Wednesday, September 20, 2006



Do we really exist? What are the factors that we can actually relate to in terms of existence in the concious and unconcious state of mind?

It's a wonder these days that we can just get along with out lives and do everything we need to do without having to wonder what it is we are really doing. Do we really breath the air we breath? Do we really drink? Do we really eat, sleep, talk, and watch? Things of the concious being within us that we identify as a soul is what allows us to respond in such a manner and nature.

But what about the unconciousness? What is there to say about that?

The powers that loom around our very body and meliclular systems. The significant powers that hold it within their grasp to change whatever it is against our will. The strange phenominons that we encounter each passing day to change the way we behave, react, re-react and so on in a butterfly effect.

There are only a few entangled weaved webs around us that choose to pin us down because of our ability to understand to that point. Hence, going beyond it would be going insane.

But that doesn't mean that we should choose to ignore such issues.


"Can you feel your underwear?"
"Then you exist.. now drive"