Monday, May 30, 2005

Don't Panic

Sorry guys.

I was away this time for so long because of an infection that I had lately and I had to be hospitalized but I had only been released back last Monday and still didn't feel too good with it so I decided to chill and take more care of my health until at a certain point I felt much better to be more free to do what I normally do.


Since I am back to bloggin I am pleased to announce that you would be seeing my new book in two week's time inshallah named: Rapidly Blue 2 - Nova's Secret. If any of you have any suggestions as to how to promote it in a much better manner than the first I would more than pleased to hear them. Seriously.

On the other hand, it turns out that not all who wear wings are called Angels. The person whom I thought that was the one for me had shown me her true colors while I was in hospital by not contacting me for over 10 days. Not one call or sms even. Serves me right for putting both my feet into the deep end. But I have no regrets. It was an experience that was meant to be. Saddening as it might be. It's still a lesson to be learnt from.

If you've switched to Nawras and haven't recieved your bill, I suggest you go to the nearest Nawras store and ask them to pull out how much you owe them up until that day because I did and I found out I owe them over 60 Rials! And that's only almost all of my contacts are all from Oman Mobile. Damnit. They won't budge! he he he. Guess we're gonna haveta be more aggressive with a bigger marketing campaign, huh? ;oP

Son of the Mask (MASK 2) may not live to the expectations of the first installment of the MASK legend, but it's worth a past-time on a Friday if you have nothing else better to do. And it has it's funny moments. But don't quote me on this.

I will try to log and blog as much I can throughout the next two weeks. But if you don't see anything here, then you're most likely going to see an update on my other blog: Rapidly Blue .

Take care all of you. And stay well.

PS: if anyone knows a good bargain for a good laptop which has bluetooth and WiFi capability, a DVD/CD-RW Combo drive, floppy drive and no less than 40-60 GB hard disk space, please, let me know. I am looking for one. But with a really good price to go. See ya!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nawras Vs. Oman Mobile

So this subject is a bit overdue...big deal

I am only writing about it because I wanna tell you about my experience.

Up until just under a week ago I was a subscriber to Oman Mobile and their over payed package (45bzs/peak - 35 bzs/off peak). That set my bills two months in a row to mountainous figures...and being unemployed and all I had to watch my payments. So I decided, after a long long debate with myself with the advantages that Nawras could bring to me in terms of bills, services, and friendliness not to mention competitiveness, to switch.

So, I did.

But let me tell ya that the story did not end happily ever after when I sumbitted my application to the Nawras staff at the Al Araimi Complex. Sure, they were more than friendly and giving me advice and as much information as they had. But dare I say that I regret the switch? Never.

I had to wait for 4 hours to get my SIM card activated (and it was, to the exact second). Except that the man at the Araimi counter told me it would take a maximum of 3 hours and not 4 to do so. I mean, get your act together.

Settings, as they advertised in their rather small and convenient booklets which comes along with your SIM card, are sent at that very same hour (i.e.:4 hours after purchase).

You only get charged 19bzs per minute (peak/off peak) if you're calling someone within the Nawras network and if those number of minutes -accumalated - extend beyond the 5 minute rate. The same rule applies if you're calling an OmanTel fixed line number, too. Whereas if you're calling an Oman Mobile number the rate will be 38bzs per minute - flat.

The only mis-haps that I seem to find with the Nawras network is the fact if you're trying to call someone you almost always get a "network busy" signal. And if you're a fan of MMS through GPRS you almost never get your MMS through, and if you have a delivery message enabled you will see in your reports in the message tab saying: 'Failed'.

Other than that, I guess I'm cool with them.

Give them time and they'll get their things sorted out once and for all. I mean, look at the trouble we have had with Oman Mobile. So we might as well give these people a chance.

My verdict of Nawras would be a 7/10.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What's life?

So don't tell me you've never thought about it for once in your life. Although I know that many of you have come to a certain conclusion in your own time as to what it is.

Some of you might think that it is all an illusion. That this is all a game. Perhaps. But to what purpose?

Others may think that this a test and that the real life is the one that awaits us after our deaths. Maybe so.

Another group of you think well, it could be that but then again this is also a test to get us to see how we are rewarded in the afterlife.

So many. So many answers available. And from so many angles.

I know in the Qur'an that is said that God created human beings and the Jiin to praise to His Almighty self. But I know also that he said in the Great Book (i.e.: Qur'an) that he created man in so many different colors, perhaps shapes and other variouses so that we may get to know and understand each other more. I do know also that (even though there is no mention to my knowedge of this in the Qur'an) that God had created Adam and Eve for each other to do what many couples would do physically, emotionally and other things amongst such.

So there is no one answer to the question to this or that to life.

It is us who create the answer for ourselves.


Monday, May 09, 2005

Rapidly Blue 2: Nova's Secret

Well it's been sent personally by my hand to the printers so in 3-4 weeks it will be out - finally!

