I one is pushed to innovate in their skillful way.

I am not saying it's easy - Hell, no.

It's more like an brain-shrinking process that is carried out over and over again in order to come up with something new to get yourself through the day. Even when you're in my position.
I had thought about this topic just last night before going to sleep and its stuck like glue to me until this very moment. The topic of where everything you have tried just seems to backfire in your face. Even with all the optimism in the world, there's that big barrier that stops you from going further and you're trying to go over it but it's just too tall or that's how you percieve it.

I'm not feeling bad or anything, but it's just something to think about.

Arabia Calling

I have a bit of a press release to announce here - well, just a tad. I have just established a new blog under the name 'Arabia Calling', as you may have noticed when you click on my nickname to see the list of blogs that I participate/own.

I am trying as much to diversify myself into different topics of interest where I can lude readers' attention into topics that would grab their eyes.

The blog, which is still in progress, will offer the world audience (yes, I am that ambitious) an Arab's perspective on the outlooks of their future in terms of society norms, topics that are often misunderstood such as relegion, culture, and perhaps local laws that are mixed up because of little or no understanding of the judical and/or the political system of local Arab countries not limited to the GCC borders.

I am hoping to attract as many bloggers from all over the Arab 'world' to participate in penning down their thoughts and opinions on local country issues with their assurance to deliver the basic simple truth without prejiduce.

I am hopeful that this first step will lead to many a successful ventures in the near futures.

If you are interested in joining the blog, please leave a comment at this post; it doesn't matter where you're posting from as long as you are offering your perspective on Arab issues that would concern readers the world over.

Do drop by there as I have added the link to blogroll.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Smiling: An Eternal Remedy

What is it about a smile that makes you so happy?

I was always gloomy in the past, always feeling depressed and now all of a sudden I am still happy after being released. And today of all the days even when I am tired and barely able to just roam around in my car around the outskirts of Muscat, I am still happy and smiling whenever I in a situation.

I was happy when I picked up the new lens for my glasses after few days of seeing the world through a blurry vision. But that didn't matter to me.

I was happy today when I met a friend of mine on a piece of good news on their behalf. Still no idea why I was so happy.

I am just so happy.

True it makes you so happy to be alive. Maybe that's the reason as to why I am so full of glee.

I always thought the reason to happiness is when you find the one you love and that because you have found them you actually think that now the world has turned pink for you with the reason to live now always around you. But I think my perspective has changed towards that concept just a few days ago.

The feeling of being alive can change a lot of things within a human being.

It can be like the first breath a new born child has taken. The first kiss. The first smile or perhaps flirt. Like a new sunrise. Everyday a new picturesque scene over the horizon. A new tide.

I just can't describe how wonderful it feels.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006



Do we really exist? What are the factors that we can actually relate to in terms of existence in the concious and unconcious state of mind?

It's a wonder these days that we can just get along with out lives and do everything we need to do without having to wonder what it is we are really doing. Do we really breath the air we breath? Do we really drink? Do we really eat, sleep, talk, and watch? Things of the concious being within us that we identify as a soul is what allows us to respond in such a manner and nature.

But what about the unconciousness? What is there to say about that?

The powers that loom around our very body and meliclular systems. The significant powers that hold it within their grasp to change whatever it is against our will. The strange phenominons that we encounter each passing day to change the way we behave, react, re-react and so on in a butterfly effect.

There are only a few entangled weaved webs around us that choose to pin us down because of our ability to understand to that point. Hence, going beyond it would be going insane.

But that doesn't mean that we should choose to ignore such issues.


"Can you feel your underwear?"
"Then you exist.. now drive"


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Tonight I was going to post about something that was on my mind but was obstructed by a burning sensation and pain in my stomache.

It got me into a few dizzy and fainting spells along the night but I am braving it out and although I was trying to reach out to my 'close' online friends - none responded. True it's a silly move from me but then again I had no other choice because there was no one else around and I could barely stand on my own two feet.

