Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Tonight I was going to post about something that was on my mind but was obstructed by a burning sensation and pain in my stomache.

It got me into a few dizzy and fainting spells along the night but I am braving it out and although I was trying to reach out to my 'close' online friends - none responded. True it's a silly move from me but then again I had no other choice because there was no one else around and I could barely stand on my own two feet.

Just goes to show how much friends can be there for you for the simplest things.


Anonymous said...

Oh really? and friends should be awake late at night 'on-call' just in case another friend needs them?
SIM. Have you not thought of god? Too dizzy to stand up and pray? Well then sit down and read the quran? Only god will be there for you, and only god will answer your thoughts and prayers and only god will fill your life with joy.
Consider this.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Do you thrive on breathing down my throat for the sheer pleasure of it?

The people I tried contacting were all online and none of them responded. It was just a couple of days after I was released from hospital. And it was the middle of the night.

God is always there, yes. But not to sound hypocritical here, but whose come around to help me in the middle of the night when I am in physical pain?

Have you considered that?

Anonymous said...

you are joking arent you? and is god supposed to come and save you everytime you call? so how will you learn patience? and that good things come to those who wait? and that you need to put some effort into things before god puts his final touchings..

i have considered that.

God doesnt do mickey mouse business. you call, he answers. tic for tac. he teaches you lessons through it all.

and by the way..they say sickness is 'maghfira'. when you fall sick, god washes away your sins with it. ie. always think of it positvely. Say no to depression.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


yet again you honor me with your unknown presence. If only you would honor me with a nickname as well so I can call you by a name - but that's besides the point here.

No, I never said God does Mickey Mouse business, but I do believe that He has His own touches here and there to make it happen of which is written in the unknown book of 'Ghaib'. Don't you?

And what does depression have to do with anything here? I was referring to being physically sick and not mentally disabled.