Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Flavor Of Life

A flavor in the air
A cheer to sing
A blend to sing along to
A word to move your senses to

A sigh of relief
A brand of newly found belief
A chance to see life itself
A night to smile
As a stranger passes you by

Wonder, in gaze, at the clouds
How life is so precious when it smiles back at you
No matter how things may seem
The wind will always be in your favor to steer

A night to breath in
The cold winter air

A sunshine to wake up to
With a smile

Let out the child in you
Let it play around
Have fun with life while you can
The pleasure you always asked for, for which, now; you can

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

love thy self - love thy nation

Hezbollah has been 'registered' as a terrorist organization by the US, UK, 'Israel' and many of it's allies because of what they all claim as terrorist acts of nature because they have beaten the enemy at their game long, long ago through mind games, population manipulation, and physical warfare.

The latest acts that have it only more stubborn in their dumbfounded political moves is how the organization is attempting to cool down the Lebanese nation from burning within itself by turning two different Islamic groups against each other because 'Israeli' hidden forces - the same that played around in the not so long assassination of the late Harri homicide - were still trying to win their war back then in July, 2006 through mental warfare tactics.

I personally, for one, think that without Hassan Nasr-Allah and his strong, courageous, and willful talent to keep the fire on the stove from burning the house down; that Lebanon would have burnt down ages ago.



- Hezbollah

2nd surprise

I am pushing the bar as far as I can in order provoke myself into thinking more and write better.

That's why I have been accepted back as a writer in theweek on a monthly status, but this time in the hard copy.

'I'd like to understand more of the world'.


I will be providing a permanent link when my topics are published in the gazette in the right hand sidebar and as such, details will be provided letter as to which section to find the needed article for your convenience.

Monday, January 29, 2007

pressing issues

There a number of things in Oman that a lot boast about which are not what they seem, and it seems sad that the people in Oman don't hesitate to look into these matters so that it can clarify the hidden issues behind them.

One of these issues is how the press in Oman keeps stating that there is freedom of press in the Sultanate of Oman. Which is a complete and utter lie. There is no such thing because had there been such a Heaven on Earth, then we would have been able to complain about service companies such as OmanTel and it's monopolistic standards or how we would be able to talk freely about what we don't like governmental acts.

Another issue, that I consider of pressing nature, is the fact that how religiously in Oman, there is a slow fire on the stove. And God forbid, one day, it's going to pop. We are not religiously 'friendly', and this is proven everytime I am asked by someone whether I am a Shiate or a Sunni or Abadhi - we are all Muslims for God's sakes. Get that through your thick skulls.

the need to keep moving

Life has always been a matter of where it's some sort of a walk in interview that you have succeeded and there is a demand for you to keep in tip top shape to be in touch with every single difficulty in hand and answer it back with a smile and a spontanainous gesture that nothing is going to stop you from reaching your goal. No matter what the odds. No matter what the diffuclties are; you'll work around them and grab success from the jaws of defeat.

You're not a loser if you have several mistakes or rough patches in your progressing life but you are one if you let them get the best of you; sulking, moaning, groaning, and embracing the gloomy atmosphere that surrounds. Instead of facing the odds, being happy at the challenge, smiling away as you put your talent to the ultimate test, and show every single one in this entire interplanetary what you can do.

It's you choice. Your destiny that lies within your hands. Your life that stands in involvement.

Unleash The Potential

Sunday, January 28, 2007

the cat's out of the bag

As I mentioned before, I had been accepted by Times of Oman as a regular weekly columnist on their online edition of the newspaper.

So, I present to you, my first column.


national pride

My last post about this issue was slightly misunderstood. I aim to clarify the image that I targeting at through this one, though.

The issue was about showing off your national pride towards your country's national football (soccer) team and how the Royal Oman Police here in Oman were reacting to indecent and un-sportsmanlike conduct by our youth.

At that time, I was under the impression that all had ever been done by our younger generation was merely the familiar rethym-like honking in the streets and the display of nationalism through flying flags, national songs, and the such.

But I was unaware of the hidden truth which was like destroying public property, vandalism, and mob-like mutiny against normal and riot police who were only trying to put things into order so that no one gets hurt.

Today, I read that a man had been sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for driving recklessly in an inhabited area and for killing several pedestrians by crashing into them. This happened because this man was 'celebrating' in his own way his Omani team's victory in one of the matches in the 18th Gulf Cup. Several other similar incidents had happened on the night that Oman had played against Kuwait and Yemen; a riot police van was destroyed by gangs throwing 'petrol bombs' onto them. That same fate was met for a monument on a roundabout whilst riot police were trying to dispurse the crowds through the use of tear gas and force.

That is clearly not way to enjoy an achievement. Nor is it a civil manner of sportsman like conduct. If any, it shows that we are just not worthy of being winners.



- 3 year jail term for reckless driving


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cherishing Your Love

There's only one way that I could have said this
And said this true

I have always loved you
As denial would be mental abuse

Cherish the moment
Where it suit not, the desire
For then, only
Would the passion come to conspire

The plot to where, how and when
The moment of truth shall surely happen

For hearts shall fall Of eyes, they call
On a challenge that is bestowed
To clear doubt from the whim

For a beauty so hard to deny
For love, ever to make a tear in eye

To only exist in the Heavens, that float in the high sky

To only see your smile
To only look into your deep eyes

To shed a tear
The missing beat of my heart, would I feel

All on the day that it is you, I would see

Friday, January 26, 2007


Nostalgia is a funny thing. No one really knows how and when it comes into effect.

Not everyone is fond of remembering what happened to them in the past, due the very effect it could have on them by making them sad or happy. It's because of the unexpected outcome that we decline to give it the opportunity to come and invade our mental privacy. Especially if we have just broken up from a long term relationship whilst trying to forget about our ex-partner.

That's looking at it from the negative point of view, though.

While on the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to remember the happy golden days when you used to be a child or had a favorite past moment and wish you could just relive it all over again and sense that feeling all over again.

It brings a smile to one's face. And a feeling that could possibly melt the coldest of hearts.

