Wednesday, November 30, 2005


At last!

I have done it..!

Anyone who has been interested of buying new book Wonderous World now finally has the chance.

It will be on sale from tomorrow onwards at The Family Bookshop branches in Oman (MQ, Qurum, and Salalah); plus the Turtle's Bookshop in LuLu Hypermarket in Ghala (or is it Ghubra?), and in the Departures and Arrivals section in Seeb International Airport.

theweek will be doing a book review on it quite soon and so will The Times of Oman.

An expected book signing session is to be held in mid-December, 2005.

The book is priced at suggested retail price of 2 Omani Rials.

Those who have contacted me beforehand about getting their free promotional copies need not worry since their copies of the book(s) are already on the way to their respective mail boxes.

Should there be any problem whatsoever considering the sales or matter of having to find the book in any of the above bookshops, please don't hesitate to send me an email on: .

Wonderous World - A whole new perspective on life..

ps: you can still get ahold of the first book Rapidly Blue in the same above mentioned bookshops for the price of 3 Omani Rials.


The Lamest Excuse..


I have to confess..

I am the most laziest creature on this planet - ever.

I sleep at 4am and wake up alternatively at 12pm noontime or 2pm in the afternoon. And what's annoying me is that these days I really should be getting up early because I should finish my chores for the book promotion and plus I have a really good business idea that just might hit off because its new and never been done in Oman.

The idea, though, is still in the brainstorming session. And I believe if it ever goes to the authorities for approval it will hit right off. But don't ask me to tell you what it's about it. Because I'll never tell. Sorry.

Anyways. Back to the topic at hand. I guess I am just lazy because I am as my parents and family would call me more of an octurnal creature that comes out at night. And seriously considering everything, I wouldn't find that hard to believe either. ;oD

But fact is I like the night better. I get more brighter ideas when its the night. I feel calmer at night. I eat more when it's night (but I don't gain anything..maybe my metabolism system is all mucked up - he he he).

I am... the night creature.

What would the world do without me? (me being snobby..and confident at the same time)

Blue Ribbon Beauty III (The Poetic Series): The Happy Ending

She walked down the aisle. She'd look around with a smile. She's back where she's at. In her heart she feels glad. Her eyes gleam, make no mistake. The twinkling. The feel to tease. She's saving it for him.

She went in. And sat down where used to always do. She looked happy and positive, too. Rosy cheeks and perfect black eyes. She's back where she is at. Her heart wants to dance.

Putting her hand on her famous blue ribbon, she looked around to see if he was there. What happens after then; she really doesn't care.

I hope I see you here
I really do
I hope that I can renew the chance
Of meeting you

I may have missed it way back then
But this time I have a positive feeling that it will have a happy end

She caught him coming in from one door. Her soul leaped and heart roared. Pulses racing. Face gleeming. This was it. No going back anymore.

He came in with a wide smile. Innocent like a child. Rose red from happiness. Happiness he knew only when they ever met.

A tear would roll down his eye. Just from this beautiful surprise. And knees go week. It must have been 11 years or so. That they haven't been in touch or more. But now it was happening; they were here.

I want to tell you how much I missed you
But I don't want to ruin this moment
Seeing you like this, like the Angels and their bliss
Words tangled up, all in one big mix

I see you in my mind
All I can do is think about you all the time
The rivers of feelings in my heart rumble to a rhyme
And all for the sweet person in you that I cannot imagine without in my life

So I see you're here
At last
How is it that we let all these years
Just pass?

I don't know
And now, I just don't care
If you're not my one heart's desire
I would rather throw myself into the lion's lair

Exchanging glances. Taking a minute or two. A flower is only as sweet. When it blooms. The life we take. The runs we make. The casual appearances we fake. Of this so-called life that loops us around, we all tend to hate.

I found you
And I found your heart
Its been 11 years
Since I've seen your set of eyes

Wouldn't it be great
If we just walked out of here
Went to the beach
Under the pouring rain?

Wouldn't it be fun
If we laughed our years apart away
Let the sorrows come out in their own way
Let's not ruin this chance, today

I don't mean to scare you at all
I want to come over to your house and ask for you hand
I know its quite sudden
But with the way our lives have been out of touch, I think you'd might understand

She looked at him, so seriously. She could have gotten up immediately. But there she was. Ferreting in her thoughts. For the right answer and then blurted it out - one and all

I'll wait for you to come by, this evening

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

For every action. There is an equal and opposite re-action..

Ever since I wrote that article on 'Smoking is not cool' in theweek, the situation seems to me has worsened. I really hate smoking and remotely related to it.

I had talked about the consequences and what should be in Oman to help eradicate the silent epidemic in our country and how it's catching on even with the 'fair' sex.

And it just seems to me that people in this country are not quite aware what they are doing with their health. And I will say this: you're not even intelligent when you're smoking; because if you had the IQ of a toddler, you would know immediately that smoking is just not for you. I cannot stress that enough.

And if you're reading this and you know who I am and decide to piss me off with smoking in my face while I am on the outside parole, I will, I repeat - I will take your whole packet and shove it down the bin. It doesn't matter to me what you do next after that. But as long as I am around, no one I know will be smoking again.

You're simply just too stupid to understand the consequences of a fig..

Birds of a flock..

I just hate it when you're stared at for no apparent reason. It makes me so annoyed. And today was no exception.

Sitting at my favorite coffeehouse, just minding my own business and along comes someone I know to sit with me (this was during the afternoon time) and we're chatting away.

And from the corner of my eye, I can see four young Omani women dressed up like the penguins they are - he he he - just gazing my way. I don't do anything. I just keep minding my own business. Then I heard one of them whisper to the other 'Is he Omani?', 'I think he's British..'. And when we started to make jokes (me and my friend) about nationalities and in specific how my friend just keeps going abroad in order for him to run the business and how he's out of cash, he asks me if I am Omani. And I took that opportunity, lol, to say I don't want to be Omani. I didn't really mean it I just wanted to get the buzzards off my head if you know what I mean.

And that's what happened. They just stopped what they were doing altogether.

Uff. What a relief that was I tell you.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Born to live a life that is unworthy of love's race
Born to live and die, first or last place

Born to the hunger
Born to the cries
Born to the pain that lingers
That's born to kill and hide

Born to the love
That does not exist
Born to the days
Of fog and mist

Born to the sun
That fries your brain
Born to the world
That has gone insane

Born to the smile
And the laugh of a child
Born to the beauty
That hits you like a tide

Born with the guilt
Of oppression, color and race
Born to hatred
The fight you fight is just as endless as your fate

Born with the flower
In your hand
Born to the world
That you try to understand

Born to learn
That love isn't about fairytales
Born to know
That mistakes are learnt as reality hits you in the face

Born with a smile that lies across your face
That one day, I'll meet you and we'll smile yet again..

