Friday, August 18, 2006

decentralization of operations in Oman

Here is something else that a lot of people really complain about. It's not the beauricratic system that the government of Oman implies within it's long hierarchy of individuals, but it's rather the decentralization of opertations that manifests the work lifestyle within them.

The decentarlization of operations in Oman's ministries have a tendancy to put a full stop to all operations in the business sector. Like say, if there was a shared holiday like Eid between both the private and public sector then the private sector loses good amounts of business because there is no corporate division that deals with such a sector rendering it helpless awaiting for the authorities concerned to come back from their long vacation just to make matters sometimes worse by deferring the matter to people in such a ministry that just happen to not be there at all. And to make matters worse, there is no person with the same authority to attend in their place. At least, in some ministries.

This leaves businesses helpless to do a thing and at a great loss.

And people in wonder why there is no rise in businesses in the Sultanate of Oman.

To the authorities: this is the truth - deny it not.


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