Monday, August 21, 2006

ballroom dancing .. anyone?

Take The Lead is without a doubt the best dance movie to date since Save The Last Dance, from my opinion - that is.

It involves a story inspired by a ballroom dancing teacher by the name of Pierre Dullaine. One whom, what you might say, his whole life revolves around the very art itself. And it comes to his attention that a group of teenage children who are despretely in need of some focus in their life he volunteers himself as a the 'detention executioner' at their public school.

Some mishaps do happen, which keep the story somewhat realistic but the heart of the story is how Mr. Dullaine turns a group of school 'rejects' into stars of a ballroom competetion in which he enrolls them into.

A truly wonderful and very musical movie. I would recommend it even if you just want to dance along to it while you're ironing.

And while you're at it, feed the baby. :P

Available currently on DVD.

ps: Did I happen to mention it stars Antonio Banderas as Mr. Pierre Dullaine?


3anooda said...

Im looking for this movie on DVD - dont know which store to go to. Please advise.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


you can find it at the copyco video shop branches in MQ (near SBX), Sabco and Zakher Mall..