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Miniture Beauty - Big Heart

She said she wasn't ready. She thought it was the right thing to say. Thoughts come and go. People will be the same. One life doesn't make a difference. You'll always be alone. Taking it to the limits. No one to tell you to stop or 'No'.

This is the flower I hold in my hand
I am trying to be your friend
This isn't the way it should ever start
If only you knew how it was with the beating of my heart

If only it wasn't like this. If only life was just easy as a bliss. If only you knew how you tore my heart into bits. If only you knew now what you are about to miss.

I am not who you think I am
Or try to be
I am what I can
Senses from the sea

She couldn't hear it. She was more selfish than hard of hearing. She tore it all down with one word - no whispering. This is the beginning of the end of the beginning.

This is where my life will all start. Miniture beauty and a big heart. A big smile. A big laugh. A big chest to let it all out. The sign you hold. A creative mind. There is no shame. No need to cry.

This is where I'll always be
Where I am going on from now
This path. This stream.
The Devil's fire cools down

Seeking the answer to the riddle of time;
When will I ever find you in my life?

Kickin' it..

Hey everyone..

Expect the books to be in bookstores by the end of the week, inshallah.

It will be in the Family Bookshop and the Turtle's Bookshop (including all their branches - both bookshops).

They will be sold at a price of 2 Omani Rials each.

You can still get your hands on the first book Rapidly Blue in both bookstores.

Along this week and the coming week there will be publicity of the media such as the local radio station, and newspapers here in Oman who will do their own book reviews (hopefully) of this 2nd book along with an interview, perhaps.

And it seems that one of the stores had already sold all their copies of the book and had already written a cheque out to me some 6 months ago so now they will make a new one (cheque) for the past copies sold and their current sales, too.

Great news. Huh?

Now we're really kickin'..


I am not what I am
I am not me
I am what I can
And try to be

Try me and you will see
What lies beneath this skin

I'll try to be
As truthful as I can
Forgive me
I hope you would understand

Tell me you'll be where I am
No matter however I'll be
Because without your hand in my hand
I don't know if I'll ever become to where I should be..

Nothing to say..

For the 2nd day in a row.. I have absolutely no idea what to talk about.

Maybe it's writer's block..

All I can say about what happened in the last two days is that I went to the ESO lecture. It was really interesting to hear about native plants and their natural habitats here in Oman. The ones we truly need and the ones we should be getting rid of.

Met also a few people, besides my father, Muscati was there of course. More people attended this lecture than the last one. And mostly foreignors and residents of Oman.

I gave a copy of my book to Muscati and his wife OceanDream. And another copy was given to a person who had earlier contributed in helping to shape my first book Rapidly Blue.

And that's about it.

Maybe this is just the eye of the storm..?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fate, Destiny And A Hot Cup of Cocoa

Boy would I love a hot cup of cocoa right now. When I was younger I would never touch tea or coffee (mind you, I still don't touch coffee - hate the stuff) but guzzled down so much cocoa he he he. I loved it. It was 2nd best to my all time favorite drink of all - coca cola.

But look where I am now.

I am 27. At an age whereby had I made the right choices in my life back then I would have been a much better person with a completely different past experience.

And that's what this post is all about. The choices we make in our lifetime.

I mean look at it this way; fate is all predestined for us. Or is it? Do we have a hand in it at all? Do we have the right to change it to our desire? And if not, then why are we here after all if not to learn the mistakes we made from our choices?

The choices we make make us who we are and how we would shape ourselves in the future. That being said, this would only mean that we are actually shaping our future which we don't know of and how we are going to live and become in the next few decades of our lives.

But as such, some of our choices are made unconciously but still have an effect on the future and how it is shaped. Or isn't that the whole idea?

And since the Almighty already knows our choices & how, when, and why we will make them, then our opinions are pretty much spoken for. For whose to object to the Creator?

This all leads down to one single issue; is our life truly in our hands to make of as we please? Or is it game, set and match?

Every choice we take in our future minutes has a waterfall (or rather a butterfly) effect on the events that come later on whether sooner or later. And that, in turn, surfaces a new ground to prowl upon the varations that we must choose furtheronto.

So why are we doing this in the first place, then?

Relegiously, mankind was brought down to Earth after Adam (PBUH) and Eve took something from the forbidden tree that God had prohibited them from nearing after Satan had lured them into his dirty trick for which they paid dearly.

Logically, though, there are many theories that go on about why we are living as we are in this inevitablly doomed-to-be world of ours. Some go on about how God wants to prove that mankind is a special being amongst Angels and Demons as to how he is given the choice and free will to do what he wants by using his general knowledge unlike the Angels and Demons who are bound by the knowledge that God has empowered them to have. Another theory that goes on is that is all to do with Armageddon and how God will punish those with His fury from disobeying Him by ignighting the world universally in flames.

This matter is still in debate.

But rest assured, no matter what line you take, there will be reprucussions. And there will be consequences to every note and vote we take.

If I ever go to Heaven in the afterlife, my first question to God would be 'why?'

Will You..?

One day to another
One lie to another
One idea; a glimpse
A thought gone in the wind

Moon comes over the horizon
The dead stay in their burial sites
The dark streets are as they are
And minds are in an appensive mood under the moonlight

What am I doing here
After all?
A day to another
One lie I tell to myself
I smile and daydream
I capture the moment only to see it blown away in the winter breeze

I 'work hard' to stay alive
I pray to always have the passion in my heart
I kid myself sometimes in the night
That someone out there will come my way and we will catch each other's eye
Someday, sometime

I am not all what I seem
I am not all what you think
I am a person beyond the deep flesh and bones
I am a ghost in your eyes just as long as you get to say what you want to say

I am the pen in my hand
I am beating heart in my chest
I am eyes that see this world
I am Earth that shatters beneath my footsteps

'I think. Therefore, I am.'
The candle in the wind, gone from no hope or the wish for someone to comprehend

I am what I am
This is me
This is where I stand

Will you take me..?

Friday, November 25, 2005

The truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth.

It seems to me that I have run out of topics to discuss here.

I don't know at all what I should try to write about here that would be of interest to anyone out there who reads my blog.

I was once told that in order to write, you have to write from the heart.

And in order to get that right you should write only the information you need to facilitate within your post - like squeezing the information you are trying to make available through a duck's ass (sorry I just had to use that image) so it can be very concise.

And in order to make your writing appealing to your audience you would have to butter it up for the audience that will be reading it.

But I don't 'butter up' because that term of use can be loosely used as otherwise 'kissing someone's ass' (again I apologize) to make them like it.

I don't like to do such a thing. I'd rather have the truth up front about my writing and poetry. Therefore if someone tells me that my poetry is 'nice' or 'just another nice poem' that I write then I would only neglect that opinion because in a sense it isn't truthfull to the full proportion. I want to be criticized to know what kind of mistakes I am making and how I should face them and what kind solutions I could probably work on in the future.

Don't ask me what brought this up, because I have no idea whatsoever.

But that's how I feel on the truth..

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Not just flesh and bones..

