Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the rumor mill: chapter 1

I hate word of mouth. As I am sure that everyone else on this planet does. I mean it really hits you in the spot, sometimes.

Like today, I get told that my ex-tutor from the college is spreading a rumor about me having Leukemia. I mean, of all the maniac things that can be spread about a person, this has to be the meanest that has ever come to hit me.

Other things I hate about word of mouth, is that you hear that a so and so company is rolling out a better service and quality for its expanding customers. Yet you never see that result rolling out. Its like they feed on the roll of the rumor mill to eat off the agitation of the aggression of people's feelings.

Then you have these none stop ever changing surroundings done by a company being paid by the government in order to finish on a deadline. But do you see any progress so far?

Neither do I.

Its like to hell with that, get the better people, pay a little extra, and get paid better quality of service and product.

But what's the worst effect of the rumor mill, is that it actually effects people's lives, look at prices these days, lands, commodities, agriculture and fisheries.

It is indeed a sad sight to see.

But thats what you pay for the price of 'progress'.


kaya said...

What a stupid shitty nasty thing to spread.
It makes my blood boil, how a tutor, a person whos job it is to educate, can be so pathetic and shallow.
let me at him, let me at him I tell you.
Gimme his name and number. Ill hassle him from here.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

its a she actually..

but thanks for your support, I appreciate it. Would have done it, but I'm not that low.