The most profound of feelings to come after love.

just a note

Well, Blogger finally allowed me to switch from the old system to the new one. So, all of my blogs have been switched from there to here.

Now, if you're having trouble in commenting on this or any of my other blogs, then all you need to do is to make the switch yourself. It won't change anything in your blog's outlook. But let's face it; you will eventually be making the switch, whether you choose to do it now or let Blogger do it for you later.

Or you could log on as an anonymous (not my favorite option, though) and comment on the post you're replying to.

Just thought I would make things clearer for you folks.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

the first surprise

I have told only a handful of people about this and probably kept them burning within due to their curiosity to know what it is all about.

I had been planning for this for quite some time.

I guess patience is it's own reward.

I have been accepted as a regular columnist in the online edition of The Times of Oman. It will be purely for exposure purposes and should things look up throughout the course of time, I may be offered a permanent placement in the establishment.

I would be starting with them quite soon so when the time comes, I will put a permanent link to the newspaper so you can get to read them when they are published hopefully.



- The Times of Oman English newspaper

Update: Columns published will commence beginning the coming Sunday 28/1/2007.

new post on Arabia Calling

We are starting a new policy regarding our posts on other blogs that we post in. Such as the ones you see their titles on the right hand sidebar on this blog including Arabia Calling.

Everytime there is a new post on one of those blogs, you will see a post about it here and elsewhere where the contributors also participate.

For this post, Sex and Dubai has a new post on Arabia Calling under the title Banging on the Back Door.

We hope you can find the time to check it out and possibly comment on it should you feel the need to.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

no more

My only wish is that when I eventually retire from life that I end up as happy as I am with my small closed circle of close friends. People who I can actually rely on to give me sound advice when I need it, who will always be there for me when I am in need of them when I am unhealthy as I would do the same for them always.

I mean, what is life all about in the end but the experience you make it out to be?

Then why not make it an enjoyable experience?

If you don't end up loving someone special in your life, then you are in love with your pack of friends and your family - people who would no matter what happens, would give up the world just to see a smile on your face.

Those are the people that matter the most.

My experience has taught me only too well that the people who car for me the most, who end up giving me the truth in my face are those who are people I can depend on, namely; my family and close friends. People who are not afraid to tell me what they think about what I do or what goes on in my mind either.

It has also been my experience that has taught me that you can never entrust strangers who drop in suddenly in your life unless you are absolutely sure about who they are in the sense of what kind of people through their personality are they.

A mistake, too often made by me.

But, not anymore.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The Royal Oman Police has informally requested the Omani football team fans to stay within the boundaries of road rules and regulations when the issue to cheer their national football team comes to hand (please see links).

In a statement in the local Shabiba Arabic daily newspaper, it said that 'it may seem to others that acting out in such a manner may display happiness and pride in the great achievement that the Omani national football team had achieved..'.

If people are not allowed to express the joy they feel when it comes to matters such as celebrating your local football team's achievements in freedom that does not deprive anyone else of their's; then where is the fun in watching the game at all. In that case, then there should be no football matches, televised or otherwise. If that is the case, there should be no bother from giving the football fans discounted tickets to the football arena to cheer on their favorite football team.

There may be a line to draw in these situations; but there should also be some leniency towards such issues whereby the law looks away in the spirit of sportsmanship.



- ROP requests order when cheering local football team (in Arabic)

we were born free

Why is it that we live under laws of existence that bound us to limits on expression? Why is it that we submit ourselves to the powers that feed on our sense of fear unto their sense of control? Why is it that we ask ourselves if something is right that we should run and escape instead of having to face the very thing we fear the most?

Perhaps we are not able to change all issues that are associated with our destiny such as going back in time and redoing the actions we wish we had never done. But to what end? To what purpose?

The goal of life is to seek a peaceful, soul searching expedition that would lead to what some might call 'the other end of the rainbow', but if we are deprived of the rights that enable us to reach that target, then we are only kidding ourselves by saying that we have the freedom to do what is right to reach that goal.

After all, you only get one chance to do what's right.

Monday, January 22, 2007

moving on

Moving on isn't always that easy, no matter whether you're pulling to stand up on your two feet after a bad relationship or a health crisis or even losing your job.

It's a phase that everyone on this Earth has and will go through.

Unforunately, nobody tells us how to deal with it because each case is exceptional on it's own. With that considered, there is only one way to deal with it; that's by going about it on your own and facing the world all over again - no matter what the challenge may be.

True, the ride will be rough; and yes, you will have no one to guide you this time, but that's the sheer beauty of it - self-learning. It is perhaps, and without a doubt, the best way to harness your experience to result into confidence. Confidence you need to get through what lies ahead.

And you know what they say 'what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger'.

Need I say more?

the Cancer fighter

She would hold a daffodil in her hand
Twirl it around to see if it would make a sound
She'd smile with a tear
Laugh and look up at me
And all you could see was a pair of eyes that were just full of glee

She'd run under the rain like a child
Not caring one bit if the wind was wild
She'd hold out her arms as if in welcome to raindrops
Opening her mouth to taste every drop
I miss her and all her mishaps
The lengths she went to to forget what is it she had

A month or two later on
She was in a hospital with not much time left to go on
You'd hear her still laugh away
Even as she knew she was in her dying days

As she slowly gave in to the dark force
You could barely make out a small smile on her face
She went peacefully
As the Cancer took her away


note: never take anyone for granted

Sunday, January 21, 2007

the illusionist

The Illusionist is a movie that is very worthy of seeing and very comparable to The Thomas Crown Affair in some sense.

This is my personal opinion.

The Illusionist is a movie that revolves around the story of a magician and who when confronted by reality literally tries to bend the laws by crossing red-tape boundaries back in old time Vienna when he meets his long lost childhood sweetheart and finds out that she is to be wed to a royal figure of whom she doesn't love at all.

The story goes on from there on to show his attempt in trying to conspire for their great escape only along the story something awful happens. Only things aren't always what they seem. An eye for detail is the keyword while you watch this movie.

A great and provacitive story, nonetheless.



- The Illusionist - Official Movie Site

- Movie trailer

the development decoy

Here's something that I think that none of us had ever considered.

