Saturday, May 03, 2008

Passion's Death..

Princess of daylight
Of moonlight beams

Of a starry night
That holds the screams

I besiege you
Come out of the dark
Change my life
Ignite that spark

I am but a whisper
Of your breath
The seed that feeds off

Of your shining rays

Of a cold winter of the heart

The chills that fill my soul create a turbulent start

I cannot fathom life

I cannot understand you
I try to push you away
But the farther I push, the more I want you back

Tell me what it is I am to do?
When you would not allow an interlude?

In my heart
I am torn
In my soul
I am lost
In my life

I have no belief
The chosen path
Consequences defeat

I grow old as nature would pass me by

Is this the way that I shall always live my life?
The red rose in my hand
Petals flow in the air
Has passion died?

Is there no more flair?

Friday, May 02, 2008

no more remakes! please!

What is it with these people?

All of a sudden every movie developer/writer/star want to continue or remake their past successes into a newly developed movie.

Is it a new trend? Or has Hollywood finally kicked the bucket on new original ideas for its movies?

Seriously, it's getting so pathetic that even I don't think its funny.

Robocop's original writer wants to revisit the franchise in consideration of local controversial politics these days.

Somebody stop them - please..

Iron Man

After losing a few minutes in the introduction while trying to get a decent parking spot near the cinema here in Muscat, a few more snippets of the movie our dear censorship board decides that it is indecent (not to self: must get dvd for this movie); you attempt to understand just what is going in the movie.

Iron Man is basically a movie about some top military weapons scientist who owns a billionare empire that gets its money out of selling the latest high tech sophisticated weapons system in the world. All that he has in this world is his dear son who goes on to attend to his dad's business and his best friend who steps in to takeover the business when he dies.

His son takes up the neccessary education to follow in his father's footsteps but turns out to be one big playboy with not one care in the world except for womanizing. The story then goes on to a military demonstration in some remote location. The demonstration is successful but delivering it, and in an attempt to return home, his 'fleet' is ambushed and the story continues on from there on he changes his mind 180 degrees and reaccounts himself for his past mistakes and decides to change the world by becoming the hero of the movie: Iron Man.

Overall good fun family movie. It's mostly CGI action generated and not much violence but good sense of humor.

They have already green lit production for Iron Man 2.

This movie is being shown at Al Shatti Plaza.