Here's something I very much despise. And I even ashamed that my sex (mostly) thinks this way here in Oman.

The general view of men here in Oman is that they want to get laid. Their thinking is far too superficial for me. And yes, I am saying it because I believe it is an attitude that has reached it's high time for change. And I know it won't be easy. But it's not impossible.

Why is it so hard for men to look at women in a more bigger perspective? I swear if they ever find a woman around somewhere, their eyes would google, their mouths would drool and their privates would scream of agony.

This is what I hear mostly from men around me; 'Man, look at that [censored]' or even moreso ever rude and crude, useless humor which only shows that men don't use that pee-wee- herman size of a brain.

Not once have I heard of a man complimenting a woman for her intelligence rather than her beauty, or her classy behavior rather than how she makes a man go insane just by her looks and how God has given her all that 'talent'.

Women are just like men. And I for one, demand some respect in both sexes. Women aren't just flesh and bones, they have feelings, too. They have the intelligence that God has given to man and women alike. They also have an equal opportunity in the society.

It's such a shame that Omani men can't hold themselves from being complete morons.

A New Dawn. A New Day..

Fact is that I still sick with this worming disease may be more of an encouragement than that of a down-pour.

I still had a rough time last night with another wave of 'whole day fever' but I got through it. I am pushing on. I don't want to give up the life that I have. I enjoy going out, meeting my friends have fun and mostly eating pizzas. And it's my right, too.

And no one's going to take that away from me without a fight.


I still managed to go to the cinema yesterday (that's why probably my condition got worse of the cold atmosphere) and watch The Brothers Grimm. It was ok. It was a bit funny. Nicely scary. And a tad confusing, too. And I forgot to mention damn long.

Me and my friends kept looking at our watch to see what time it is but the movie never seemed to end. he he he

I think we went for the 9:30pm show and finished by 11:45pm. Now if that's long I don't know what is.

Don't take my word for it. You might like it. Yet, again, you might.


Buzzard to blue
The long favored tune
Single white rose that blooms

Say you'll be with me til forever
Say you won't leave me and that we'll always be together
Say it with your heart and not your mind
Say it like it's the truth and not a lie

Seriously Sick(er)

I went to the hospital today and got my blood checked out. And I found out that my Hgb count has dropped from 13.4 to 11.8 - which is not good.

I was told this was because of the fever that I had earlier on the night before. So I was prescribed some antibiatocs for a 7 day period.

Here we go again

It's kicked in, people..

I have fever all over again. No appetite. Little fatigue..

I apologize if I don't post for a while.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

If it wasn't for what happened today..

I was supposed to do many things today but I ended up not doing them. Mainly because I woke up being physically tired. I could hardly stand up. On top of that, I had a fever - a really hot one. But that subsided in the evening.

So on Wednesday I will be looking to go to the hospital for my check up and I'll be probably be done with that by 3pm (I'll have to be there by 8 or 9am so I can catch the doctors).

Then from there I am invited to go a coffee seminar at Starbucks MQ at around 2:30pm (hope I'll be able to make it).

I am also hoping - if I am feeling alright, that is - to go to the new ESO lecture that'll be held at Majan University College at around 7:30pm.

Then off to the cinema to watch Brothers Grimm (Matt Damon, Heath Ledger & Monica Bulluci) for a late late show.

Still feeling feverish right now while I type this out. Damnit. And me and the winter were just becoming friends.

Oh, well.

Monday, November 21, 2005

My Heart - My Soul

Could I draw your attention to certain point in me?
I'll give you a Buck; maybe two; or ever three

I'll draw your attention
To the clouds
How they move around
Without a bound

I'll skillfully write my princesses' name
With the stars
Like the way she has touched my heart

Remember the rainbow?
And how it shines?
And how by the end of it
You'll find a treasure that glows?

My soul is attached
To this one true person
Where she is
Who she is
I just don't know

But I can say this
The love I hold is being missed
The kiss of passion hold no hidden agenda or twist

Remember that time
Waits for no one
I grabbed hold of the rail
And I'll never let go
Give me your hand
And I'll show you the possibilities
That our very own lives holds

New Article..

theweek will be publishing my latest article in this week's issue of the publication..

if you ever have the time - please read it and let me know what you all think about it.

As always, if you are unable to get your hard copy you could always download it here.

NB: Please wait until Tuesday late evening or Wednesday early morning to download it.



This is the 300th post that I have made so far...incredible!

Most of the bloggers I know haven't reached this far and they had started their blogs way before I did..

How cool is that?

Betrayed: The Answer

This poem is an answer to Allured's poem # 58. I hope she and of course, all of you, like it.

You would have to read hers, first, though.


Was it something I said?
Or rather something you wanted me to say?
If you felt the cold sting of betrayl
My soul was agonized with pain

I couldn't help myself
But pull myself away from you
The asnwer I still look for
In this environment of solitude

I cherish the times
That we had
The feelings we both shared
And how much I made you glad

But if I was at fault
Then so were you
We both played a part
In the sequence of events that brought us to this sour truth

I wish I could take it all back
So we could always start all over again
But it seems you made up your mind
Never to cross this path for as long as you are sain

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blue Ribbon Beauty - The Story: Second Time Around

She just glared at the face in front of her. Her mouth gasping like she needed to say something but she couldn't put her finger on it.

He pulled some space between the chair and her table and sat down.

'Hello..', he said with a faint smile on his face.

He had shorter black hair than most of his counterparts. And face wounded by time. Nonetheless he contained some handsome quality in his physical nature.

'I thought you had left me for good', she said finally. Still startled by his appearance in front of her after all those years of passion, true love and intense feelings that had nurtured their souls.

'I never left you for a moment', he went. 'I never lifted my eye off of you, you of all people should know that'.

She didn't know what to think anymore. She had totally forgotten the position she is in now in her current state - engaged to get married and talking to someone whom she barely talked to at some coffeeshop which made her feel important in her life.

Her mind was processing everything. Questions to be asked. Answers she wanted to know about. Situations gone and left. Tales of lives, in the wind.

'Where were you all this time?', she then asked.

'Circumstances', he replied.

Circumstances. Yeah, right. As if that would pass by her. Circumstances which he had to get over and get done with. True circumstances. His father had passed away recently. His mother was ailing sick. And his family needed most of all. The last thing on his mind was to rekindle the affair that he shown his heart's true to another woman.


She gave a dry smile and looked down into her drink which was getting cold from not being drunk.

'A year and a half ago if you were to come up to me and say that you wanted me to wait for you considering the circumstances you were or are still in, I would have stood by you and backed you up..', she said. 'But now..', she raised her right hand in front of him and turned it around, ''s probably, too late', with that showed him her engagement ring.


It was that what brought him to her in the first place. Thinking that he had found the only and only true love of his life. It was the circumstances that took him away from her, too.

It was the circumstances that lead him to this coffeeshop in the first place.