While everyone is busy with the development of the real estate business that is rapidly growing in the Sultanate of Oman and its neighbors, the people who are actually in need of basic services in other parts of the country are being ignored by the developing companies.

We've heard about so many huge tourist projects that will help pump in more and more hard currency into the local economy such as The Wave, Muscat; The Blue City; but to name a few that are set to change destination map of worldwide tourist attractions in years to come. But howcome that we don't hear of any development projects for the sake of the locals who actually reside in the country.

The ever growing Omani population has a number of challenges to face in the future such as to find a job, a house to live in, a steady income, future tax plans and currency inflation - to name the most important on a local's agenda to look out for, and it is those plans and those targets that both the public and private sector should address to be better prepared for future confrontations in terms of financial disabilities.

True, that these tourist projects fund big development projects in the country are driving the wheels forward. But they have yet to show it on a much larger scale along the whole country line.

So, the question would be is the development process in the Sultanate developing the country as much as it is developing bigger pockets for the businessmen who fund such projects or is it all just a decoy to distract the locals from the hidden truth?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

no one to please

People in all their lives will more than often try to please the others that surround them by always doing the things that they want them to do and unfortunately for them, that sometimes means that this would lead to their own unhappiness. This happens a lot in the Arabic societies as I have not witnessed this in western countries but I could be wrong.

This covers matters of the passion behind going job preferrals; matters of the heart and community related issues.

Most of the cases are solved through a simple understanding by always saying to yourself that the elderly or those who you aim to please are more knowledgable than you, therefore, it would be in your best interest to follow in their leadership.

While in other cases (minor or major, that is still to be found out), the rebellion stands out to strike their own chord in life even if it means taking the wrong way towards their goals and all other obstacles, as long as they have that experience for them to remember that they can use in their lives later on.

For, as your fingers are all not of the same length, you cannot please everyone.

Truth to be told; you should learn to please yourself only as long as you are aware of your goals and ambitions.

Friday, January 19, 2007

This Is How It Ends

Someday I will be taken away
And on that day, I will smile
I would probably laugh like a child
While looking at you

I would imagine the wind brushing against your hair
In your eyes, I would glare
Your tears, I would share
As you cry my life away

On that day
The birds will carry on chirping
The trees won't stop growing
As your love for, would stay within

And my soul would leave my body in total peace
Watch over you, to see that you live your life in total ease
Washing away all your gloom
Just to always see you smile and bloom

Forgiveness is love in my heart that you will always have
Just as a part of me is always happy to see you glad
As on that day all I want from you is to remember the good memories that we always had

Please forgive me
As this is how it ends

Thursday, January 18, 2007

who stands to gain?

The recent bloodshed that has happened in Baghdad are only a proof of how cowardly terrorists have become to get to their goals. I am sure as Hell certain that the only welcome they will get in the other life is a chain on their necks with them being dragged into Hell's mouth and everyone else laughing at them for the indignified death they sought out to.

70 students died.

100 are reported to be injured.

Amongst others who were witnesses of the bloodshed that sends shocks down the strongest spines.

When is everyone going to get it through their heads that its not a matter of you being Shi'at or Sunni or whatever religion you represent. We are all human beings. We share the same blood. The same features.

Why then are we fighting over something that we can all share when we are all brothers and sisters of the same country? Why? Why are we all stupid to make the same mistakes over and over again? Why must we follow in the path of our stupid leaders and make the mistakes they did when we can be so much better than them by setting an example at harmony in human relations?




- Bombers rock Baghdad University

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a new Hijri year

In a few days, the Muslim world celebrates the new Hijri year. A year that oversees many mishaps, conundrums, and mistakes not just from the west but moreso from our part of the hemisphere.

You'd normally look back at the past with a smile because you would like to remember the good old times and unfortunately for us, there's not too many moments such as that with us having let Iraq get invaded, Saddam and his aides getting hanged on the very day of Eid Al Adh'ha; Lebanon being torn apart by several political parties that want to take over the controlling majority of the parlimant; and other Arab states arguing over miniscule things such as land sovereignty.

I may be somewhat a pessimistic, but you tell me; what is it that we are congratulating ourselves over? Our embarassing stands to not help other nations when we clearly should? Or our ability to make mountains out of moles in the international sense?

If there was ever a resolution to be made to mark the first day of the new Hijri year, I think it would be to see all these troubles vanish and to see our nations stand as one against all the tyranny, victimization, and un-needed feuds.

That's the vision that we should all aim for, and nothing else matters besides thats.

Happy New
Hijri Year


I very rarely watch Indian movies and this was an exceptional case where I found this movie laying around our place and I was completely bored out of my skull; so, I picked it up and went off to watch it on my DVD player.

Munna Bhai is one of those movies where you can just laugh from the actors' actions alongside the subtitled jokes that play along nicely in the theme of comedy, romance and a pinch of wisdom.

Amongst the advantages of this movies is the artistic direction that is given the approach such as that which was used in Moulin Rouge in one of the scenes. The whole story revolves around a gang leader that has a successful 'business' and his only pleasure is listening to the female voice of radio VJ every morning and participating in her show when and if he can. When the chance presents itself for him to meet her after winning one of the contests, he introduces himself as a history professor but along the line he meets one of the leading historical figures that changed the way his fellow nationals lived their lives in their own country.

From the often musical medleys that you find in Indian movies along with their dance routines, there is also the mature directive approach that the director has chosen to take this movie through. There is also the many pranks that you find the actors spluttering out to make you really laugh out loud.

I highly recommend this movie for anyone, any age even if you don't speak the native Indian language. You will truly find this movie entertaining.

Just be sure to keep your subtitles on.



- Lage Raho Munna Bhai Official Website

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

keeping scales balanced

All of sudden, because of the real estate boom that the Sultanate is having, more banks have started to offer housing loans like BankMuscat; BankDhofar; National Bank of Oman and Oman Arab Bank in addition to the old players in the market like Alliance House Bank and the government owned Housing Bank.

Not long ago, though, the CBO had asked the Omani banks to participate in a campaign to keep their customers informed about the risks of handling huge loans as well as laying out the advantages that such financial schemes can have in resolving matters of money because of the large amount of bad loans that banks kept dealing with in the last few years and were sucking them of their resources.

