Monday, March 31, 2008

another reason to moan and groan

Not too long ago, the Minister of Economy guaranteed that no such law would be passed onto the population - never, in a million years. That there would be ways to go around it.

There were speculations between then and now that such a move would have to happen eventually.

There was even a strong rumor that both the UAE and the Sultanate were in secret discussions regarding this issue to launch it at an appropriate and simultaneous timing.

But all this was denied by the people from up above.

Now this happens..

The Shura council has approved a draft law of income tax that was passed onto it by the Ministerial cabinet for approval. There were several changes in the law, most of which was only through the naming keeping intact the actual definitions of the law behind them.

The Oman Tribune goes on to say;

" The report included the recommendations and remarks by the committee on the articles of the draft law, which is one of the important laws as it affects the social and economic aspects of people, taking into consideration that tax in general is no more limited to public revenue rather related to achieve the social and economic growth."

So, rejoice Omanis.

Yippee for us.


- Oman Tribune: Shura approves content of report on income tax law

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

is there a point?


Isn't it a strange thing? We take for granted what we have when it happens that we don't.

I, for instance, know that I have come to a point of fullness of whereby I have taken in everything that could ever be experienced from technology, TV, and certain aspects of life. Which is the reason why I feel nothing these days but plain boredom.

At a point of life of whereby everything is supposed to have a meaning in your life from marriage, love, relationships and career. But none of the sort has surfaced.

I only wish that I knew when this ship would turn around.

Make your own point out of this post, folks..

Friday, March 21, 2008


I would like to apologize for not writing up a new post during the last few days since there was an untimely death in our family and I had to respect it first and foremost. The second reason why I never wrote up is that I have become really tired - in an unbeilievable way - physically thus restricting my movements quite much.

I hope you all understand.

Happy holidays over the Prophets Birthdate by the way.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the rumor mill: chapter 1

I hate word of mouth. As I am sure that everyone else on this planet does. I mean it really hits you in the spot, sometimes.

Like today, I get told that my ex-tutor from the college is spreading a rumor about me having Leukemia. I mean, of all the maniac things that can be spread about a person, this has to be the meanest that has ever come to hit me.

Other things I hate about word of mouth, is that you hear that a so and so company is rolling out a better service and quality for its expanding customers. Yet you never see that result rolling out. Its like they feed on the roll of the rumor mill to eat off the agitation of the aggression of people's feelings.

Then you have these none stop ever changing surroundings done by a company being paid by the government in order to finish on a deadline. But do you see any progress so far?

Neither do I.

Its like to hell with that, get the better people, pay a little extra, and get paid better quality of service and product.

But what's the worst effect of the rumor mill, is that it actually effects people's lives, look at prices these days, lands, commodities, agriculture and fisheries.

It is indeed a sad sight to see.

But thats what you pay for the price of 'progress'.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Got Nawras? You got e-payment.

If you're signed up with Nawras mobile telecommunications, then you're in luck since Nawras have just launched their e-payment system in accordance with the Electronic Government initiative launched a few years ago by the government of the Sultanate of Oman.

The system allows you to use your Visa or Master Card credit card online only. Unfortunately, those are the only two credit cards that anyone is allowed to use, no debit cards, no others brands.

All you do is log on your MyNawras page online on; and click on e-payment and follow the instructions.

It seems we're going to say goodbye to long queues.

Friday, March 14, 2008

the plan

Take a note, people. This will the longest article that you will ever come by.

I have realized that I have been a long time gone from writing or typing and its affected me because now I can't think about anything to write for this blog nor for my next poetry book. I had been told to go back into such a habit is as hard as having to let it go. Which, in a sense, is true.

I have changed a lot over the last period.

I have begun to hate watching anything DVD, games, videos, TV or video. Whatever it may be. I have also started to hate listening to music - any music. Which is something quite odd, because I am the kind of person who loves music - any good music.

I guess because I have been into hospital so many times. But this shouldn't stop me, because it won't be the first nor the last time I go into hospital as far as I can guess.

Think about the future. Be positive. Two phrases I hear quite often but have little effect on me. Since I want to do things my own way; which is go against the current.

So why am I making this fuss public?

Well I have to otherwise I'll lose the only thing I am ever good at: Writing.

So what will happen from on? Multiple posts almost everyday about anything qualitative. Several attempts to make it regain the rank it used to have before it went to krsplat! And one last thing: competitive to reach every reader anywhere in the world in any way possible.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


If you're looking for new news, then I have some for you; I am currently working on my third book thats due before the end of the year. I have no title for it yet but will let you know what it is when when I decide.

Prince of Persia is finally coming out with its third sequel (which is actually a prequel) called Ghost of the Past. Coming out on June 2006 in time with the movie Prince of Persia Sands of Time which is in preproduction now.

I promise the development for the blog will come very soon but I said not instantly, but gradually.

I appreciate your patience...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

the comeback

da da da da
da da da
da da da da da da

'theme of superman' (in case you all forgot)

Making a comeback is not easy at all.

I have been in and out of things, I have suffered a lot, I have a few decisions - one of which is to totally redesign this boring blog of mine (in case you're all wondering; you can still access the blog through the address

The changes will come in gradually but not instantly, so bare with.

A shout out to every one who kept coming back to see if there was anything new on the blog, you're deeply appreciated.

Til then..