Here's a small preface from it:

Romantic love

This is the theme that binds most of the poems together. She would see him every day at the same coffee shop is a straightforward young love poem. Like all young loves, it is a shy love. I would like to come up to you and smile, but I am afraid to give it away that it is you, I like. The poet of course has his means of expressing his emotions: I try to listen to the wind – wishing it would whisper your name. She seems to reciprocate in her own coy demure manner and the poet’s heart flies, it soars and he would like to shout out to the world that you are my life. There are a few rough edges like did you know that when you leave the coffee shop, I would wish for more chances for us to meet or the pedestrian he moved over to her and gave her a tissue but all this is counterbalanced by the unforgettable manner in which the poet’s thoughts roam and rhyme. The craft is not perfect, but the heart is in the right place. And what is a poet without a heart? Blue ribbon beauty describes a chance encounter that has possibilities. They are close to one another and the poet feels that his life is embodied by the jewels that are around me: your eyes, your lips and the elegance. He feels that she is like a wildflower blooming and they both wonder what took you so long to come into my life. But time’s winged chariot is moving and she has to leave. She leaves leaving behind something. Her blue ribbon and the poet knows there would always be another encounter, perhaps a more fulfilling one because of the blue ribbon within my hands. If and when is a strange but endearing combination of the trivial and the delicate. The poet has a heart and a mind but like his game consoles he cannot use them. What use is his watch, if time itself is not good enough for him to have her? He has the world at his fingertips, but no one to share it with. In some ways, this leads us to the second most important theme that courses through this collection. It is the theme of isolation and it is not entirely unconnected to the theme of love..

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I will when it comes out..

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dig this!

So everyone's got their own hobby, their own sets of interest, their own la di da land where they fly off to so that they can get a moment of what their heart's desire. Some guys (and by guys, I mean male) have interest in chics, others into music whatever their favorite type is. Some like to be hyper movie frenzies. I choose to live, to act as I am. If I learn or even try to be someone else I would be a hypocrite for sure.

My number one interest right is my my love interest. And regardless of what some of my close friends might tell you - I am totally hetrosexual.

My writing reflects what I have been through the last few years when I longed to be in this moment. And now I am at this moment, I realize that I should have not wished so hard for it to come this quickly.

Why, you may ask? For various reasons.

At the time that I was daydreaming of this precious and tender loving moment that I live in with frustration sometimes, I never put into mind the things that I would need to prepare myself for. My sickness for one, although it has been iradicated 95% there is the other 5% that eagerly holds on to you to pull you pack in to the vicious circle of pain.

I had a job when I thought that I had been done and over with the sicky icky thingy, but I left that because it had made major side effects on me in blood counts, appetite-wise, sleeping and thinking patterns - and that was just 20 days.

Some of you might say well you could have gone on longer because you have been out of the business for so long that it would take you longer to get used to it - I thought of that. I even tried convincing myself of it. But when your himoglobene level goes down from 15 to 10.8 in 20 days, that my friends, is not a good sign at all. Even though I liked the place where I worked even though I was overly underpayed. But that alltogether is a different issue.

So where do I stand now? At the brink point between frustration and throwing myself off the 007 PDO cliff. That's where. And the only thing that's stopping my from this insanity is my faith that God must have a plan up there somewhere for me and my love for my one true love.

Laugh all you like. As corny as it may sound that's how I feel.

That's why most of you have not posted on this blog for ayons because not one word of sense has been typed for that long.

Do you dig it now?

Any Day

He woke up one sunny day.

It wasn't his room. Nor his window. But rather a pleasent scent: roses - red.

The eyes flicker when they want to focus. This time they wounldn't stop at all. All around were unfamiliar things. Curtains. Sofas. Tableware. TV set. Even the walls looked grey from anonymoity.

Looking at his hand finally before he tries to get up, he feels a sudden pain in his head. He can't speak either because his jaw has been broken. There's a bloodline that goes from his hand to a bag that holds his blood type.

He turns to his right the doctors are upon him - one holding his legs. Another his arms. He wants to scream, yell. He feels tears coming down in showers from his eyes down his cheeks.

All of a sudden - he's screaming. Screaming from the top of his lungs in the middle of the night. Screaming so hard that it would have probably woken up dead. Screaming so hard yet so silently with your heart running against the wind.

Sips of water.

It was a bad dream.

But it could happen anyday now.

...Any day.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


"It's purpose that drives us. Purpose that holds us. Purpose that pushes us. Purpose that ignites us". The Matrix Reloaded, 2002 - (c) Warner Bros.

Captain's log - 188.7ab: It's the year x216. I am driven into the blackpool of the unknown. I see all the light around me heading to it and our backdrive engines have no effect whatsoever on the ilussion on which I want to believe it is that is in front of us. Looks like hereon we will be sucked in.

Turn of the future
Turn of events
I have left my soul
Or rather, it was sent for

The time it took me to get here
Is being wasted upon
I tried to push away
I tried to move away
I wish I could have done more
But now I am here.. I am already - gone

If God has something or somekind of plan for me right now, I would sure would like to know what it is. I have left my job because of His plan. My health is still a priority at the current point in time. And anything else that matters to me can matter no more because I cannot attend to it.