Having put both matters into consideration; why then start all over again with the tumbling wheels of time by going back to square one by encouraging customers more and more to take advantage of their housing loans?

Such loans aren't just petty cash. These loans are, in fact, a huge burden on people who own a very down-to-earth salary that they barely survive on not to mention the fact that they see these loans as some sort of opening in their horizon to get them out of their financial troubles?

There are needs and wants in the market. Both need to be addressed. That much is understood. But how do you balance out both on the scale when one tips over the scale to it's side?



- Alliance Housing Bank

- Central Bank of Oman

- BankDhofar

me, myself, and I

I don't believe in horoscopes. In fact I believe that they are full of crap; but I end up reading them because I am just interested in what they have to say because coincidently they do hit the right spot. My horoscope once read something like 'Blame yourself. Then blame others. Reflect upon your actions. Then do the same unto others.'

What's so special about those few words?

The fact is that they pointed at one truth; I am a pessimist in the core. Something I cannot seem to change for the life of me even I try my best to act that everything's fine and dandy.

Some friends have suggested that I am at the tip of taking on my own life and that I need professional help. But then again; I would never hurt a fly, let alone myself. So that's scratched out.

Others have suggested that I try to look at my life from a positive point of view by socializing more; laughing and joking more; and in the end, being more of an optimistic. My attempt succeeded for a short period until my friends parted ways after having each gone their own way into business, life and marriage. So, basically, I am back at square one.

Other people I know had suggested busying myself with something like a job but that's sort of a closed-case because of obvious reasons.

All these factors considered, I still try to live my life in normal way by going out, meeting people I know and don't know, and trying to see any chance to actually make myself a positive input into the society so that I can one day get to the point whereby I can depend on myself and hopefully become independent.

Talk about your original 'sad story'..

Here's Looking At You

The choices I chose
Are going to take some time
For them to come into reality

But I know
In fact, I am sure
That it's them, in the light, I will see

It's just a matter of me being truthful to myself
It's a matter of being honest with what I can and cannot do
It's a matter of sticking to my choice
Otherwise, I will end up at a loss

The future, right now, may be bleak
But it's my endurance, to get through this test, that I want to see
I am hoping that I would succeed
I am hoping that one day, I will look back at all this, one day, with glee

Monday, January 15, 2007

this isn't freedom

Have societal standards for common decency dropped dramatically and I wasn't informed? Or was I hibernating for more than 100 years to wake up to such a shock of how our community has given in to the double standard edition of dealing with their daily lives?

Fine, teenagers will be teenagers and granted we were once in that state where rebelliousness was a common factor of our age group and that helped us out in doing almost everything what we wanted. And granted also that we - I speak for myself - have outgrown that phase and probably become more mature in a sense. But, honestly speaking, waking up one day to see girls and boys who are 10 or more years our junior sitting in public places being luvvy duvvy is something I am not acquainted with at all in Oman.

Oman is lenient on many laws, regulations and matters of societal differences but this is stretching the thread far too long; especially when you see youngsters kissing with no bother to people who pass them by or another couple who sit on their laps because they 'feel like it', or young girls wearing fancy dresses fit enough for Britney Spears.

I am not against liberalism. I am against the double standards that are set in our country. Our government placed certain laws and regulations that were meant to be adhered to and not be broken. And that applies on everyone who resides in the Sultanate whether you're a citizen or a resident or a national or a tourist.

You may say that such behavior only comes from how parents deal with their children but that is only half the truth, especially when the surroundings encourage it. By that, I mean the current freedoms that are on the front line that none of us ever got to experience when we were young.

And it is such a shame to think that whoever fought for this country's freedom, fought for a certain idea to be kept alive; fought so that their children could live a better more easier life; fought so that they could get a better education and better treatment; they fought for their right to be seen equal.

Somehow, that idea is now slowly evaporating into the air..

A Blow, A Whim

A whistle in the wind
A blow, a whim
A childish desire to win
The feelings I have within
Just make me think

And when I am on my own
I start to moan and groan
I live within the bounds of my own world
That I consider life as a net thrown

Into a sea of experience
Of lively yet hard degradings

But I know that this is all an introduction to something wild and wonderful
Something peachy and out of this world
Where I am outwitted by awe-inspiring desires

To live
To cherish
To smell - yet - the scent

This day will come I am sure
No matter, how I may be, sad or deplored
Chances are, it could just happen tomorrow

Sunday, January 14, 2007

digital Oman - part 2

Following the last post...

The industry is incapable at the current period of time to install such an advanced technological vision because of other aspects and requirements that are not met such as the e-payment gateway that is yet to see the light mainly because the Central Bank of Oman is holding out on giving the green light towards the project over doubts that it could cause potential harm more than its advantages towards the Omani economy.

Even though there are many banks that allow you to use an e-payment system through the Internet it doesn't overcome the actual need to be able to use your own credit card in local online transactions despite the many facilities that are made available by banks such BankMuscat; National Bank of Oman; and Oman Arab Bank.

There are also legal issues that are not met in the sense of developing special laws that would encourage online transactions between companies, ministries and consumers alike. Such as the special online laws that have been run by international credit card companies to accept online transactions between various parties such as Visa; MasterCard; and American Express.

This isn't to say that the financial industry is incapable of meeting the requirements but it does say something about planning out a good financial base for such a project to arise not to mention the fact that without such a foundation there is no way such a project would ever succeed.

There is a need for all sectors of the Omani economy and government institutions to gather around for a good serious discussion between them to develop a sound map to actually seeing this project happen by it's deadline.




- National Bank of Oman (NBO)

- Oman Arab Bank (OAB)

- Visa

- MasterCard

- American Express

digital Oman - part 1

Of late, Oman has been pushing up the momentum to become a digital society in the sense that all services are done electronically without the need to move away from the luxury of your laptop/PC. And although it may seem that everything is going according to plan, there are a number of things that - in my opinion - are obstructing the process.