'Good luck with your life..', ending the slight conversation with him getting off his chair, and leaving the coffeeshop.

Circumstances will always lead
Further to places that hearts will heed
The passion will never burn
The beauty of love is just a flame
True love will never die
And you will find out when it will be your day

Stirred ..Not shaken

I hate it when I get sick. Let's face it - who doesn't?

But the fact is when I get sick, I get really sick. Any normal human being can get a cold and be finished with it with 2-3 days by maximum. Me? Oh, no. The little bugger has to stay with me for more than 1 week.

And this is what's happening, now.

I think my throat is infected with something and I have a hard time swallowing things let alone my own saliva.

Good thing that I have that appointment with the hospital on the 23rd of November.

Here's hoping that it would clear up by then.

In the meanwhile, soup, ginger tea, and cornflakes with hot milk will just have to do. I'm not a big fan of medicine.

Take care of yourselves, people..

Blue Ribbon Beauty - The Story

Her car pulled up by the kerb. There was a slight screech of the breaks.

Gotta get those breakpads seen to, she thinks.

It's late winter, and the wind is a little breezy. So as she leaves the car by opening the door, she felt her hair ribbon tugging away from her. She grabbed it just in time before it flew off. Just as well, too. The last time she lost her blue ribbon, it was to a man whom she thought her heart belonged to. But that was more than a year ago.

She's engaged now, and as every moment passed by she got closer to stepping into the golden cage. Something she had been longing for ever since she was a child with her Ken & Barbie dolls and their little big house and their fancy artificle swimming pool and their friends.

Although she was living the happiest moments of her life, she found it quite stressful thinking 'whatever happened to that man?'

She enters the coffeeshop she once entered a long time back. It was as if she was living her own story all over again. Everything was just the same. The tables. The arrangements. The whole layout. Even the people, though there were new people in and some old ones not around.

It was a nice tingling feeling inside her that sort of made her right at home in some kind of way.

True love is divine
The power it shines

Sundance in her eyes
The picket fences between our hearts
The defence I cannot hold
The rythem my heart unfolds

As she got her drink and made a turn to go for a seat, she picked up a weekly gazette - Divinitive Thoughts
- one that pursued readers of any society and race to pump the establishment with their thoughts on what was on their minds on any matter.

She flipped through the first many pages with a flicker.

'Is this seat taken?', asked a man. 'No', she would reply.

The man just stood there, he never moved an inch. Nor did he grab the chair after she gave him his answer. She hadn't even bothered to look up and see who it was, either. She was consumed with reading the gazette and guzzling down her drink.

She noticed a pair legs at the end of her table and slowly, she lifted her head, to look up at the person's face to say, 'I told you I don't...'

Before she could finish her sentence, she realized who she was glaring at.

It was him.

It was the man she had her heart set on more than a year back.

Slowly, she lowered her cup to the table.

And silently - let a tear out of her eye.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

ESO Lecture

If you're into plants and natural habitats, then you'll defintely be interested in attending this lecture that's being held at Majan University College in Darsait on the 26th of November, 2005 at 7:30pm (doors open 7pm).

It's all about planting trees in Oman and the importance plants play in retaining the actual cycle needed for the human kind to live longer on this Earth.

Hope to see you all there..

The Book

Folks at Starbucks and their head office have not come back to me regarding promoting my book Wonderous World in their coffeeshops. Too bad. They have missed a chance the way I see it.

Now I'm going to push forward my plan to put it in almost every bookshop that sells decent books here in Oman such as the The Family Bookshop & The Turtle's Bookshop. Details will be given later as to when it will be commercially available. In the meanwhile, there are still free copies if you so wish to grab yourself one, just email me about it at .

I will also try to convince the bookshops to try and include my two books in the upcoming bookfair next year in the Omani International Exhibition Centre, on March, 2006. I'll see what say if I were to offer to sell my books through them.

The initial book price for the 2nd book is going to be 2 Omani Rials. There is also a chance some of the proceedings will go to charity, hopefully.

Negotiations are also in near end with to advertise for the book, too.

There will be book reviews, prior to the release and probably a signing session and press release too from our beloved local media (radio, newspapers, etc.).

Please contact me if you have any queries regarding this issue, no matter how big or small it is. And if you live outside of Oman, please contact me and I will try my level best to send the book to you, where-ever you may be, free of charge.

*tingling feeling, innit?*

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Official Cyber Vacation

I think I will take a little time off the web to keep in track of what really matters in life..

But I will be back. Maybe sooner. Maybe later.

I haven't the faintest idea.

Feel free to drop your comments on the blog, nonetheless..

I'll see you around

The Dark Prince..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I don't appreciate favoritism. And I don't believe in it, either.

If there's one thing that I believe in my basic daily day-to-day life, it's that we are equals. Men. Women. We're all equal in some sort of way. And there's no way to make anything seperate in any way whatsoever.

That's the kind of thing that makes world nation leaders make mistakes by driving their countries into un-necessary battles, wars. All waged just so because so I can gain more land, money, power and everything else.

Prime example: the USA. Look at how much land they own. Look at how much their economy makes in a day. And how enormous their population is. And they can barely cope with everything. Look at what those hurricanes did to them. The world's superpower nation was kneeling on it's knees for mercy from tragedy after tragedy three times in a row. Their economy right now is at an all-time low with the biggest deficit ever known in American history.

Why is it we can't all live along with each other? Aren't we after all human beings? Aren't we all from Adam and Eve? Or were there aliens in the middle that took us up in their spaceships and evolutinized the human circle in some way? Either way, we all bleed the same red blood.

If you're with someone and you dislike them in someway. Why not comprimise the situation and make the best of the situation and try to find something in common and perhaps make all your worries go away. Not easy, true. But; have you tried?

Most of the men and women that I hang around with the idea stuck in their heads that they'd rather be around some kind of group but not the other way around. Why, because either they're not of their standard; popularity or thinking pattern. And all that from the first impression.

Don't judge lest you be judged.

That's all I am saying.

Somewhere..Over the rainbow..

The funniest thing happened to me when the time almost hit 4am here, Oman main time (popularily known as OMT - ha ha ha). I got this notion while listening to Michael Jackson's old album Dangerous, that I was going to make something of my life once and for all and put an end to the foolishness that I am letting control my path towards a rewarded destiny.

After all, I have my health back, thank God for that. And so far, for the last few months I feel as tough as a Bull - figuretively put, that is. I have a lot of skills in writing, and so far my second book - Wonderous World - has had returned great feedback from the people who recieved the promotional free copies (if you're interested into getting one, please get in touch with me - limited copies). I also have the fortnightly column in theweek, and although I may not admit it very much, but it is not only an output for my thoughts but rather also a place whereby I am recieving good toturing for honing my skillfull passion.

I am not missing out on anything.

I have everything I need, nothing that I would want more.

Makes you feel all nice, warm, and tingly inside, don't it?


