Monday, March 31, 2008

another reason to moan and groan

Not too long ago, the Minister of Economy guaranteed that no such law would be passed onto the population - never, in a million years. That there would be ways to go around it.

There were speculations between then and now that such a move would have to happen eventually.

There was even a strong rumor that both the UAE and the Sultanate were in secret discussions regarding this issue to launch it at an appropriate and simultaneous timing.

But all this was denied by the people from up above.

Now this happens..

The Shura council has approved a draft law of income tax that was passed onto it by the Ministerial cabinet for approval. There were several changes in the law, most of which was only through the naming keeping intact the actual definitions of the law behind them.

The Oman Tribune goes on to say;

" The report included the recommendations and remarks by the committee on the articles of the draft law, which is one of the important laws as it affects the social and economic aspects of people, taking into consideration that tax in general is no more limited to public revenue rather related to achieve the social and economic growth."

So, rejoice Omanis.

Yippee for us.


- Oman Tribune: Shura approves content of report on income tax law