OmanTel, the dominating telecommunications provider in the Sultanate, is one of the obstacles because of the ill-planned out telecommunications infrastructure in many terms, through bad communication lines, worse customer service, and lack of a competitive advantage on a global scale. Almost every single new service that OmanTel has rolled out has always suffered badly such as the GSM, GPRS and Internet services. How efficient it is in terms of speed because of badly mapped out plans in those fields. In terms of customer service, they lack the friendliness that is available from it's counterpart Nawras, since because when you show your customer they would give back the appreciation that you look forward to as a company that offers services and in terms of services they are lacking to move up to competition that offers the latest technologies while Oman still lives in the stone age.

And as company that unfortunately dominates the telecommunications market, not because they offer the best products and services but because they are of a monopolistic nature since they are the only Internet and fixed lines provider in the Sultanate of Oman; this lessens the chances of Oman ever moving forward into the digital era.

Other reason is consumer spending because of low income values against buying their own personal laptops or desktops for personal or business use. This has a great effect on the integration of the 'digital Oman' project into the community so that people may better understand how to cope with the technological switch.

Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done unless there is a direct intervention from private organizations by providing the latest consumer technologies in Oman at more affordable prices - a decision that cannot be taken unless there is a direct decision from the companies headquarters in its homeland.

On the other hand, OmanTel must learn that to better earn customers of instead of the loss trend that is currently happening, it had better learn to treat customers more professionally, in a more friendlier manner and making the customer their their target to which will then draw profits in the end.

To be continued..



- Oman Telecommunications Company (OmanTel)

- Oman Mobile Telecommunications Company (Oman Mobile)

- Omani Qatar Telecommunications Company (Nawras)

Oman moves closer to 'digital society' dream

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Most of the people I encounter are the type that have no regrets based on the fact that if they did have any they would actually not be the person they are today. While that is true, it is also true that no matter how you may think of it there is always something in your life that makes you cringe in with that sense of fear - the fear that it could happen again.

I have had my share of regrets in my life and I admit that I would take the chance to go back in time and change what had happened; even if I didn't have the knowledge that it would happen onwards in the time-line of life.

I regret that at some point in life that I degraded myself from a human being to the purity that an animal has with it's basic instinct. Look at it at this way; God gave us our minds to help guide us in differentiating between what's right and wrong. And having to degrade ourselves and walking into the trap with the knowledge that this is wrong is like a smoker smoking away despite all the warning signs from medical institutions, or small font writings on billboards, cinemas and ciggarette packets - ignorance.

I would go back and change that about me if it was ever possible. Unfortunately, though, it isn't.

Therefore, I have to live now with that knowledge by bearing it mind and not making the same mistake again and thinking more wisely if not more on a more broader perspective.

Playground Of Time

The wind hallowed in my face
Asking to make a decision, but not in haste
I try to think
I try to see
I try to focus my mind
I implore for a sense of direction

I see myself going somewhere
I see myself going somewhere
I see that I can achieve something
But I can't seem to move
To budge

I am thinking that what I am doing right now is pathetic
I am thinking that what I am doing right now is time consuming
I barely have time around me to get around
The hands of time move slow to give me that sense that I end up losing somehow

I think that I think too much
I think that there's so much to achieve
And yet so little time
So much going for me
So much potential
So much that I can end up doing

But I guess it's as they say 'all in good time'
As the playground that I am in plays it's sound in due time

Friday, January 12, 2007

the think tank

There are only so many times that we find ourselves in a moment's peace all by our own. And it depends on what kind of a nature we hold within on how we respond to such a situation.

For some it's a moment well deserved that we long for and as we take it in, we would breathe a sigh of relief.To others, it's a moments of reflection where we think back to everything that we had done in past and ask ourselves the hard questions and judge our every decision that had been taken, too.

If that doesn't last too long, then it's just fine that we get along the way and nothing happens in the mental sense of emotional setback; otherwise, it's down the whirlpool of drama, deflection and demotivation for us.

Something, we all try to avoid.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

a nation's money: a taxpayer's rights

There have been speculation in the past that the since the oil and gas market is quite unreliable that the government of the Sultanate of Oman would resort to imposing taxes on services provided at small prices within the grasp of anyone who resides in the country.

The government has, though, denied this 'incorrect piece of information' saying that it would never come to impose anything more on the citizen/resident/national because the individual already bears the financial turmoil of having to balance anything from a loan from a local bank to a marriage preperation during the course of their lifetime.

Having said that, it started imposing a fee for people who wish to cross the road borders between itself and the United Arab Emirates in different rates, excusing that to a matter of gathering funds to keep maintenance costs down. It also set out to impose other indirect taxes that it categorizes as part of keeping the deficit of the country's budget down such as tourism tax, service tax and Municipality tax (5%; 5%; and 4% respectively).

In western societies, having formed taxes of which the local taxpayer pays for means giving people the power to speak up about anything that the government considers looking to use that money into whether it was to wage a war, or even building bridges and residential plots.

Keeping that concept in mind, howcome is it in Oman that we don't have a say in what goes on the country of projects of which our good money is being wasted in? Even if it was a few mesely baisas that I paid some day that I can remember very vaguely. Point is: I paid my share and without that small amount the government organization may not have been able to come up with the sum needed for such a project.

In short, the term 'power to the people' doesn't apply here because of many reasons of which the most important - in my opinion - is the Omani residents/citizens/nationals ignorance of their own rights in the country towards the money they pay up. While the second reason - which has an enormous question mark on top of it - is why the government does not apply this concept here in Oman?

What is it that they fear?

My point of view on this matter is that the government - lead by His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos - is afraid of handing over this power over to the people because they fear that the concept is far too early for the Omani population to handle. As it is in the rest of the GCC countries, with the Sultanate marking the lead as an example in history.

