Thursday, August 17, 2006

Long Live The Emotional Heart

Of the life I live
Of a love that I long loved and yet miss
Of the smile that wonders into my life
Of a drift into an ocean that is oh so wide
Of love and eternity
Of the life that's given to me
Of frozen chocolate and honey nut dips
Of the commotion that my soul causes when it is you I miss
Of infinity and beyond
Of the things I cherish and look upon
Of the one true thing that I love the most
My pen, my pad, and my heart that goes out - yond

I speak to you with a broken heart
I speak to you hoping that there's a spark
I speak to like the Angel you are
I speak to you from our Earth and the Heavens you live, up far

Of a tragedy I speak
Of a soul that's be reaped
Of emotions concealed
That tear this man apart

It's not okay
Whatever you may say
I'm still bleeding inside
The blood fills me up and I agonize

I cherish the heart you used to lend me
I cherish the emotions and the way you cared for me
I cherish the people who were there for me
But I care not for I, for I, I am the death that awaits me


x~nezitiC said...

Nice poem, I like it.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Thanks, X..