Monday, August 28, 2006

the devolvement of the human species

This post is mostly for those people who believe in the 'evolution' theory of where mankind evolved from being a chimpanze (and somehow, I picture that both Adam and Eve will be totally pissed off with the entire world for believing in this totally ridicilous theorim)..

If we were to assume as much of the whole dumb nations of the world that mankind was indeed a chimpanze once upon a time and 'it' being the human being's long lost cousin in this world this would only prove so many things in the world..

First of all, it would prove why some people utter such nonsence without any explanation such as having to declare that the world has to be rid of nuclear power when it allows only itself and other 'powerful' nations to have it along with the only state 'in' the middle east to have that kind of power.

It also goes to explain the battering theory which mankind used to use along with it's 'mates' by clubbing them unconcious to get a point along, only this time, it's used with the green, and if that doesn't work, then it's war - hence, 'you're either with us, or against us'.

Oh I could go on and on but the most part of this theorim, is that every empire has it's day. And so will the evolution believers.

As dinosaurs have gone extinct - so shall ye..