Tuesday, August 29, 2006

terrorist organization TV channels

If you're into the news so much by getting up really early in the morning about maybe 5am to watch the news while you're getting your children ready whilst eating your breakfast and you're watching the CNN, Fox News, ABC News or whichever American TV news channel, then I suggest that you terminate your contract with your service provider immediately lest you are charged with having links with a terrorist organization.

The reason I am saying this is because of the ridicilous news flash last Friday through the BBC worldwide web service of how the government of the United States of America is prosecuting a American Muslim for having to provide the Hezbollah free-to-air channel; Al Manar to people around the state of New York because, as it is alleged within the US government's category of terrorist organizations, Hezbollah 'happens' to be enlisted upon.

If that is the case, then America should be considered as a terrorist organization in it's entirety.

What reasons do I have to support this?

Let me see..

The Japan Hiroshima hydrogene bomb? What's that? Squeel squeel World War II squeel squeel. Oh that's right, because at that point in time bombing an entire nation and killing thousands of people because the government had sadistic desires is a justified answer to the end of a world war. Rigggggghhhht.

What else?

The Iraqi invasion? Oh, but that's right, that doesn't count, since Saddam Hussein was threatening Georgy Porgey senior so good old sonny boy came to the rescue before he ate a few cookies and fell flat on his face. Uhmmm. Makes all the sense in the world to wage a war against an entire country and it's inhabitants because of a personal vendetta.

If there's one lesson to be learned here that the dumbass impression that ol' monkey face is trying to hide is just not gone yet but fully shown in his administration's foreign policy especially with the middle east. And mark my words - Britain may follow suite if it doesn't stop wuffles from following monkey face around like the animals they are. It just doesn't suite a man of his sattire.



US charges Hezbollah TV provider