Saturday, August 05, 2006

the boycott movement - part 2

Why go on boycott, at all? That is the question that everyone asks.

Why march forward into a demonstration is an equal quizical questions that answers quite simply.

People power.

Ever since we have been born, we have always known our region (i.e.: the Middle East) to be in conflict, because of one reason or another. And unfortunately, Arab rulers haven't had much to say except for a few words of sorrow here and there at every general meeting that is led almost every so and so years in one of the regional countries. And to be quite frank, there is just no depending on the authorities to do anything anymore about the situations that are arising here and then.

On one hand, we have Jordan and Egypt who have signed a 'peace agreement' because - supposedly - they won their territory back from the 'Israeli state'. On the other hand, we have the GCC countries that have military ties with the USA and the UK which, if defied, would pull them into the Middle East struggle. One they aim to stay out of. While the rest of the Arab countries in between are left defensless because of lack of financial gain, or military prospects or perhaps even proper leadership (?).

And with Islamic military groups like Hamas and HezboAllah, the weight of the world seems a big burden on Arab leaders because their biggest fear is that should either Islamic groups win the battle of this day and age, then it will push them to recognize them as heroes and holders of Arab's dignity worldwide, bring them, off their thrones. Something they wish never to see, ever.

But with the outcries of the Arab citizens on a global scale and their demonstrations, the urge to make a bold move to lighten the load of their chests, and to curb the infiltration that is going on in the region in recent days, the only thing that they can ever do is to let their nations go out and raise their hands for the victory of such people on the face of this Earth.

So, why then demonstrate when you won't get anywhere with conflict?

Because, as people, we have the power to do what can to the best of our ability. If the Americans were dumb enough to vote for George W. Bush for a second term than we can most certainly cripple their economy as we did with the Prophet (PBUH) newspaper scandal - stop buying anything that is remotely related to the USA, the UK and 'Israel'.

Where there's a will, there's a way..


Anonymous said...

hello, i am new here, it's very interesting, the ideas u talk about.i hear or actully i got this strange msg saying that starbucks is owned by a jewish american (israel-supporting) person and that he has assigned a share of the profits he makes to the israeli army and that each coffee can provide isreali's with at least 50 bullets. is this rumor true? i loooove starbucks, but i love the arab/muslim nation more. please clarify if u know?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


It was said that the owner of the starbucks cafe's in the GCC wanted to pull out because there was a rumor that there was going to be an opening in the 'Israeli state'..therefore nothing happened.

It was also said that Howard Scholtz, the owner of the worldwide starbucks chain had previously stated that he would donate more and more money towards the 'Israeli' army if needs be..

This was quickly amended by the starbucks group on their main website by a statement saying that Starbucks is a publicly owned company, therefore shared and traded with international bourses. Meaning which, that whether Scholtz wants to donate or not from his profits gained by the global franchise, it can't be done because his authority of power in the company does not go that far..

This is what I have been told..

Hope I have helped you out..

Sleepless In Muscat said...