Just goes to show how much friends can be there for you for the simplest things.

Thoughtful Expression

Things are either getting better by the day or somehow some weird transformation is happening within me. For the life of me I have no idea what's going on but I do know that I am absolutely loving the feeling. It's intoxicating, I swear. And I don't know why. Maybe because I was lashed up in a confinement of gloom. Or maybe my psychological state was away on holiday and finally noticed the mess it left me in.

Either that or Jack and Rose jumped ship and survived the iceberg.

I mean, everything I see around me is just so bad. But I am so carefree. I am laughing so much that my jaws are aching. I am smiling to the point people would refer to me as The Joker.

The roads are a miserable mess in our area because of the current expansion projects that cocurrently happening and somehow the entire population of the Sultanate has found it's way to the service roads that leads to our place and it's mind boggling to see this amount of cars in that congested an area that you just laugh your head off just looking at it.

What else is there to be talking about but the hot weather, the projects, the upcoming Ramadhan period which no one is taking into serious consideration I think this year because it just seems like it has become like another western commercialized business period where there are so many offers that you're wallet is just drooling your pants so wet begging to come out of your pocket for new car models, midnight tent feasts, big store discounts, drama TV, and absolutely nothing to do with what it is all about: fasting - in all manners that it holds. I mean, imagine seeing in the middle of the night watching a man stuff his belly with a big platter of kabab, salads, and enough tea to make the Gulf of Oman turn brown. Is that what it's all about?

I'd still laugh at that, though. Because as much as it depressing it's actually funny to see a person put themself through such misery - physically.

Oh, well. I have no complaints myself during Ramadhan. Except for one that I was intending to fast this year had it not been for what happened in the past few days.

You win some, you lose some.

In my case, I would think it's a win-win situation.

Does this post make any sense at all to you people? ;o)

Monday, September 18, 2006

the profound meaning of life

My second day out.

Not really entertaining since I stay inside during the morning time to avoid the heat and doctor's orders to have some nice peaceful quite without anxiety.


Now there's a funny word that I never thought I would ever mention - ever. I am a nervous wreck when I don't know what to do. I simply panic. There were many a times in that hospital bed when I had so much conflicting pain in my bones and muscles that it just seemed that everything was closing in on me. I was actually reading out my last prayers while I was on that bed when it was one of those times. That's how ... lonely, I guess the word would be is how I felt.

You can all go ahead an laugh at just how stupid it must have felt or just say to yourself that I am a complete wimp for being the person I am and not having enough toleration be man enough.

But I have a different explanation altogether.

I had recollected those days when I was looking to the white hospital ceiling and ending up almost having a proper conversation with it by thinking of what I had done in the past. The good; the bad; the embarassing - you get the picture already.

But the click here was that I had registered a moment in my life that if I had gotten out of this I would try to change myself to the better. To become a much better person. Smile when I am sad. Laugh when I am angry. Something that would prove otherwise to change the personality within. Something to make things turn around.

And at this point in time, I would be the most selfish being in the world but in a humantarian way. In a way that would change things within me and the way the world, in turn, would revolve around me.

There's a business saying that if you can't change the environment around the people to get to them (the people), then try changing the culture. In that same sense, I am trying to change the culture of things that surround me. Instead of being gloomy 21 and a half hours of the days sulking on the past (and I know I have said this many a times), then I would adopt to a new philosophy in life.

The philosophy of hope. Warmth. Smile. Twinkling eyes. Restful soul.

All that yabba dabba stuff.

It's amazing that we take so much for granted that we neglect to see the minute details in life that we are missing that offer so much of a profound meaning in our lives.

Isn't it?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

In Love We Should Trust


I wish I was your shining star
To shine down on you
I wish I was with you right now
To show you how much I adore you

To make you always smile

Never cry again

Have a bold stand
And I wish I could just take your hand
And I wish I was the wind
To fly you over
To show you the world, over

And I wish I was a shining star
To shine down on you
And I wish I was with you right now
To show you much I adore you

I wish..
I was the air, you breath
I wish..

