Monday, September 25, 2006

Sleepless In Muscat

Friendship is by far the best type of a relationship that anyone can ever have - something I have only realized lately. It doesn't come above family, though, since family is always there but when you want a change of 'scenery', you need new faces, people you feel comfortable. And that's where your friends come in.

My friends, as is everyone's, are one of a kind. We get along in a very positive but weird kind of way. And like I said, everyone does with their own set of friends. We have our quirks, sure, we have our own 'private way' of joking with each other but we are mature enough to know our boundaries.

I have known my friends for quite a long time. The furthest I have known a person as a friend is more than 14 years. And they thought Dinosaurs went extinct, they should get a load of us. Slight.. joke... there..

Ehm.. Anyhow..

As I was saying..

I remember days when neither there was a 'mood' for being with the family - because of me and not anything else, so don't jump to conclusions here - and my friends were either busy or not in the country for studies or something else. Something that sucked big time.

It's at that point in time when you get really tense, you feel you want to shout out from the bottom of your lungs to get confusion out. But that didn't work all the time. You're probably thinking I am some weirdo because I am confessing this here, but that's the truth, and I feel the need to blurt it all out.

I am a people person. If I don't sense socialization you'll be condeming me to judgement of my own dark thoughts.

That's who I am.