But, mark my words, there will come a day.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

chew on this

  • After 4 months of waiting, OmanTel - our beloved ISP - has finally delivered their ADSL service to me. And I am the lucky one; some people have been waiting a whole year and still haven't gotten theirs yet. And here's the cracker; they're not offering anymore ADSL connections because they have ran out of space in their exchanges and in the long run are waiting until they install the extra 100,000 lines to facilitate the demand. Talk about long-term planning.
  • People in Oman don't respect the law, they're only afraid of it. For example, if there's no police around on a traffic signal that clearly has a no U-turn sign on it's island, drivers will take the turn, unless there is a police car nearby. There is no respect at all for the least demanding laws like a no-entry sign, or pedestrian crossings. It's no wonder Oman has such a high road-fatality rate.
  • The development course that the Sultanate of Oman is going through, is not just in the physical sense by implementing new laws but in the mental sense, too. Many people in Oman are very narrow minded mainly because of traditional values that camouflage the truth that runs through. I mean, who in the world marries their own sister?
  • As long as people in Oman still have low salaries (no matter how many times the government may publish an enormously ridiculous figure of 1,000 Omani Rials of the average salary that the Omani gets over a month's period), they will always rob, cheat, drink, and do the worst atrocities that we fear ourselves - and I speak for myself, here - from doing to ourselves. That's why it's called the ripple effect; anything that happens has a consequence on everything else that surrounds us (or was that the butterfly effect?).
  • I never imagined myself to be of 30 years old one day. Then again, I can't imagine myself being of 50 years old, either. But, it goes to show that age is just a number and that the number of years that pass you by should not be measured by how old you are but rather what you have accomplished so far. And by that philosophy, I have failed tremendously. On the other hand, I have hope, that I will become a lot better in what I know to do. Like, not failing.


We would all like to live in a perfect world; no matter how much we may deny it to ourselves or to our loved ones. And we would want it any other way which is the reason why we pursue that never ending dream of getting there. Even though, in the subconscious sector of our brain, we all know that we will never reach it, but we reach to a certain level or degree of perfection that allows us to be satisfied yet still willing to move on.

That level of pursuit is what we call hope.

But the events through our lifetime chase us trying to pin us down by showing us what reality isn't what it always seems to be. And it is our choice whether to accept those factors as an obstacle or as a challenge.

And it is through that choice that we determine the course of our natural existence in this world.

The reason I am mentioning all this is because there are times when you just wake up to the world with a pair of new sense of sight as if the clouds have been erased away by some miracle that you feel that nothing can ever stand in your way.

What's that got to do with anything?

That is exactly how I felt today.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Beauty of Love In Life

I feel happy; free
Free of anxiety
I feel like I can touch the sky
Be up where the birds fly up so high
Hear them squawking amongst each other
Trying to figure out whose arguing and whose the lover

Smiling; laughing away
Smiling like a fool until your face turns red
Laughing until your belly aches and you're all over the floor in turns and sways
The happiness I am filled with now
Shoots me off of the ground

'I wonder what love is really all about?
Is it really worth all the self doubt?
I wonder if the time is right
For me to be
Feeling like this?
I wonder if love is just like Heaven?
Where all you see are Angels?
And all you're ever filled with is happiness
Where you get to see the one you love
Be truly up there for the rest of your life
And live it to the beauty that it is
And there is not one moment you want to miss

I wonder what love is really all about?
Is it the flowers?
Is it the rain?
Is it the happiness that you are in self gain?
Is it the wonder to look into their eyes
Where every moment is a true surprise
And all you wish to see is the beauty within the smile

I wonder what love truly is?
The hold on my heart, the chains I want to dismiss
For the beauty of life, ever to be
Is the wonder
The presence of your existence
That it precedes'

Monday, January 08, 2007

lose the hypocricy

Apparently, a Bahraini national has been stripped of his nationality for taking part in an athletic competition in 'Israel' (please see links).

Such things happen in most of the GCC countries since none of them have any diplomatic ties with 'Israel'; or so it would appear. Which is quite sad, since most of these countries secretly take on trade agreements with the Jewish state behind everyone's back, never to announce it, and when all is exposed they break it up over the outcry of their population on how Palestinians are suffering in their occupied lands and how no one is lending a helping hand to them instead.

For instance, you have the Sultanate of Oman who had a trade office in one of the local 5 star hotels a long time back until they closed it down under the excuse of the escalating situation in Palestine along with postponing Muscat Festival back then, too. Saudi Arabia, surprisingly, has one of its members going behind the scenes trying to make things move along for the sake of 'peace in the Middle East'. I don't know about the other GCC countries; but it seems that the state of Qatar is the only country that is open about supporting both the 'Israeli' and Palestine cause by talking very freely about the subject and asking other GCC countries to follow in it's stride.

What is annoying is the fact that the GCC countries bitch about not having any sort of ties with any Jewish establishment or department of state but then again they import all the businesses that have an enormous Jewish shareholding turn-out, like Pepsi, Starbucks, Coca Cola, and even the service based product that we have come to depend on in our daily lives in areas of telecommunications such as the Internet.

All I am trying to say is that I'd like to see us stay on one path and not change it from time to time because of stupid politics in the region or world over. And another thing, the citizen/national/resident shouldn't have to pay for mistakes that the country makes in it's own political matters.



- Bahrain athlete loses citizenship

Sunday, January 07, 2007

and the 'de de de' award goes to..

Let's be completely frank; I seriously think that we have the worst people in the authoritative positions here in Oman, especially in some governmental positions.

I seriously do.

Here's why..

The Under-Secretary of Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment & Water has just announced that the ministry had signed an agreement with a company to draw up a plan to establish a damn in the Wadi Udai and Qurum areas, that were devastatingly hit in the last drench of scattered showers on Muscat not so long ago (please refer to links).

Oman has always had it's share of rains ever since it rained on the old Muttrah corniche area in the 1890s and made a river out of it (source: theweek). But back then, we had the excuse that we didn't have the technology to help us provide the necessary solutions to avoid such natural disasters.

Now, fast forward 36 years into the renaissance and keep in mind that we still have our seasonal scattered showers every few years.. you would think, that even the most basic logical even temporary solution would suggest that you take care of the problem until a more permanent solution is put into place to be acted upon in the opportune moment.

But to think that it took them 36 years of going through the same catastrophe over and over again just to make that move; it makes me think 'God help us when they do start on the actual projects if and when they do'.

I mean, it's not that I am against the very idea of them creating idea - quite the contrary - I am very much for it, but what puzzles me is why it took them so damn long to come up with that simple solution and avoided losing all that money, all that effort, all those poor souls' lives?