I was the love, you need

And here I am

And here I am
Take my hand
Don't let go
Don't be afraid
I'll always be here

For you
For you

Yes, I'll always be here
For you..

And I am the shining star
That would forever shine down on you

And I am always there
Whenever you need someone to talk to

To love you

To need you
To hold you in their arms

I wish..

when the cat's out of the bag


Today, I was finally released from my mental and solitarium confinement after an agony and misery of having to bear with an atrocious hospital smell and mood for almost 10 days/9 nights.

Today I was finally allowed to see the world as it was only to see that nothing whatsover has changed - not that I was anticipating anything to, though.

Today was the day that I told whose who and what's when and why is so, that this dude is back in town for another round of shocking truth, auspicious deliverence of what's beneath the surface and between the lines in what is written today's headlines, news trends, fashions streaks and only to be left as to what Caeser's character in the Gladiator would phrase it - 'the truth of which you want to speak, is so light, you can only whisper it and it would be gone'.

Ramadhan is on the doors people, don't go mucking about eating up grub like you have been on hibernation all your life..


Give and let live.
Die only to go to Heaven as to know why.
The passion of the truth is in the soul.
Love you hold, is grand - that's what is told.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Take Me There

Take me where I am
Take me along from the place I long stand

Take me and let's fly
Take me and let's just fly away, high away, into the clouds

Take me high
Make me smile
Let us live our dreams
And live happily all our lives

Take me there
Where happiness takes the steering wheel
And it's you and I, the world we can both share

Take me now
Take me now
Don't leave me all alone
I want to stay with you
Since it's you that I have found

I love you

I love you..

.. So much..

*This poem is one of the first to be written for my third - as yet, untitled - poetry book.

from a known blogger - part two

While the hospital is not exactly a great place to be in, having to stay here for the last 10 days has been a real bummer trying to think about what I am going to do and what I might do when I do get out of here.

Like for instance, I need to move around a lot more because of the inactivity my muscles have been rested into since I was weak and the such, plus since Ramadhan is just around the bend and my high hopes have been put down on fasting this year since I will have regain my weight, although there is a lot of it going around because of the massive amount of medications that I have been prescribed to.

But fear not, I'm not as gloomy as you all think I am; I have written a couple of poems for my new third poetry book which is still yet untitled. I may publish one of them here sometime soon.

I have a plan on how to get into something worthwhile that will not cost the pain that I went through this time ever again, but it will take some time. I am also going to definitely get out of the country for a little while once I am out and feeling better - which inshallah, will be quite soon.

Ideas are still in place to be looked into so I can change the blog's look. It will be a total exception I am hoping.

Other than that - life for me right now, rotates around the hospital grounds and the newspapers I recieve everyday.

Stay healthy people - never take anything for granted.

See ya round when I do..

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

from a known blogger

I have been away on health visit to the hospital for the past few days and still am mind you.

But be sure that I am alive and kicking and ready to pounce back into action with a great suprise.

Be sure to be there..


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

what the western media does not show

Monday, September 04, 2006

another one bites the dust

So what's new?


Nothing that would enter my brain and set itself as important that it should be blogged that is. Apart from the itsy bitsy little minor detail that I had agreed - in fact, prompted - my physician today to enter me into a program that will rid me once and for all of my fever that is caused my antibodies.

Its a kind of process that's similar to what Lukeimia patients have in their chemotherapy that deals with targetting the defected blood cells and allowing the chance for the growth of new healthy blood cells that will allow a greater fighting chance for the patient.

During which the same period the patient will be prone to a less or ill-effective defence system within to the point that he/she must be confined in a room by themself for quite some time. It might also require for a bone marrow transplant as well.

The details are just sketchy but seeing that no one is in favor of commenting anymore on my blog for any reason whatsoever, I figured I might as well bore myself with this information that is due to happen in 2-3 weeks time..