"This is my life. I will not be opressed." - Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Only The Lonely Will Talk - Of A Path That No One Should Ever Walk

What voice? Can you hear?
What focus? Can you steer?
What choice? Can you see?
The blood in my eyes
The torn soul in surprise
Sunset? Or sunrise?

Live a lie
Live til one day you die
And your whole life's a mistake
Live and begone
The truth was always beyond

Figure a tale
Of a scene
A man, a lady
Crossing paths seemlessly

One day he was down
And she was around
And his heart would start to beat

The beauty, from her, that shined
The intelligence, in her, defined
But it seems it was never meant to be

The knife in the soul
Die and go cold
Tears from a rock
What feelings do I block

This is the road
This is the journey
This is the time I surrender my will
Forgive me

Nothing to talk about..

I don't know what to write about exactly right now. Can you imagine that?

Me? At a lost for words? Now there's something which doesn't happen everyday.

Actually, wait.

It does.

And when only someone asks me for an excuse that I come up quickly with one that it would seem too iratating to mention to them if they keep hearing them from me and in the end they say 'you have an excuse for everything'. And then I would be smiling so sly and they'd walk off the other direction feeling totally pissed off.

Not that I blame them, that is. Half the excuses I come up with are legite. The other half just come to me in the spur of the moment. ;oP

Speaking of 'spur of the moment', my parents just can't wait til I find someone and get hitched. Like that will ever happen. he he he. Good thing I brought along my good ol' buddy Mr. Conscience Guide. Had 'him' tell my parents that I would never set my eyes on a woman unless I totally feel that we have a basic level of understanding. Otherwise it's labelled kapoot from the beginning.

By the way, word from the wise; if you're suffering from a sickness and you need to take almost daily injection shots - like I do - then listen very carefully to directions on how to insert the bloody thing into your own skin. Mine's is supposed to hit under the skin. But since I missed that spot a couple of times I ended up pumping it into my own veins. God damn hurts, too. And I have the lovely blue tatoo to verify this lovely experience.

This reminds me of the time that when I was always young, I would always play around with my wounds no matter small or big. It's like I liked blood or something, I dunno. I remember this one wound that I had on my knee cap and it was almost that same size too, believe me. And, picture this; me, picking it, piece-by-piece. Strawberry milkshake is what I used to call it - blood, that is.

Who says a person can't have an active imagination?

And just so you know, I'm not kidding.

Sweet dreams cyberspace..

Monday, November 14, 2005

Omani taxi drivers, parking, and one DUMB woman

Situation #1:

It's Sabco centre. I'm approaching my parked car and there's a vacant space being accomodated by a man who works as a taxi driver - just by standing in it, because he wants to reserve the space for his colleage (who happens to be of the same profession). First of all, taxis don't pay for parking because the driver just sits inside the car. Secondly, there is a woman who has been waiting for that space to be vacated for a long while whilst it was being vacated by a previous attendant. As I approach my vehicle, the taxi driver asks if I am pulling out. I abruptly say that I am and I also happen to mention to him that I am not comfortable with the method he is using to get a space for his partner. He shoos me off.

Situation #2:

I am coming back to Starbucks MQ. It's almost 8:40pm. As I enter the parking area that gives you a choice of whether to park at KFC or by Starbucks, I take the left side (the Starbucks side) and I am met by a car stopped in the middle of the brick-road area. I wait. The person behind the wheel of the car decides to move on further but only to stop again because they saw a car trying to move out that they just passed by one parking slot. I am behind this person with another two cars behind waiting. Cleverly, this individual shifts into reverse and backs up the car just a mild spot before my front bumper with the reverse signal still and the indicator to indicate that they want the parking they just missed. I look behind. No room for manouvre. A woman passes by the driver in front, and talks, goes around and looks my way and gestures for me to pull back. Pull back where? On top of the rear car? 'You have space' - I'm not blind woman. I see a gap to the right of the car in front of me and try to make it through. And as I pass by, I recognize whose behind the wheel. A woman. Now this was the first time for me to encounter a woman with this much intelligence. Good thing I didn't step down and give her a piece of my mind. Otherwise, the ROP would have in for the night for 'harrasement'.

Don't you just love these kind of days?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Speed Demons..

What is it about people and time on roads? It's like if they're not somewhere a minute or two earlier the whole universe will collapse. And they speed like they have their asses on fire or something.


Accident rate ratios may have gone down but the mentality of people on the road has suffered enormously. Monkeys can drive better (provided they are taught the rules).

Ever since they installed the new radar systems on most of the roads of Oman, people have frantically upped their speed in a bid to challenge the law and the saftey of pedsitrians and automobilers alike.

They may not get tickets much these days, but rather put the metal to the pedal when a radar is not in sight. And when it is in distance, they simply grind their brakes against their wheel rims just so they have time enough to make a smiley gesture at the camera positioned in case they get caught.

And what's more annoying is the fact that everytime I am on the road (and I am talking about a general 'I', here), I risk my life putting my car, and the safety of the road between the hands of those lunatics.

They'll push way up you'll be coughing them up from your throat. They'll tag-tail you 'til you've got no other choice than to side-step them and continue with your life.

I'd like to take a nice stroll in my car for once on the highway without the worrie that I would be caught in that kind of nerve-breaking tension.

The ROP has a policy of handing over driving licenses to only people who are aged 18 and above; they should definitely change it to 21 and above. Kids are driving 4 wheel drives these days.

Insurance companies have no a negotiation policy towards customers who want to own their own sports car to people who own a valid driving license and are under the age of 25. And so they should. Half the cars that have smashed in front of me are Mustangs; old & new.

Want some good advice? Next time someone makes a pass of something like the above at you with their car, call up the Police and report their license plate and car model. It will do you no good chasing them down yourself, nor flashing or horning the person when they are 5 lamposts a distance away from you.

Be safe, people..

Me & Me?

Rosey petals
Poked thorns
Still awake
Close to dawn

Challenged by life
Greatest mysteries
Not time, nor love
But life itself

Change the world
Change yourself
Which change
Do you want first?

She came to know that you love her
There wasn't enough time for you tell her
The poked thorns in the bushes
The hidden feelings in your heart everytime you see her

Held down by time
Don't think to yourself on the when and why
This was how it was always meant to be
Forever, until you find the woman of your dreams

Heaven looks down with a smile
Doesn't pitty on you like a mother would to a child
The life given to you, is not to be spared, give it a try
Fortunately, you always have time

A flower is always a flower
A kiss is always a kiss
The burnt out desire to look for her
Is just a way to get over this

Time you will always have
Things, in the end, you will understand
And perhaps at some point come to meet the five people in Heaven
All to show you your lost lessons

So you're twenty-seven
Whose counting then?
It's just another day
You wake up and smile to the sunshine outside that hits on your eyes
And yet you're not dazed

Follow up to another career
The book is out and you're still here
I fail to see the mystery in all of this
You should be counting all your bliss


I can't seem to think straight. Not because I am down or anything. But my mind, for today, is thinking in rythem. If I think of a sentence to start with I keep on chasing it with another that end the same level of rythem.