Another issue in Oman that is clearly one of the oldest and requires much attention is the issue of the rise of tobacco being used by the Sultanate's population (see links) that has risen up to 23% (23% men; 2-3% women, 1 in every 5 school students is a smoker) in the last few years.

Most of you who read that small percentage and shrug off their shoulders to dismiss the importance and significance of this fact when in fact what should also concern you also is the fact that 75% of Oman's population is under the age of 21 which is alarming because this means that most of the smokers in Oman are still in their young age of youth.

What's ironic though, is the fact is that there was a legislation passed by the government banning smoking in two phases; the first of which was to ban it in governmental and official buildings, whilst the second phase was supposed to focus on banning it in public places such as restaurants, cafe's, areas where toddlers and children alike could spend most of their time - alas, though, this second phase never got to being passed.

As non-smokers in the Muscat area we were hoping that we would see smoking being banned in all manners and forms that it could ever come across but then that was one sweet dream. Now, the government through the Ministry of Health is sounding the alarm because it can't put a curb on the habit or stop it from being marketed? Sounds like an April fool's joke out either too late or too early to me.

There are lots of ways to make this work; create a solid law that bans selling any type of tobacco to a minor under the age of 21 and if such a case was found then a big hefty fine is in need against the establishment or prosecution.

The matter of waging a war against tobacco in Oman isn't just financial, it could also be political as the people behind the tobacco industry in Oman have some political ties that link up with other retail outlets in Oman that offer many jobs to Omanis. Kind of a blackmail issue if you want to look at it that way.

Marketing the products is something that is up to the people that require the money like the local theatres that would gracefully open their arms to anyone who would help in paying their extra bills through advertising on their screens, and as a fact, the tobacco companies such as Marlboro pay big sums of money to get their 'flavor' across the screens with the traditional small font warning that it is a direct cause to lung cancer. While the world is alarmed at how Walkman headphones could seriously damage a human being's sense of hearing.

Doesn't that make your blood boil?



- Under-Secretary of Ministry of Regional Muncipalities, Environment & Water announces plans for construction of damns in the Muscat area (Arabic only)

- Sultanate's battle against tobacco needs teeth

- Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment & Water Resources

Beauty Is A Flower

'If there was once life, it would be with you
For without you, I would live my life in solitude'

I'm trying to think of what to write
I'm trying to sing a song tonight
I look outside
I look at the people
I look at their eyes
And sink deeper

I'm trying to search
For what it is I am searching for
The life I wish
That I aim for

A sense of happiness
In the cold air
Of a smile
From a woman's glance that is so beyond compare

For wonder of beauty and love that is right
For a battle against what's wrong, to instate the light

If life was life
And a dream was a dream
Why do we aspire
When we cannot achieve?

If the hope of life
Was bent on one promise
And the promise was never found

Then why oh why
Do we spend the days tempted
When all is forgotten?

And if a flower was of beauty and not vain
If happiness was a broken chain
If the heart was never torn but strong of reign
Then how is it we still have
Depressing moments
Such as today?

Friday, January 05, 2007

where would I be?

If there is echo to sound
If there is a whistle to the bending trees
If life was without bound
And no seagulls on the seas' beach
..Then where would I be?

If there was lightening beyond the clouds
If the sun would ever rise
If my eyes could not be opened after tonight
And only dreams would I live in for all my life
..Then where would I be?

I've asked for this night a million times
I've seen what I've seen all my life
I've been where I've been
Tried every taste
Lived upon every dream
And yet..

To this night
To this day
To this very moment where my emotions tumble and sway

To this very hour
To this very minute
To this very second that I live within as I live and breath

I have no clue
No idea
Just the hope
A pursuit
A notion
A smile within my heart
A boost within my soul

The diminished horizon is now clear
The clouds that were once are no longer there
The life that is in front of me I can see
I can face
I can now find a trace
To the long lost hope where the wind came through a window oh so brisk

But if all hope is gone
If love was just labor torn and lost
If sunrise was never born

Then, tell me..


Where would I be?

at a moment's glance

Cherish the flower, the field, the sunrise on the beach
Cherish the smile that is on your face that awakens the giant beneath
Cherish the night, the chilled air that is filled with happiness
Forever the night is yours, like the sparkle in your eyes, the devouring scent of love that entangles the nearest light

Founded religion of love and romance
Of a child's smile of seeing his mother at a glance
Of a man's heart filled up with so many emotions of the night that he can never forget

There is only one light to guide my way
There is only heart that could light up my day
There is only one star in my eternal night

A sudden move would mean sudden death
A sudden touch of reality would take me away from reality
The touch of life I long for
The soul that ignites me within is the fire I yearn for

But there is only one life
So what is there to lose apart from what has already been lost?
The choice I know as is the result
But, why the fear?

the environment is calling: global warming

Yesterday, the weather was unbelievably cold that we could see the small pitter patter of the dense water in the atmosphere actually slightly thickening to a point that we all thought that we are about to experience snow. But that's not far away, since we're beyond global warming and now actually cooking as the environmental kitchen is put into turbo for extra devastative results and not just in the Middle East region but all over the world.

I wasn't going to write about this but fact of the matter is that it's not just one nation's fault, but everyone on this Earth is to blame and the biggest reason is the population explosion that this planet is increasingly experiencing the world over with over 6.5 billion habitants breathing, living, eating, sleeping, drinking, burning more wood for warmth, shelter while our beloved Earth is trying so hard to cope with all the developments that are happening on it's surface that it's no wonder having a helping hand from nature by sending the worst natural calamities to the rescue so it can turn that number down by a few hundred million.

The last few years have only showed us how greedy we all are towards our environmental responsibilities of the only planet that we could ever inhabit. Like for instance how the United States' first move with the 'new' Bush administration's move in the UN was to retract back from the Kyoto agreement for lowering pollution levels cause by the burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline because - as it was quoted - that that would slow down the industrial wheels of the US economy. There are also the other 3rd world countries that try to offer the image that they are trying to bring in environmental sense into their countries by introducing the recycling of products - that's not done locally in the GCC - plus that they use unleaded fuel. But most of it is just a front so not to get criticized by world media and other countries that are trying their best to cut down on all types of environmental pollution levels.