Guess that means no fasting in Ramadhan this year for me

Letters To A Princess..

I could have told myself that this was the end
The picture of the flower is pink, of that I pretend
The love of my life is no longer but a trend
For security and life are just two different friends

For if life has seen me this way
And I have seen life, mind you
And I grow weary of it's troubles
The prince of persia I would become in my heart, 'tis true

For love is in the heart
Moreso in the soul
More life as a spark
Than there is spaghetti in a bowl

I fear not the day that I grow toothless
Nor the day I die
For the day I fear most
Is the day I am alone, by myself, and in my sleep, I die

For love, an emotion is with endless possiblities
To tend to the dear, to the lost, and the weary
But for a lonely knight, such as I
I am only an unwanted guest in past time of life and limited care

thoughts of the day

I haven't been posting much on other blogs which I help post on such Arabic UAE Community Blog & A Secret Arabian Journal for two different reasons. The first reason is because we hardly have any hits to the first blog and we have a truckload of members who are authorized to do whatever they please but aren't bothered to be lifting a figure for one reason or another. So I am thinking to myself if that's the case then my posts would hardly contribute towards the development process of a blog where hardly anyone cares. The second blog is where I used to post 'sensitive' issues polotically and socially and keeping them away from Sleepless In Muscat for specific reason until I decided to kick that bucket because certain members think that talking about such issues will jeopordize the blog's (A Secret Arabian Journal) future as a blog that is subjective and unbiased but talks about serious worldly issues. That's not the way I see it though, which is why I have held back lately on topics until a certain time this issue can be redicussed or a solution is found between the members.

Its such a shame to have to come to such a position that you also live in life. Whereby everything is just the same that you pass by. Too much repititiveness that calls on you for change but when you can't give in because of one thing or another just because a group of people don't understand what you're going through it just puts you in pause. Creating a lifetime picteresque photographic memory of that very moment that it will haunt you for the rest of your time here on Earth.

Which is a shame, mind you. Because you can't seem to shake it off no matter what people might say that your mind keeps reminding you of it time and time again that when you are - reminded of it - you feel the sourness going down your soul and hope to God that no one has noticed how embarassed you felt during that split second.

Yet on the other hand, you wish that with that you would have the time to search and find what could be called eternally yours. Someone you could hold hands down the future path of where you have no idea is going to - be it war; death; another new life, God knows but just having that special someone with you alongside you makes you feel secure that no matter what you have going through your life down that line you couldn't care less because you have that person by your side never to leave you - ever. Someone who will be there for all your life. But frankly, for me, me and my big 'idea' will just have to stay up there because I have learnt that there is no one in life for me who would believe in such ideoligies. None whatsoever.

Talk about RIP Valentine..

Saturday, September 02, 2006

the customer is king

What is the problem with service companies these days?

They advertise for something in the media saying that you will lose out on this and that and this by choosing not to get it whereby you get a lot of advantages by actually purchasing the service/product and then when you end up asking for the product it's either unavailable or out of stock.

This is what happened to me in 2 different cases.

At Carrefoure, I was off buying a PC for a family member whose birthday it was and I had my eyes on a certain model so I decided to come back when I had enough cash for get it. 2 days later, I find out it's out of stock yet still in display. Still, I wasn't beaten, so I decided to up the stakes and set my eyes on an even more expensive model, came back a day after the dissapointment, was told the very same thing.

What's the point of displaying something for sale when you're still in promotion yet you have no stock to support?

Next was today when I went to OmanTel to finally submit the application for ADSL and gotten everything approved except that I got told it would take up to one and a half months to get my application started because there was no bandwidth acceptance within our area of residence.

Yet again another mishap?

Why should the customer have to pay for the stupidity in planning by a company's advertising and promotion?

If at all, the customer should be satisfied at all costs.

Friday, September 01, 2006

good golly miss molly!

Alright. Alright.