Its like there's something that wants to come out but it won't come unless its stated in a poem. This has never happened to me. Nor do I want to think in this way, right now.

I am trying to think of an issue to start with and I can't think in a way that would go straight.


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Can't sleep..

4 am here on a Saturday early morning.

I tried watching REMINGTON STEELE on DVD to get my eyes a bit tired. Didn't work. It only makes me more awake. I tried downloading a few songs with my 'faithful' dial up connection and I had already downloaded some 7 new songs by SANTANA. And, now, I am wide awake by listening to them while I blog this in.

I had finished the five people you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom earlier today. And it was really inspiring. Really makes someone think, what Heaven could ever be like. And how everyone else imagines it to be. I found to be a great story. Can't wait to get my hands on Tuesdays with Morrie by the same author. Fascinating what this world of story telling can do in opening vast doors of imagery and play with your wild imagination in many scopes.

Sooner or later, before the end of this year, I will have changed my choice of '2nd permanent existense' from Starbucks to someplace else, inshallah.

I've sent out my third article to theweek for it to be printed this week; let's just hope that this time they will approve it. Don't ask me what the subject is about unless I say that it will not see it's way to the publication.

I guess also that not much will ever change in my life unless I really want to change it. I will still be more focused on writing poetry, articles, short stories and the such. And I guess my heart will offer it's passion to everything and everyone that passes it by. Not something to be proud of, to be honest. But I am told otherwise by people who really know me, by direct relation or otherwise. I find it highly unworthy of me to stay this way or any other way unless I can get what it is I have always been after.

Do I make the same mistake? Is it me that comes on to the point that finds me and myself into situations that I wish I was not in. In that case, I would only have myself to blame.

I have blead, gone through agonies and survived years of sickness to come to this point. To show I am a surviver. But after such trauma, do I really have the heart to move on? The wind of change is always around the corner, all it needs is a 'huff' in the right direction. Is it mine to make the move. I think not. I dare not say. I dare not make a move on anyone anymore. I don't want to. I will move on with my life. But my heart will forever stay the same.

Call it what you may want. This sudden unrest did not come with a rising of a blue moon in the distant sky. It was always there, forbidden to be spoken of. Forbidden to be felt. Just wrapped in the basement of my soul.

No One Will Ever Understand..

If only time was longer for me to know. What there is and what I could show. If only time held its breath. For me to discover instead of playing this game of show and tell. If only the two of us were here. On our own; for our concerns and secrets to be revealed.

The children run around. Playing hopscotch and on the merry-go-round. They laugh and play. Wish I had back my days. Turning of the hands of time. Wrinkles never go untnoticed - they shine. I am always a Cassanova. Broken by heart and tears. Ridden of lovely feelings, romantic gestures and scenes.

I am always the one with the lonely flower in my hand. Handing it out to everyone who is nice to me. My heart is at confusion. Dumped in frustration. Love? Love is just a dillusion. No one will ever come to understand.

Friday, November 11, 2005

An article, not meant to be..

Some two weeks ago, I sent to the theweek my third article containing big criticization about a certain organization here in Oman in line with it's competition when doors for the global markets were opened. It was rejected because it was found to be biased, misinformative and more-over, pointing hands at well deserved money-makers in the industry.

Today I bring this article to you to let you read it and tell me what you think about the article and if the right decision was made or what opinion you would have if you were the editor.

Oman Mobile vs. Nawras: The Unfair Advantage”

Oman has finally decided to go on with the privatization plan of OmanTel and introducing competition into the telecom industry by adding a new mobile communications company, namely; Nawras, as part of the deal to be a member of the World Trade Organization.

But how far has that been achieved?

On one hand, OmanTel has been turned – by name – into a private company, until recently. But that still doesn’t mean that Oman has done its part, yet. It has a long stride to go on.

The introduction of competition by introducing a new mobile carrier such as Nawras has been hailed as a great move as it frees the consumers of having to deal with just one mobile company; Oman Mobile. But that’s just it. Nawras is by name and action a joint investment between Q-Tel and a group of Omani investors. However, on the other hand, Oman Mobile is still under the umbrella of OmanTel, a government-run company. Its funding come through local and international tenders and government investments. That is just one of the unfair advantages that Oman Mobile holds against Nawras.

Before the introduction of such competition, a royal decree was issued to establish a local Telecommunications Regulatory Authority here in Oman. Unknown to many, the head of the TRA, is the Minister of Telecommunications and also the President of the OmanTel Board Member table. The question here lies, how do you expect fair competition to be the focus if that was the case?

Not only does Oman Mobile hold that as an advantage, it also lacks the inspiration to innovate. Let’s be serious, here. How many times have we all seen Nawras come up with an offer that Oman Mobile counters with similarity?

Nawras may only have 100,000 mobile subscribers currently, with Oman Mobile boasting about over 1 million, but what Oman Mobile loses out on here is the quality and not the quantity. The network is worse as many subscribers to their network always complain about. Quality in service is also unavailable; you actually waste more than 5 minutes on the phone waiting for someone to pick up at the other end just so you can enquire.

Nothing’s perfect in this world. But that doesn’t mean that we leave such taqqy issues to solve all by themselves. The truth needs to be known.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Been A Bit Busy..

Sorry people..

I've been a bit busy with other parts of my life and lately I don't feel quite so well because I hurt my lung cage and I can barely breathe through it or even sleep on the side that's hurt. Don't tell me to go to the doctor and see what it's all about. Because I would just let it come out the other ear.

I've been busy with distributing promotional copies of my second poetry book Wonderous World to people who were interested in having a copy. If you'd like one let me know, the first 100 copies of the book are free, after that, they're all going to be sold. I'm planning to make the revenues partially towards a charity case, just haven't decided to which one, yet.

People have also been offering to work for their private companies because they hang around with me, so I am considering the options, too.

Plus I have bought the popular book 'the five people you meet in Heaven' by Mitch Albom. Very cool. And what amazes me is the fact as I am reading the book, I tend to vizualize the writer's imagery of what is going on. And I swear that Bruce Willis would do great as the main character; Eddie.

I also plan to read another one by Mitch Albom, which is called 'Tuesdays with Morrie'. But I can't seem to find it here in Oman. I am also interested in reading books by Wordsworth and Streinburgh. And another phylisophical book by the name of Utopia.

I have to also start working again on another article that the folks at theweek would agree to print this time, and I have a good title to start on. Which, is a good thing, by the way.

Other than that, I still hang out at the same place, drink the same drink day in day out, and just chill in the cool coming winter breeze.

These happenings all seriously make me fascinated. Wonderful.


Even smile with delight. ;o)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Sometimes I wish
I was just a tree
Waiting for the leaves
To fall beneath me

Sometimes I wish
I was just a star
To smile upon you
Where-ever you are

Sometimes I wish
I was just a breeze
Whisking through your hair
Gently, silently

Sometime I would wish
I was just your beating heart
To flutter; to pulsate
To show you that the first chance of joy is at the first spark..