And in countries where we see the worst, there's always someone saying 'oh, but we're better than so and so country'. Which is a very lame excuse because in order to do what's right for the better good of anything you have to aim to be number 1; thus means that 2nd place is not an option - especially if the category is the environment. There are only two ways that such things can be done; the right way or the wrong way.

What is happening in Oman is probably the wrong way - or rather what I would call the U-turn effect since we are blowing 36 years of preserving the environment down the drain with giving it away so that we can 'afford' to live a better a life.

How lame is that?

We don't recycle in Oman. We don't reuse the items that are in use over a period of time. We encourage the use of plastic. We use items that endanger the ozone layer like CFC packed containers. And we still all produce gas, petrol as a means of transportation, and what's worse there is no approval for cleaner produce of fuel in Oman especially when you have it all around, like solar power.

Its things like these that keep you asking what's the point of protecting the environment if we can't be serious about it for the future generations?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

a moment's weakness

Turning the day, the past, the present
Turning the thoughts, in my mind, of grievance

Look upon the shallow waters
Upon the semi dry beach
Watch the sea gulls ride through the breeze
Watch the children play around
Listen to their laughter, that hysterical sound

People smile and move on by
Grabbing, holding hands as they walk on by

The chilled air is filled should be filled with happiness, not gloom
But if that's the case, tell me why is it I can't shake the thought of you?

I want to bang my head on the wall
I want to crash the bonnet head on my car
I want to relieve myself from this anger that fills inside
I want to know why I have to be so alone, so lonely, so 'just me' - by my side

I try to think rationally but all I can do is doubt
I try to think happy thoughts but all I can ever do is joke about

Life shouldn't have to be this way
I shouldn't have to think this way, either

But a moment's whim and desire
I would probably cry in my place looking for a lonely place to retire
I would jump ship with Jack and Rose
I would avoid that iceberg, but that's not the point

An interest in the spark is what I have
An interest in not being alone is what I am trying, against, to guard

No longer will the faithful - I suppose - live a happy life of their dreams
No longer will the honest, ever be able to achieve

And the sun will set in their horizon only to say
You've gone off, and wasted your whole life all away

I wish I was never born
I wish I was nothing, not even a grain

the last of the wedding nights

It's all done and over with now
And now it's me on my own
The last of the wedding nights was a success
The choice that was made is over and done

The focus no longer on anyone
The time that is left
Is no longer waiting for anyone

Time is now gone and taking over someone else's life
The right to what I seek
The beauty in this dark, so bleak
The hardened feelings that I live by
The sunshine that I long to rise by
The sunrise I talk to by night

And reality does not change the fact
That this was the last of the wedding nights

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fate's Card

I had so much to say to you. I thought you were the one that would pull me through. I thought I was going to live my life along with you. I saved my heart. I held back whatever lust. I locked the door on the way out. I even mesmerized over how we would talk.

I thought we would smile. Have a tea. And just chat. I thought we would cry over having laughed so hard. Over tears that we hold in our hearts. Over love that slowly ignited itself in the dark.

I was going to smile and make you smile with me. I was going to laugh, giggle and glee. I was going to make you laugh so hard. I was going to cherish that night till the hour that would set us apart. I was going to sell my soul for another minute just with you. I was going to kill myself if I ended up being without you.

You sat down and looked at me with those brown hazel eyes. Your hair dangled up inside your veil, your smile - on your face - would leave a trail. And everytime you talked, your eyes would spark. Like the twinkling of a star that is so far apart.

You took your drink. You wouldn't even look this way.

I sat down trying to think of what I should do or even say.

I couldn't move, mutter, or even begin to think.

And as my time got wasted; you stood up..

.. And went away.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Human Being

Mists of wonder
Of mystery
But no delight

Life is just another footstep for me to step on
To climb up the ladder of success
To change my 'luck' as I wish I would like

It feels like that the sun has gone down on me
Like the light of day has been taken away
Since there is no one in my life
No one to lead me to happiness
No one tell me that they miss me
No one tell me that they wish to be with me for the new year and more

Life is now all about being responsible
But what am I responsible for?
For me?
For someone else?
For extending the truth?

I am the man behind the mask
I am the person who will not hide his feelings for the sake of being nice
I am not the person who will be the one you always 'wanted' to be in your life

I am just me
I am the rising sword of truth
I am the passionate heart of a poet long dead

I.. am the human being within me

what's to stop this from happening?

So, Saddam Hussein is dead - or so it would seem.

Forget about the fact that this deceased human being had brought upon his own neighbors and nation a dreaded fear and system that should anyone even try to think of opposing him that he would not live the night to see the next day.

Forget about the fact that this man had done many monstrousties in his time that he was considered a madman of his time. A madman that many were lead to believe would free the Arab world of the western grasp on the Middle Eastern region by terrorizing 'Israel' with a few long range missiles that the UN was convinced by both the UK and the US certain satellite images that Iraq had a hold of Weapons of Mass Disillusion to wage a war on 'terror' before it struck a homeland attack.

Forget about the fact that Saddam was left to hang before the Sun even rose on the first day of Eid - a day of which Muslims all over the world celebrate forgiveness and tolerance towards another.

Forget about the fact that the entire trial that was attending to Saddam's long list of crimes was a complete joke since the world knows that you cannot trial a former president by people who actually hold a grudge against the very same person, nor can you condemn the man to death by whichever way you look at it because as per international laws, the maximum penalty you can condemn a guilty man of a former powerful and authoritative position is life imprisonment in some lonely island (i.e.: Nelson Mandela).

If this whole track of incidents shows anything, it shows just how weak the entire Arabic political system is in the face of any western intervention - whichever country it may be - into meddling with internal affairs of any Arab countries such as the preparation that is being scheduled against Iran in the Gulf waters as we speak.

It shows that any system that does not abide by the west's desires is sure to get the very same result that the former Saddam regime got. What's to stop anyone from outside to come into our country and cripple us to our knees just as what happened to Iraq?

What's to stop it, exactly?