Friday, September 22, 2006

Arabia Calling

I have a bit of a press release to announce here - well, just a tad. I have just established a new blog under the name 'Arabia Calling', as you may have noticed when you click on my nickname to see the list of blogs that I participate/own.

I am trying as much to diversify myself into different topics of interest where I can lude readers' attention into topics that would grab their eyes.

The blog, which is still in progress, will offer the world audience (yes, I am that ambitious) an Arab's perspective on the outlooks of their future in terms of society norms, topics that are often misunderstood such as relegion, culture, and perhaps local laws that are mixed up because of little or no understanding of the judical and/or the political system of local Arab countries not limited to the GCC borders.

I am hoping to attract as many bloggers from all over the Arab 'world' to participate in penning down their thoughts and opinions on local country issues with their assurance to deliver the basic simple truth without prejiduce.

I am hopeful that this first step will lead to many a successful ventures in the near futures.

If you are interested in joining the blog, please leave a comment at this post; it doesn't matter where you're posting from as long as you are offering your perspective on Arab issues that would concern readers the world over.

Do drop by there as I have added the link to blogroll.