Where there's one door closed..

We always come to a time that we think we are being victimized by something or someone. Being oppressed to do something that we can't or doing it without comprehension.

It's like walking in the dark, figuritively.

And what wonders the human mind mostly is how to manage the problem. Does the person actually give in by running away from the apademic by saying this is it, there's no solution and sit down with both hands on his head trying to comprehend what is happened? Or do they face up to the challenge, look up, chin high, and battle it with every last breath they have, so they can tell that at least, they 'died' trying?

There's always been the saying in Arabia (not sure if it's from Hadeeth or the Qur'an), that goes; 'Where one door is closed in your face, God opens a thousand more'.

It doesn't mean you don't give in to the reality of the situation. It doesn't you give up, either. It means you do your best to what it takes, with what you have.

And everything that ends up nicely happy, always...starts with a smile.

Monday, November 07, 2005

A Smile..

A smile is an impression
The story of indecission
Do I take them in?
Or do I lose them?

A smile is worth a thousand words
Touched not, the smile - not a kiss - is what I prefer

Forgive the touch of the hand
Forgive the feeling, that within me, stands
Forgive the notion, within my heart
Forgive the love I once felt, in the past

Not forgotten
The clouds one day
Will take me to a new spot

My heart in my right
My feelings in the left
The past not to dwell on
The future - the quest

A smile is just a smile is a kiss
The gentle softening before the laughter, or a sweet tender kiss
A smile is just a smile
Is my heart.. in your hands

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Is this for real?

Someone I know sent me this in my hotmail address. And I found it really funny.. and somehow it sorta makes sense..

Tell me what you all think, though..

Saturday, November 05, 2005

You only live life once..

My everyday purpose now is to live and live by everyday.

My new motto has somehow become or turned to become 'Live your life. You only live once'. After all, you only get your chances once in a lifetime. So you have try everything otherwise you will never what could have happened if you never tried and end up sulking of the what if's. Right?

Of course, you leave everything to a certain limit. Like, for example, you don't say, ok, then, I'll go and jump off a cliff. Because that would be shere suicide.

No, I'm talking about on chances that could possitvely make your life worthwhile. You feel the rush? Go for it. Don't just stand there thinking of what could happen and what if goes wrong. You'll end up kicking yourself on why, what, where, who, and the big w-h-y. Believe me.

I know, because I have been there. Doesn't neccesarily mean that I am at a different place right now, either. I was at starbucks, but I didn't stay there much, because I wanted to go around and see what else is there to be seen. True that nothing did. But at least it was an experience.

When Eid was at the doors, I was up all night. I couldn't sleep. I was so happy the night before, that I only slept the next day aroudn 4:30pm - 5pm. I felt so hyper. And for the first time in several years, I went for my Eid prayers with my dad. And when I went to the mosque at the Muttrah Corniche, I had laid my eyes on the many changes that had happened to the place. The streets had all been changed. The mosque from the inside had a nice presence on my heart. And I couldn't help myself from smiling and looking at everyone's face who came in for this great celebration - the Eid prayers.

I'm not asking you to stay up all night.

I'm not asking you to drive like a maniac, either.

All I'm asking is that..

.. You always look to the brighter side of things - always keep your chin up high.

Not too high. You'd wanna know where you're exactly heading. ;o)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Secret Message

You asked me..
Why do I care
If there are better ones
Out there

I could have answered
But I didn't
I had the answer
But I didn't think you'd want to listen

I thought I would tell you
How much I feel
How much is it
That you torture me when you're nice to me

I thought I could tell you
That your smile upon me
Would take away my very troubles
But truth to the matter, the troubles are always there, but if I think more about them, they become double

Sometimes I wonder
Am I dreaming?
Am I in another reality
Thinking, conveying every feeling?

And I come back to the thought of you
Telling myself you are the only truth

I even dreamed about you once
Your parents wouldn't let our souls get in touch

And I thought to myself
What could this mean?
Besides the fact
That my feelings for you are real?

Why is it that you try to push me away?
Why is it that you don't want to give it a chance, I've been broken hearted too, in my early days

But I will push on with my life
I will prove it to you, that we were meant to be together, for life

And one day, I will look back upon this and laugh
And wonder how the days ever did past fast
As we grow old
Our love never afolds
But the beauty within our souls, will always last

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wonderous World

My 2nd book Wonderous World has finally been published!!!

It was just handed to me today..

And it looks a right beauty, that's what it looks like.

The 2nd book is composed of a more well-balanced collection of poetry setting aside the once-aimed negative point-of-view of the debut release of Rapidly Blue.

The book, however, will not be able in your local bookshop until after the Eid holidays, I am afraid. But if you live around and know me very well and where I would hang out, you might just get yourself a free copy of the book.


Today was such a great day..

This, tomorrow being Eid (Thursday) and other things, I am truly blessed. And I still look forward to gain a bigger blessing with someone who has a very deep place within my heart..

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Eid Mubarak

Eid is upon us all ...

I take this opportunity to say kol 3am wa el jamee3 bikhair.

Inshallah you have all had a great Ramadhan and actually felt the spirit of the past month. I also would like to take this opportunity to turn over a new leaf with anyone whom I had a row over the past over whatever silly matter it was, after all, we are all human beings, and in it's our genes to make mistakes.

I also would like to raise my hands to God to grant you whatever your hearts may desire and to make your life always a happy one and to grant you all the power, the will, and the strength to get through the rough times in the future. Its our experiences that teach us and makes us who we are and if we don't learn from them then we are truly misguided.


Ideal Relationship

Your Ideal Relationship is Serious Dating

You're not ready to go walking down the aisle.
But you may be ready in a couple of years.
You prefer to date one on one, with a commitment.
And while chemistry is important, so is compatibility.

Past Life

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Genius Viking.

Where You Lived: New Guinea.

How You Died: Suicide.

Pizza Personality

Cheese Pizza

Traditional and comforting.
You focus on living a quality life.
You're not easily impressed with novelty.
Yet, you easily impress others.

Living your life

How You Life Your Life

You have a good sense of self control and hate to show weakness.
You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.
You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many aquaintences.
Some of your past dreams have disappointed you, but you don't let it get you down.

Keys To The Heart

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who have a split personality - cold as ice on the outside but hot as fire in the heart.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you can get or discard anytime. You're feeling self centered.

Sleeping Position

What Your Sleeping Position Says

You are calm and rational.
You are also giving and kind - a great friend.
You are easy going and trusting.
However, you are too sensible to fall for mind games.

Double Whammie

I was starbucks yesterday (Tuesday night). And I was chatting along with a group of friends I know. And the place was crowded that we were so lucky to get a table and some extra few seats.