So my tone in the past on this blog has been very defensive, very aggresive and quite frankly: abusive. For that I apologize. But I would like to make it clear that it was of clear intentions; because what is going on the horizon of the Arab region - including the entire Middle East - is completely ridicilous. From Lebanon, to Iraq, to Darfur, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iran - name me one place that is truly in peace and harmony? Not even Saudi Arabia with the evergoing threat of some terrorist trying to impose his idiology on an unknowing society. Almost every country in the region has gone through a rapid change in the last 4-8 years for some reason and it can't be because a person in each country broke a mirror..

At that point, I will stop with the political debate until a further time I choose to resume it and resume, I will - mark my words.


On a change of note, I have been dangling between here and there and doing much ado about nothing because of my visiting fever. This time, I intend to go to the doctor and ask for a curable approach, one that could possibly make me stay in hospital for quite a while. I am thinking that I have tried everything there is to try except for one thing - changing my blood altogether from the spine onwards, much the way that Lukeimia patients do it when they are taking their medication in order to introduce healthier more equipped cells that could offer a fighting chance for the body and the person whose soul is incapped within the body. Just a thought there, I'd suggest it and see what the doctor would have to say because I can't keep having this redicilous affair with a sickness all my life. And I am prepared to put my life at risk to just at least try. It's better than doing nothing at all. Wouldn't you all agree?

As far as my new poetry collection that I had announced some time ago that I would start on has been on hold because I have battered emotions within me that will, for the love of God within me, not stop at kicking my ass mentally. I try everyday to think of something to start to write on something, anything in a form of poetry but I feel as if I have mantained the soul within me to actually think before writing and writing qualititive sentences that offer a true meaning instead of a form of 'beating around the bush'. Something that will acquire some adjustments from my side to pursue something that activate the notion and passion to write syllabicaly. So, I guess nothing to worry about there.

In the meanwhile, I am still on pursuit of a writing career where-ever an opportunity is evedant and though everyone of you thinks that this is a loser's move just to escape his 'fault', you will however note that not everyone of you knows how to write great essays, and assignments to the point of having to had written for my project over 100,000 words only in the BA level because of the overflow of information over a new project title and much dedication to the efforts to writing something that would truly offer something subjective and very much coming out of a passion to the so-called hobby. So you can shout at me all you like, you insult me and make me degraded so much but what you won't get is my pride, my honor, to be, one day - a writer.

I also plan in the next few days to pull out from the gym that I enrolled into a couple of months ago because I very rarely go nowadays, if not never because of feeling weak, fatigued, and very much out power to mobilize my own body to manouvre because of the heatwave that we having quite lately.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, we end off our news bulletin for the day..

the deforestation of wildlife around Muscat

A deforestation plan is happenining around Muscat these days lest there is an easier explanation.

Around the Qurum roundabout on your way to the Al Harthy Complex; on your way to Ghubrah from the Khuwair roundabout, and all along that highway.

What seems to be a simple doforestation plan actually, is what the Muscat Muncipality's doing of expanding the roads system from two lanes for each side to three or maybe four lanes for either side.

All this because the number of vehicles on the roads is increasing by the year at unprecendented rates, which, is caused by the autombile industry in the Sultanate and the national anthem they sing at every opportunity to sell their ozone destroying gas machines.

Every country in the world is trying to cut down on the amount of gases that damage our ozone layer by the release of toxic gases such as carbydioxide by inventing vehicles that drive on other fuel generated cells like sun power, or electricity or perhaps even water. All except us, and the USA.

We are so bent on helping the environment that we neglect the very important and most obvious types of self-moderation. Like maybe we could use more of public transport instead of 6 cars per household, or perhaps maybe just one family car instead of 7.

Oman is a country that has cornered itself for the benefit of eco-tourism, something that greatly benefits the natural wilderness and habitat of many of the wildlife creatures all over the Sultatanate; so why is it so hard to start with something as easy as this?