So we're sitting down, and chatting along. And as the conversation continued, I get this beep beep sorta sound from my mobile. I take it out of my pocket and see what it is, and I am getting a bluetooth message from someone and the file description was a picture. So I figure, you know, what the hell? And accepted the connection. I get the picture of a cat in some kind of pose, kind of cute and all.

I rest the mobile on the table we were gathering around and continue the conversation with the people surrounding me. And again, I get another bluetooth connection request. This time the file read something to do with Bugs Bunny and his female companion (can't remember the name), and I accept it, regrettably, again. I put it on the table, hoping that that was the last of those irratable bluetooth messages.

But it seems, the more I accepted the bluetooth messages, the more I encouraged the person behind the connection request to send some more.

So I get another request, and this time I decline it, saying to myself that I have had enough of this game. But the person seemed to be persistant, so I decline it again. Got up and walked into the coffeeshop, and made it look like I was greeting one of the staff, and made a quick glance around the interior of the place to see who it might be. Luckily for me, I got another request through that small period of time. I took my time on my response, and noticed someone suspiciously playing with their mobile phone.

I get an idea. And boy, was it downright mean and evil. He he he ..

I decline the request, and move out back to where I came from to sit down at the table again. Hoping that the person I had in mind would just let it go. But it looks like he needed some special attention.

So what did I do?

I gave him the attention he wanted.

That's all.

I walked up to the glass barrier between the two of us (him in the inside and me on the outside), knock gently on the window to get his attention, and showed him my phone and his connection request. And I gave him a sign that he shouldn't have tried it in the first place.

He nodded sideways trying to act as if he doesn't know what I am going on about. While in the meantime covering his trace which showed clearly on his phone.

I declined the request in front of his eyes, and no sooner had I done that did he look down to his phone to see that the connection had been refused.

Looking up at me while I walked away, he had his hand over his mouth.

'Nuff said..

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The 'purple flower' Joke

Here's a joke a great friend of mine (who is now in the States doing his MBA) had told me. You'll all love it. I just know it. ;oP

It goes like this;

There was once this small very young kid who lived with his dear old Mom inside a small home. They loved each other so much and one day this kid's mom comes to her dear old son and gently gives him a Rial and send him off to buy her some meat so that she can cook dinner for the both of them.

So, off this kid goes all chirpy and nice singing melodies on the way to the market get the meat that his Mom wanted to cook and comes back with the same cheerful tone. On the way, he sees this beautiful purple flower blooming by the sidewalk that he was chirping along on. He gets the thought that if he gives this purple flower to his nice Mom then she will appreciate him more and love even more. So he picks it off the grass and moves along and reaches his hom in no time, same cheerful state he had left earlier.

'Mommy, I got your meat', he goes. 'Thank you, my sweet dear', she would reply. But she notices that he's hiding something behind his back and asks him what it is. He blushfully says 'I saw this on the way back and I thought if I gave it to you it would make you happier'. 'That's so sweet of you my dear child, but what is it?', she smiles. 'This..', and with that, he presents the purple flower to his dear old nice Mom. Shocked, enraged, and fumed, she picks up an empty frying pan and hits the boy on his head. 'Get out!', she shouts. 'Help! Police! You Devil!', she would say at the top of her voice.

The boy runs out of the small house that lives by the street. He runs and runs, crying and whaling about all the pain caused by his dear old Mom who thrashed him with an empty frying pan.

He eventually stops at a corner of the garden, still whimpering about the pain caused by his dear old Mom. Then this nice old nanny walks along the same garden smiling ever so cheerfully, and sees this kid with tears in his eyes. 'What's the matter, little boy?', she asks. The boy, naturally wounded in his heart over his Mom thrashing him, says 'I wanted to make my Mommy happy by giving her this nice flower'. Sniffing and blurting out the last words, the boy presents the purple flower to the nanny, who in turn, is shocked, freaked out, and goes mental on the kid by thrashing him with her walking cane whilst shouting out 'Help! Police! Help! You psycho! Help!'. She thrashes and thrashes the kid on and on and on. And the kid runs away again..

He runs street after street after street crossing the roads from one neighborhood to another. Eventually he stops again at another crossroad. Still whimpering about his bad day and how he got kicked out of his Mom's house and by an old lady in public garden, comes along a nice young policeman who passes by the little boy and sees him crying and on his own. 'What's the matter, young boy?', he asks. And the boy says ' I wanted to make my Mommy happy by giving her this nice flower', and no sooner does the policeman see the purple flower does he pull out his gun and points it at the kid and shouts out, 'Oh my God! Hands up! You mean machine, you!', and throws him into Jail.

Our little boy is now in Jail and is put in with this humangous brutal man. This man turns around to see the boy crying, bruised, in pain, and whimpering and asks him, 'I was put in here for splitting a man in half because I caught him cheating with my wife; what about you?, in a gruntly voice. The boy, scared from head to toe from this man in front of him, says in a shaky voice 'I - I - I .....I picked this flower for my Mommy to make her happy', and shows him the purple flower. The man, scared that he almost craps in his pants, cries out to the jail-house guard, 'Help! Guard! Get me out of here! Help!'. And with that makes a hole in the jail's wall trying to run for his life.

The little kid, still whimpering over his bad luck, walks out the hole in the wall. Comes upon a street and crosses it.


He's run over by an ambulance.

Point is to the whole story is to always look left and right before crossing the road.

Wrong but right

Pistachios are not my thing. And neither is dried apricot juice. Never in my entire lifetime have I ever liked those two eatables.

But I never ever liked to be alone or to have my life full of psychological problems that least of all me would be dealing with, either. At the beginning of my life I had no physical problems whatsoever. Never fell in love. Never cheated. Never even smoked or take drugs. Later on, I started getting this weird disease that had suddenly manifested into my body and taken a toll on me and my entire life in all aspects; social; physical; emotional; working career, too.

Now it's been 8 years and I still have that problem. But I have gotten accustomed to it. But I face another problem. I face the world in front of me. Asking me what is that I can give?

And I also found myself wondering endless times. When is it when I will finally be able to walk down a long road? Hand in hand with the one I am supposed to spend my lifetime with? The one who will understand me, and help me become a better man in my entirety? I became so obsessed with the idea that it grew onto me. I started convincing myself, that my life without a woman - and not just any woman - by my side, isn't a life at all. And believe me when I say, that I still believe that.

But later on in my life - like now - I am beginning to get more and more convinced by the idea that sulking down on the who, what, when, why, and where will lead to no-where and fast. I began to become lately convinced, too, that if I have my head down all the time being depressed and all, then not only would I become mentally unstable but I would also pass out on the many chances that would come my way. No matter how small they would be.

So here's a pledge from me to God.

Inshallah, from now on, I will be a better man, looking (mostly) at the positive side of life. Changing what could turn out wrong to become right.

Not in theweek?

It seems that theweek have decided not to publish my article this week for one reason or another.

I apologize but it was expected that it would come out this week.

Sorry, people..